SNOW DONUTS with My Friend's SLS AMG Black Series! Convoy with the LOUDEST Murcielago

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My friend Mike from 312supercars has some new cars in the garage, and it just so happens to be an incredible snow day to take them out! With a straight pipe Murci, and some 'door up' snow donuts in the SLS BS, and plenty more, that's my kind of winter supercar day!
The last time I caught up with Mike and his family from 312supercars, was collection day of their Ferrari 488 Pista and 2 other Ferraris in late 2019. Now though, the garage has expanded with new arrivals including the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, Mercedes-AMG SLS Black Series, a CLK 63 Black Series and more. However, this is a snow day all about the SLS BS and Murci!
After a tour around the garages with Mike, in fact a garage that's given inspiration to TheStradman's new build, it's then time for a drive out with the cars. The "CARITOP" Murcielago Roadster is not only bright orange, but also has a B Rogue Built full titanium straight pipe exhaust and sounds absolutely out of this world while we're on the road chasing it in the SLS Black Series.
It's only a case of time until we find some snow though, and it just so happens to be the perfect spot for some SLS BS donuts!
Be sure to check out Mike at his pages:
And Eddie's videos too, who joined in the Durango Hellcat:
Check TimBro's photos as well:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:58 Garage Tour
04:31 Murci Sound
06:03 Eddie in the Durango Hellcat
06:55 Outing Plan
08:19 Onboard SLS BS
12:59 On the Snow
15:55 Into the Lambo
17:45 Wrapup
#Lamborghini #Mercedes #Snow
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Shmee150 Måned siden
What a day in the snow! Turns out that a straight pipe Murci sounds epic, and that the SLS BS on winter tyres does some fun donuts with the door up... Thanks to 312supercars for the amazing fun!
Alfie Nichols
Alfie Nichols Måned siden
@shmee150: hope you had a good time
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh Måned siden
Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad you got to ride 312 Supercars SLS AMG Black Series's and Murcielago Roadster and I think that Durango Hellcat was Awesome
McNugget Måned siden
Can you do another video with Stradman and Burlacher
Jose De Arimateia Y Jesus
Jose De Arimateia Y Jesus Måned siden
incredible speed batman! yesterday in sunny Miami, today filming in the snow ... I think the channel should be called FLASHmee! hohoho!
Pyro_Technics Måned siden
damn this is 15 mins from my hometown how do I miss this stuff!
Zogy 3 dager siden
What’s the deal with Shmee’s woody the woodpecker “cheers” at the end?
Shawn 25 dager siden
Is Mike part of a team, or does he say "we" to mean "I"?
hulaGUNZ 26 dager siden
Everyone loves frosted donuts.
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 28 dager siden
THE SLS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO amazing sounding. With my speakers, I think it's my favorite car exhaust sound of all cars. 😍
James Rapp
James Rapp 28 dager siden
Crazy!!! 😎👌
Steve Hines
Steve Hines 28 dager siden
Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD
Landon Gamer #DUCKSQAUD 29 dager siden
What a car collection that murcielago is so fast and loud ⭐️🎩
J S Måned siden
Didn’t know you were in Chicago
Shom Kittling
Shom Kittling Måned siden
William Cooper
William Cooper Måned siden
Shmee doing donuts?! I wasn't supposed to see that. It is like seeing your granda twerking hahah. GREAT VIDEO!
Lombe Chewemukulu
Lombe Chewemukulu Måned siden
Sls Black 🖤 thank Q!
BULLET WOLF08 Måned siden
Tim is actually the first british guy ive seen doing american stuff
Tom B
Tom B Måned siden
Hey if ur in chi and going for a cruze hit me up got a c63 507
Lukas Barnes
Lukas Barnes Måned siden
14:52 “I mean it feels like I’m right at home, except I’ve never done that with mine... Thanks you” 😂😂
Lukas Barnes
Lukas Barnes Måned siden
Love to hear the Lexus LFA race a Murcielago
Louis Darling
Louis Darling Måned siden
Why is the ginger shouting so much for typical American 🤣
Luis Miguel Vasquez Villegas
Luis Miguel Vasquez Villegas Måned siden
My loud dream car 😍🥵🤯🤌🏻🇮🇹🖤🧡
Swapnil Raut
Swapnil Raut Måned siden
Nothing beats sound from a V12.
