Shivkaran Khaira
Shivkaran Khaira 4 timer siden
That gfg style is so gross.
Kancho Krastev
Kancho Krastev 4 timer siden
I would go for the new Porsche 911 and be fast enough, cool enough, feeling rich enough
Erick Hansen
Erick Hansen 4 timer siden
I would argue the 1st gen 04-06 Ford GT with that 5.4L supercharged V8 with a modified straight piped to titanium cat-less exhaust is one of the best sounding American v8 platforms ever made. As well as the 04 4.6L v8 Ford SVT cobra with straight pipes into the cat-less FlowMaster 40 series exhaust muffler even though they didn’t have the best power output compared to certain GM motors the sound is so damn mean and clean. 🔥🔥🔥
ZaZu 4 timer siden
why does it feel that they wanto to take the fame of car to grow subscribers.
Necmiye Daglioglu
Necmiye Daglioglu 4 timer siden
That should be launched in 2026 that's a beast
A.Zaimie 4 timer siden
I think this is the spot where carwow also race at
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 4 timer siden
I would rather own the C8. Can't wait for the E-Ray and Z06 variants of the C8.
Ron J
Ron J 4 timer siden
C8 z06 is going to be a hand full
Mazda rx7 4lyfe
Mazda rx7 4lyfe 4 timer siden
Do you think you’ll ever own a Hennessy product?
BigcubeDart 5 timer siden
Nice to see you get a big dose of American muscle on the American tour! Keep up the good work.
Costas Stavrou
Costas Stavrou 5 timer siden
It looks like you are having the time of your life. Good fo you Shmee.
Joe Strickland
Joe Strickland 5 timer siden
Lbs Pipe
Lbs Pipe 5 timer siden
You wouldn’t have a good car if it run you over
A & J THE YOUTUBERS 5 timer siden
I pray that anyone that sees this is successful in life
MENMEL 5 timer siden
Nothing like a cammed up V8, rumpty rump!
MrTimeless101 5 timer siden
I forgot Hennessey is in Texas. Imagine trying to drive a 1000hp rear drive car on summer tires in that crazy ice storm disaster they had out there.
Javongogh 5 timer siden
Shmee looks like a child in a candy store
charlie hagan
charlie hagan 5 timer siden
jquest43 5 timer siden
Every bodies copying Lamborghini or Nissan gtr front end,IS NOONE ORIGINOL ANYMORE?
lottalava 5 timer siden
best corvette ever
lottalava 5 timer siden
I don´t care how powerfulll its, its very beautiful that´s enough
Mark C
Mark C 5 timer siden
That looks like so much fun to be in, just to be a passenger in this Super Beautiful Ridiculous Car must be awesome to feel. Edit: Wait, this guy has had his car transported to Multiple Countries across the Globe.🌎 🌍 🌏 That’s insane!!!
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 6 timer siden
these chevy trans fucking suck balls unless youre at full limit
MrGameing101 6 timer siden
I'd still put my money on Streetspeed717's ZR1 tbh
Roger Rolex 69
Roger Rolex 69 6 timer siden
You can modify how the car shifts if you wanted to add one to the collection by adding a shift kit plus changing the torque converter depending on the set up you want.👍😊
street lifetv
street lifetv 6 timer siden
That vette would get toasted next to a chiron if i remember it has 1,500hp from the factory so how is it as fast would like to see that car try it though
Jonas Larsson
Jonas Larsson 5 timer siden
Bugatti fanboi spotted
mopar life
mopar life 6 timer siden
ZR1 Tim not ZL1 camaro is zl1 corvette is zr1
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine 6 timer siden
Alice Bellavance
Alice Bellavance 6 timer siden
That Senna is insane because the original Veyron also does the quarter mile in 10.1 seconds and the Senna is 900,000 as the Veyron is 1,200,000 but both insane cars, guessing most of us would want the Senna both insane cars still.
Kenny Kayoss
Kenny Kayoss 6 timer siden
The Veyron I am sure has more torque , power Hp means Eff all of your torque figures aren’t so high ,if you don’t know anything about cars.
PyroMotteFullHD 6 timer siden
1000 PS in a Corvette? Crazy!
Hemanth Yellagoud
Hemanth Yellagoud 6 timer siden
The glass shaking behind the 812 revving is great
Ryan Powell
Ryan Powell 6 timer siden
He's going and to leave with a Venom f5
Mark gabriel Cañete
Mark gabriel Cañete 6 timer siden
Streetspeed717 be like: That's cute
Tim mckenzie
Tim mckenzie 6 timer siden
I litterally watch thse videos on my couch on my big srcreen threw my surround sound , SHMEE 150 is such a genious !!!!!!!!!!!!!
APV 6 timer siden
After that very American intro the video opens with the most American shot ever Love it
Paul Flanders
Paul Flanders 6 timer siden
Tim I'd love too see the total dollar amount on every car you have ever gotten to drive.i bet it's hundreds of millions
Victor Lugo
Victor Lugo 6 timer siden
Shmee, will you be at Texas2K?
stuart cochrane
stuart cochrane 6 timer siden
Don't know if it's just me but I think the C7 is just a much nicer looking car than the c8. Saying that, I do have a 1:18 scale C8 a C7 a Camaro SS (couldn't find a ZL1) Oh aaaaaand a GT500 sadly not in Grabber lime, it's in orange BUT it has the Shelby stripes :D Also have an F50 because DROOL a 1967 Camaro aaaaand a Lamborghini Centenario. I both blame and thank Tim for getting back into my scale model cars :D
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis 6 timer siden
There is no doubt the zr11 of the best super cars you can get for the money in the world.
