FUTURE INVESTMENT SUPERCAR? The Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M

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Buying a limited edition Ferrari has always been a safe bet for investment potential, but what is the Scuderia Spider 16M actually like to drive? Join me for my first time behind the wheel of the rarest variant of the F430 at Barry Skolnick's Ikonick Collection in Miami!
Ferrari launched the Scuderia Spider 16M in 2008 to celebrate winning their 16th F1 Constructors World Championship, which was in fact the last they have won to date as well. Following on from the F430, F430 Spider, and 430 Scuderia, the 16M added the convertible roof to the more hardcore and focused Scuderia that had raised the power from the 4.5l V8, took out some weight, improved the dynamic drive and generally sharpened things up.
With a 6spd automated manual gearbox, at the time had the sharpest shifts available and surprisingly even by modern standards a much better response than many of the cars offering similar gearbox types that have come out since. In typical Ferrari fashion it's instantly exciting and rewarding to drive, with a unique but glorious V8 soundtrack.
Only 499 units of the Ferrari 16M were made, making it part of an exclusive list of limited edition Ferrari models and ergo carrying a lot of collector value and as a result, the investment element. There's always a lot of discussion around cars and whether they will lose money, especially after the boom of the last decade and a very skewed market with the increased number of people collecting such cars. However, brands like Ferrari and Porsche have built their reputations, motorsports successes, customer bases and overall demand over many decades and as a result the investment potential lies in cars like this; genuinely rare performance models.
A huge thanks to Barry and the team at Ikonick for my drive in the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M, be sure to follow them for more!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:00 Walkaround
04:44 First Drive
07:07 Limited Cars
08:36 On the Move
11:20 Surprise Takeaway
15:27 Details
18:14 Conclusion
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Shmee150 Måned siden
I've never previously driven a Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M, despite the F430 Spider being one of the first supercars I ever test drove over 10 years ago. It did not disappoint! This is certainly one for the future, and no doubt a solid investment being a very rare, limited edition Ferrari. Thanks to instagram.com/ikonickmotors
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh Måned siden
Shmee150 Great Video I think that Barry's Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M looks and sounds absolutely incredible and I'm glad you got a chance to Drive it
Blaque Aces
Blaque Aces Måned siden
Truthfully, 430 is amazingly stunning and still turns heads because of its design
tesla pete
tesla pete Måned siden
Hello @Shmee150 this exact spec was the 1st and only ferrari that i've been inside of so far. it was new on the showroom floor 10+ years ago at Ferrari Columbus Ohio. :) literally my dream car, very handsome imo, and i remember thinking that i'd have to lower the seat rails for my tall frame and possible permanently mount the seat to the floor as far back as i could make it comfortable. :)
Samuel Music
Samuel Music Måned siden
I am luckier than you. I own a bunch of Ferraris, which includes the 599 GTO, the Scuderia, the 16M, the LaFerrari, and the latest addition, the 488 Pista Spider. I’d say, you have not missed much. Actually, the one that I enjoyed the most is my 575 SuperAmerica.
Khaizuran K-Man
Khaizuran K-Man Måned siden
That was awesome video shmee👍
Jason Wood
Jason Wood 12 dager siden
Shmee you are start to on way to much now a days
To be Confirmed
To be Confirmed 17 dager siden
The Scuderia 16m Spider has always been my DREAM car!! In Rosso Corsa with the contrasting Nero interior, pure perfection... absolutely everything about that car is phenomenal and I’d rather have the Scuderia 16m Spider over ANY modern equivalent
victor arcuri
victor arcuri 22 dager siden
Wish you would by a classic Ferrari restore it,love it, drive it.
James Pugh
James Pugh 27 dager siden
A video you would expect sam from see-throughglass doimg he's more old feirre guy . Tim's more the new cars
nazart 27 dager siden
Best sounding ferrari V8 EVER!!