DoubleDeckerAnton Måned siden
I love eating donuts and doing them as well... 😁 🍩 + 🚗💨
RaNkITrAnKi Måned siden
13:53 yeahhh live is GOOD
Bling Måned siden
This video was awesome
saavaa Måned siden
I didn't know Shmee have any friends.
richard allsop
richard allsop Måned siden
Hello there 'Shmee' , good to show a English guy showing the Americans 'spinning' cars in the snow, Regards, RichardA.
Captain Ike
Captain Ike Måned siden
This must be north Florida
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley Måned siden
Emir Ćosić
Emir Ćosić Måned siden
I really wanna know what exhaust he's got on that e63s?
Emir Ćosić
Emir Ćosić Måned siden
Throughout the years I've learned to skip that awful intro and enjoy the actual video
Wolf 3001
Wolf 3001 Måned siden
Crazy to think all these supercars are hiding around chicago and im just far enough from the city to see none of them 😭
MS 92
MS 92 Måned siden
hhhHHii guys iM shMEE
melsh Måned siden
It's so cool seeing shmee in my home state of illinois!!!
Kevin Chimusaru
Kevin Chimusaru Måned siden
Shmee knows EddieX?
Zolator99 Måned siden
13:53 love it!
dxutube Måned siden
Model X beats that Durango on all levels
blade4457 Måned siden
Nice vids , good channel i lile it
Tom Copestake
Tom Copestake Måned siden
Great video! Your adventures jus brighten up the day of any car enthusiast
Hari Hari
Hari Hari Måned siden
ஹ அண்ணா
Fiona Pierce
Fiona Pierce Måned siden
Shmee you even did Dounuts with your door up
Fiona Pierce
Fiona Pierce Måned siden
The Lamborghini was MAD when it came past the SOS
Simon O
Simon O Måned siden
This guy is running out of ideas
Alvaro Eduardo
Alvaro Eduardo Måned siden
Just think you consider the E55 more, c'mon, Tim. Remember going from Johannesburg to Pretoria in 25 mins...
Alvaro Eduardo
Alvaro Eduardo Måned siden
E55: i'm here as well, Tim😩😩
thijn van vuren
thijn van vuren Måned siden
Porsche Techart Magnum has 740hp :)
fred bloggs
fred bloggs Måned siden
Nevermind the cars , he has a lovely house in what looks to be a really nice neighbourhoood
Adam Fitch
Adam Fitch Måned siden
Hi shmee love the vidz and great content keep it up im a big fan of u
Elias Håkansson
Elias Håkansson Måned siden
"Hi guys I'm shmee hello and welcome back to the channel where you join me today" gang, where u at??
Marc Vince Mendoza
Marc Vince Mendoza Måned siden
Hahahaha i like this content
Attila Szolnoki
Attila Szolnoki Måned siden
Please show us that SL Coupe, I love that car!
GrumpySalmon Måned siden
DJJOOLZDE Måned siden
Black on Black SLS. Looks so damn good.
Nahu Nahuzaan
Nahu Nahuzaan Måned siden
Damn shmee wow nice drifting bruh
Lukas A.
Lukas A. Måned siden
You should buy the upcoming GR86 to learn how to drift. No disrespect btw
Khaba Australia
Khaba Australia Måned siden
Anthony Carchidi 3rd
Anthony Carchidi 3rd Måned siden
Thats one way to warm up your cars SMH. 🙄
Beamer Boy
Beamer Boy Måned siden
312 supercars
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor Måned siden
@14:50 looking bad ass! ha
plata593 Måned siden
what an epic video
Al L
Al L Måned siden
Dam shmee drift was so close to the dodge
Dariune Måned siden
amateurs, you didn't say it was filmed in Mexico, now police are gonna come and take y'all driver licences away
Michael Summerell
Michael Summerell Måned siden
Isn't that the rare "Ikea Edition" Pista...?
chris Måned siden
you gotta heat those tops inside to about 90f before you try and put them on in the winter or it will be a nightmare
Nuno Sousa
Nuno Sousa Måned siden
keraman bin mohamad iemansah
keraman bin mohamad iemansah Måned siden
Makdatuk sahon ya.owow
keraman bin mohamad iemansah
keraman bin mohamad iemansah Måned siden
Steve W
Steve W Måned siden
Lame video Shmee. Really don’t want to see that Dodge piece of shit.