Outdoors And More
Outdoors And More 6 timer siden
Now just imagine what the Hennessey C08 is going to be like when they have a build for it!
PrimroseLovesDailyDrivenExotics 6 timer siden
liam curtis
liam curtis 7 timer siden
50k for the upgrades😳 worth it for the smiles though i’m sure
Nelson 6 timer siden
Still a performance bargain for the money. A stock zr1 costs only about 120 grand, which is a lot of money but it is truly a monster of a car
G Smith
G Smith 7 timer siden
Yup she’s a beast. Can’t imagine 1000hp. 755 scares me a little would love to try 1000! That’s awesome!
sliverhi 7 timer siden
I am sold
Tube Mayhem
Tube Mayhem 7 timer siden
That's one expensive intercooler.
chris mack
chris mack 7 timer siden
Honestly they should of never sold it
Blair Brown
Blair Brown 7 timer siden
20 bucks says that Beast ends up in the garage.
Endeflector 7 timer siden
shmee in 1 year: 'hey im taking my pizzahotdogcheeseburger to my 500th american football game with a 69 foot wide american flag while bringing my shelby gt500, which can go 69420 centepedesaroundafootball field an hour and screaming MURICA every 5 seconds
Supreme 3-6-9
Supreme 3-6-9 7 timer siden
Classic American Horsepower Awesome SHmee
Kolo kolo
Kolo kolo 7 timer siden
You should buy one
Slade Trap
Slade Trap 7 timer siden
Like a Volkswagen huh 🤔
Brandon 7 timer siden
Probably doesn't do 0-60 much faster (on normal tires) than a stock one. If it could put the power down, itd probably run a 8 second quarter? 0-100mph probably 5ish seconds.
chris ludy
chris ludy 7 timer siden
Honestly it didn't seem as fast as i had imagined. Cool car nonetheless.
chris ludy
chris ludy 7 timer siden
@Blair Brown He was comparing the power to the Veyron and than never failed to impress me power wise but yeah i get what you're saying
Blair Brown
Blair Brown 7 timer siden
I feel as though you would have to be behind the wheel actually driving the thing in order to get an accurate gauge as to how fast the car really is. Even if the ZR1 is indeed not as fast as you imagined, it will likely feel far faster than you had ever imagined.
HA.HA. GoodMeme
HA.HA. GoodMeme 7 timer siden
HPE1000 for the GT500 yeah?
tasos venieris
tasos venieris 7 timer siden
It's nais miss 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Gary English
Gary English 7 timer siden
Shmee150 you are so lucky the cars you get to drive including your own hard work does pay off brother
Edwin van der Velden
Edwin van der Velden 7 timer siden
Looks 10x better than the new one.
Frank W
Frank W 7 timer siden
Now that the Ring is open for TF. When are we gonna see your “Castrol” GR Yaris turning some laps? And will it be getting the Raeder Motorsport treatment?
Kam Car Crusher
Kam Car Crusher 7 timer siden
Corvette's alloys are so ugly
Renato Paulino
Renato Paulino 7 timer siden
crazy car i like !
Daniel Pino
Daniel Pino 7 timer siden
Street speeds zr1 would destroy this
HAILE HAILE 7 timer siden
They scratched my Roma during delivery. I was sooooo mad. I sent it back.
1c3 sLy1
1c3 sLy1 7 timer siden
Corvette has always been my favorite brand. C7 is my favorite style. Thanks for doing this.
Preocupied 7 timer siden
Now we're talking Tim...but don't race it..lol
Bill Hilderbrand
Bill Hilderbrand 7 timer siden
I like how you use caution when trying out any vehicle hope you have a great time in the states
Sam M
Sam M 7 timer siden
got to love your enthousiasm Shmee its amazing!, u would be the best car sales man XD
Angel Cortez
Angel Cortez 8 timer siden
I miss that sound
Fin Ramgoose
Fin Ramgoose 8 timer siden
He needs to get in a proper car and see what the JDM scene is like. Always completely ignored the Jdm gems he sees
C Trox
C Trox 8 timer siden
The engine and exhaust sounded awesome.
Jacob Belmont
Jacob Belmont 8 timer siden
I'm not going to lie, I miss this tire slayer being on the DDE channel. I'm not a big fan of the aperta
Racemuis YT
Racemuis YT 8 timer siden
He is finally driving in cars for men
Bitch, same.✔️
Bitch, same.✔️ 7 timer siden
Haha cringe bro
ezfirme 8 timer siden
I kinda wanted to see a comparison with the car in auto mode, versus manual mode. Awsome Corvette regardless.👍🏻
Ramon Bobo
Ramon Bobo 8 timer siden
I wonder how much you got paid for this video 😂
focus greg
focus greg 8 timer siden
Absolute Monster of a machine 😋
KOz1caa 8 timer siden
I cannot believe just how bad the GT500 takes off!! Or is it the driver. Who engineered the Launch control, Wow its bad!!! If that is how it really drives, I would never buy it.
Difleo G
Difleo G 8 timer siden
I’m going to miss all of these cool vids when shmee goes back to the UK