Anand Vinjamuri
Anand Vinjamuri 27 dager siden
I would rather drive a C8 Corvette
W 28 dager siden
Quick check on Autotrader.ca. There are currently not one but two 16M examples for sale in Canada right now. $390k and $499k CAD vs a regular 430 spider more like $150-200k CAD. Perhaps more interesting is a gated manual F430 with only 10k miles at $265k. Probably all decent buys over time.
UNDERCOVER 28 dager siden
Fantastic sound
Cooney. B
Cooney. B 28 dager siden
Beautiful Machine right there! Car will never go out style, Ferrari did a really good job on that body/model.
2006Vantage 28 dager siden
No need to “fluctuate the gas pedal in line with the shifts”.
Cloudman 28 dager siden
I would not recomend to invest into 430's ...
Hasan Genc
Hasan Genc 28 dager siden
Why not?
Steve Hines
Steve Hines 28 dager siden
Cool vid 😎
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 28 dager siden
The 430 is still such a beautiful car! And they still go for 60-90 000 euro, the basis 430 that is.
Martin Sabol.
Martin Sabol. 29 dager siden
F430 especially with 6 speed always will be more special experience that 458 or 488 replacements
footballcoreano 29 dager siden
Ferarri 430 scuderia spider is the best car ever built!
amyloidse fibrose
amyloidse fibrose 29 dager siden
Did you buy an Aston Martin instead of this Ferrari? That must HURT.
Mark William Stewart
Mark William Stewart 29 dager siden
Good video. By lifting off you were missing out on the full SF2 shifts, which is why most of the was changing in one of the slower modes. It takes a few miles to understand the system and how it reacts at varying throttle inputs, but it's very rewarding - something that I prefer over a multi-clutch 'box.
Minitec 21
Minitec 21 Måned siden
MetikalMan Måned siden
I would love to see what a Ferrari single clutch sequential would look like with 15 years newer technology. If a small electric motor was involved it would probably be just as smooth as a DCT. Then it could be converted to a real manual option!
Andrew Wheeler
Andrew Wheeler Måned siden
And SeenthroughGlass is going to be jealous off you
Flintstone dutch
Flintstone dutch Måned siden
Pull the (vacuum)hoses on the exhaust valves and the sound is there at every rpm. Best stock sounding Ferrari in the family. Love it already for 9 years/80.000km's so did my best enjoying it.
Hasan Genc
Hasan Genc 28 dager siden
Imo the 360 Stradale sounds better....looks worse than the 430 tho.
Ryan Bodamer
Ryan Bodamer Måned siden
Need the gt500 video!
Vince Watches
Vince Watches Måned siden
Out Run pure spirit
Juan Sequeira Baquero
Juan Sequeira Baquero Måned siden
I would be surprised if this man doesn’t buy one soon.
Brooklyn J
Brooklyn J Måned siden
Aged well
TheNick34752 Måned siden
how can somebody dislike the looks of the 430? for me it is one of the best looking cars ever.
James Petersen
James Petersen Måned siden
Not sure why you think every generation will want these as they reach that age in their careers. You remember this car. New generations won't.
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ThePineAppleBurster 44
ThePineAppleBurster 44 Måned siden
You should buy it🤷‍♂️
Robert smee
Robert smee Måned siden
A stitched leather dashboard wouldn’t hold up for three years in someplace like Phoenix.
J O Måned siden
Left-lane hogs, and stupidly long stop lights... welcome back to driving in the US, Tim! lol
CoolCreators Måned siden
Maybe your STO can be black with red contrast pack?
QwikAd Måned siden
No new video today????? 2/4/2021
Doug Kim
Doug Kim Måned siden
So good. The 430 / 16M one of my all time favorites. Thank you for sharing!
Bling Måned siden
That F430 Spider 16M is a cool car
A F Måned siden
I was 14 when the 16M was released. A proper poster car.