Peter H
Peter H Måned siden
I like the lifting system in the garage. What’s the brand of it?🧐
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Måned siden
A change of title and thumbnail I see.
SE B 42 Ravikant Sharma
SE B 42 Ravikant Sharma Måned siden
Tyler hoover should get his Murciélago built like the 312 Supercars Murciélago
Egg Måned siden
Snownuts are great
Captain_Context Måned siden
Yeah.... 0-60 in 3.4 seconds... In american seconds. If you were to actually test that, it would be closer to 5-6. Americans have their own way of counting.
Jan Simon Bolinao
Jan Simon Bolinao Måned siden
was that Eddie from the channel that shall not be named?
Muhammad zayed asharaf
Muhammad zayed asharaf Måned siden
@stradman i still remember the video you made with them do you?
theemenice864 Måned siden
Review the Durango hellcat
schpinne Måned siden
why can‘t you have the bucket seats in the us? i‘ve heard once that roll rages in the us are illegal too? why?
Moto Techno Boy
Moto Techno Boy Måned siden
Just think if that lambo is driven around a monastry where monks are meditating
george lord
george lord Måned siden
Sweet video Tim!! The 312 guys seem like really down to earth people. It was awesome seeing you in the snow 😎🤘💚from Minnesota
Lutfa Fatema Tumpa
Lutfa Fatema Tumpa Måned siden
Pls make a collab with stradman and his prototype aventador plss
Andrew P
Andrew P Måned siden
Imagine I actually talked to eddi and shmee has answer my dms on instagram now seeing them together is like the best thing ever Great video tho
Harsh Deep singh
Harsh Deep singh Måned siden
When are you reuniting with the UTAH CREW?????????/ .... cant wait for it 😁😁😁
tesla pete
tesla pete Måned siden
"archway" = porte cochere
Justin B
Justin B Måned siden
I feel the US videos are so much crazier Idk if it's the people he visits or the good ole bald eagle atmosphere, but definitely feels like a funner version on our boy.
Samarth Vedhanabhatla
Samarth Vedhanabhatla Måned siden
Hey tim you should check out bren garage in Bangalore it is porsche and amg heaven they also have a stradman spec svj
kriss4200 Måned siden
I can't wait until you meet up with Stradman!!
MAX STRO Måned siden how ironic lmao
Alex Paumen
Alex Paumen Måned siden
As I proceed to nearly choke on my dinner when he said that R129 was a SL60 AMG! I thought a stock Murcielago sounded DEMONIC. This is another level! Nice to see these are driven even in the snow.
Nemanja P
Nemanja P Måned siden
I personally dislike American car culture very very much
Yash Katyan
Yash Katyan Måned siden
SLS BS is Love
Степан Гончаревич
Степан Гончаревич Måned siden
Which is quicker pagani huayra bc or senna on tracks?
Sam Leone
Sam Leone Måned siden
Nice to see some other guys from Chicago!! Stop by Continental in Hinsdale they have a great inventory right now.
Ryan Ringa
Ryan Ringa Måned siden
The just skip over the e55😪 I love that car.
AF BEN Måned siden
Tippy35075 Måned siden
didn't know the SLS Black Series had the option for the lane departure warning and lane keeping feature
Adi Gaban
Adi Gaban Måned siden
Hi tim! Nice olaf haircut
Marcin Galecki
Marcin Galecki Måned siden
Hey Shmee You were 5 minutes from my house!!!! If I knew You were here I would let you review my 2004 WRX 😂. Cheers!!!!!!!✌🏻
Daniel Tri Nguyen
Daniel Tri Nguyen Måned siden
If post malone was clean cut n professionally dressed
Kyle O'Brien
Kyle O'Brien Måned siden
Those aren’t donuts those are snownuts
Bwill7285 Måned siden
music to my ears
Bibin Mathew
Bibin Mathew Måned siden
Shmee always mentions stradman ❤❤❤ big fan of both ❤❤❤❤
thejoeyg Måned siden
not going to lie all these super cars in the vid n i am jus happy this man owns a e55 amg😂
Datoda Måned siden
Snow donuts or also Donuts with frosting as I like to call them. Epic noise from the SLS too!
Josh Bean
Josh Bean Måned siden
Schmee has truly never made a subpar video
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