ActionMan Måned siden
one of the first supercars i heard of when i was younger, absolutely love it
Bobby london
Bobby london Måned siden
Hi shmee 😊great channel keep up the good review s of magnificent cars 💯🏅
Jap Car Junkie
Jap Car Junkie Måned siden
Of all the Ferrari's built, the F430 Scuderia is by far and away my favourite.
OVO 6 Måned siden
Shmee & Strad collab 👀
Emanuele Straccini
Emanuele Straccini Måned siden
Great car and Epic sound, One of my favourite
SKRMZ Måned siden
An F430 is easily my favourite Ferrari
Petri Paavola
Petri Paavola Måned siden
Maybe this is one car you should get to your future collection in Shmuseum?
shaun karidza
shaun karidza Måned siden
This cars faster than an Enzo .
universe 6766
universe 6766 Måned siden
absolutely perfect
Enthusiast Garage SA
Enthusiast Garage SA Måned siden
They should have made 430 of them would have made more sense
ZAPIX Måned siden
Realy good sound !
TheRuzo1330 Måned siden
Great video Tim! Man that brought me back! My first supercar was a 2009 F430. I miss that car! And after watching today, I miss it even more! So when you get back home, are we going to see a 16M in the Shmee Collection??? Take care!
Lubin Måned siden
Jump on a scud now ! Before Michael Schumacher passes away (I actually hope that he is doing fine). These are the last true sensations sport cars and will have insane value in the future !
Phillip Riba
Phillip Riba Måned siden
Please add a 16M to you collection please
Sam YT
Sam YT Måned siden
Mic isn't stereo Weird mic not recommended using headphones
Vedant Måned siden
All of the Roads in the USA are Grid formation and that's pretty sad tbh ☹
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph Måned siden
LOL u should buy one if u really like it..........
Hari Hari
Hari Hari Måned siden
Help me India brother
Chun Lok Hui
Chun Lok Hui Måned siden
Rylie K
Rylie K Måned siden
There's a 16M for sale here in Australia for 1mil AUD.. insane
Scott Smott
Scott Smott Måned siden
Tim, we need to see you driving a Challenge Stradale.
Hasan Genc
Hasan Genc 28 dager siden
Lahtonen Lauri
Lahtonen Lauri Måned siden
Exhaust gives me the svj vibes.
Mada Main
Mada Main Måned siden
Please go to the freedom factory!
Antiochia ad Taurum
Antiochia ad Taurum Måned siden
Odd how people who are most desperate for therapy are the last to ever opt for therapy.
Jojo Runk
Jojo Runk Måned siden
Love this car Your review made me smile! Good job shmee!!!
Fubuki Måned siden
Mid 00s, Enzo-era Ferrari’s are amazing.
SBK Peace
SBK Peace Måned siden
Always been a top 5 Ferrari of mine It's like you could she Tim thinking 🤔 16M or a LFA
Mihkel Nurmeots
Mihkel Nurmeots Måned siden
This thing looks so good! 😳
Daniel Bevan
Daniel Bevan Måned siden
Why is this guy flying around the US??
David Höing
David Höing Måned siden
Business/work visa I'm guessing. Was wondering that since he arrived.
Muhamad Mousa
Muhamad Mousa Måned siden
Love you Shmee good like Shmee LOVE YOU EVERY CAR LIKE YOU EVERY DAY GOOD LIKE EVERY DAY l'm a fan of shmee
Luke Torre
Luke Torre Måned siden
ultimate investment car from ferrari its the 599gto or gtb with the manual
Sanjin Gelić
Sanjin Gelić Måned siden
Lovely car I really hope you buy it one day. 👍 Also I have to mention a car from previous video.. Murcielago Roadster 😍 Such a clean beautifull design and what a crazy, crazy sound.
grilled me
grilled me Måned siden
the f430 scud never look old for me including the f430
Loren Kapp
Loren Kapp Måned siden
430 Scud is a beautiful car! Dream spec is 09 in verde pino!
Spartan 117
Spartan 117 Måned siden
Timeless beauty
Money Money
Money Money Måned siden
I drove the 16M and the scud many times...I've recommended this car to many. It was the first car I think to have active damping. You could place it in race mode and adjust the damping on the suspension. It's comfortable to be in. The sound is amazing and it's tuned a bit different than the 430.
Grat Money
Grat Money Måned siden
Sup with that choppa
Jahsim Måned siden
Gorgeous Ferrari!
TripleWipexXx Måned siden
Somehow I feel like one of these might join the Shmeemobiles at some point... :)
Lityear Måned siden
I own a 2007 black F430 Coupe with yellow trims an calipers. I bought it 3 years ago and drive it once a month. I enjoy every moment of it. Mine is not a Scuderia but has lots of carbon all over and Fabspeed headers which gives it a little more horsepower. F430’s being the last analog Ferraris will have a solid future as an investment. The F430 has the classic body contours as well as a modern look. The last of Mohicans. Great review Tim.
I feel kinda bad the this channel is being forgotten by other viewers...
Saulo Barreiros
Saulo Barreiros Måned siden
My dream car, not the spyder, obviously, but thats my dream
Peter H
Peter H Måned siden
Most jealous about you in the Sun and we in the Snow....🤨😉 Enjoy Miami👑👍
Hari Hari
Hari Hari Måned siden
Help me
Joe L
Joe L Måned siden
The 16M sounded so nice
bo matt
bo matt Måned siden
Not a big fan of the 430 looks. But this thing really sounds good.
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Måned siden
The F430 is still SICK😎👌🏻, but yeah Shmee u should add a Scud to your garage👍🏻.
Magnus Tan
Magnus Tan Måned siden
Wow, monster of a soundtrack, beauty of a car, in fact my dream is a 488 because of the looks and admittedly its because it’s seen as the underdog in the V8 Ferrari lineage. But I’d say the 430 walks all over the 488 in the looks department. I know people are gonna go in on the noise, but you have to move on guys, twin-turbos is not the end of the world....
G G Måned siden
Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 👍🏻
Jon Gib
Jon Gib Måned siden
Yep. 100% Tim.., I dare ya 😝
Paul Krapp
Paul Krapp Måned siden
Awesome video Tim, the 430 Scuderia is one of my favorite cars. I always thought that the updated front end "fixed" what I didn't like about the standard F430.
Shaiky Mandel
Shaiky Mandel Måned siden
Honestly I like the classic design of the inside and outside and the whole drive makes it perfect. Also a dream car for me, I grew up on these early 2000 cars.
khing david
khing david Måned siden
Desperately needs an exhaust.
Simon E
Simon E Måned siden
Last of the old school, where it was about driving experience and not how many pointless screens you can fit in a car!
Action Media Online
Action Media Online Måned siden
Another Banger of a Car Mr Smee , and it just happens to be my favourite Motor too , thanks bro , Shifty Shade's tho lid.... 😎
Cars Mond
Cars Mond Måned siden
Mr. Shmee, I invite you on my channel to see the Bimmer X6 M Power...👍
ktmbilly3 Måned siden
You need a Porsche , Lamborghini , Ferrari . That's a supercar collection.The main staples in a garage.✌️🍕
Cd Garcia
Cd Garcia Måned siden
I’m curious Why does it cost more than the f430 challenge car?
Mikael Di Luca
Mikael Di Luca Måned siden
This is a real car! One of the best Ferrari.
Khaizuran K-Man
Khaizuran K-Man Måned siden
Nice video shmee👍
Christian Andino
Christian Andino Måned siden
Ferrari ❤️❤️❤️
TheFunkhouser Måned siden
You must be loving that weather instead of crappy english weather
how to roll
how to roll Måned siden
430 and enzo are the best Ferrari's, hands down but for Lamborghini id have to say that sto is on another level
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