HURACAN STO SPEC! Configuring My First Lamborghini

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It's time to think about the spec for my Lamborghini Huracan STO! With the supercar on order to join the Shmeemobiles, I seem to be chasing them around the world and now with the STO at Lamborghini Broward in Florida. The configurator is almost endless, but let's get some ideas put together!
The launch cars are presented in Blu Laufey with Arancio California accents, however they also wear a lot of Ad Personam details to finish off the look with bespoke painted areas on the bodywork and further details. For example on this car we have the roof in Nero Noctis with the Blu Laufey A-pillars, and also the addition of the orange pinstripes along the edges and around the louvres of the engine bay cover. For the side skirts the main rocker is in the contrast colour while the lower door sill also has a black 'wedge' to accentuate it further.
After a quick look at the car in the showroom alongside two Huracan EVO RWDs, let's head into the configuration suite to start taking a proper look at the options available. The imagination can run pretty wild here with a huge variety of paint colours, sticker liveries and more to select from, before even approaching the specific Ad Personam menus.
For my car, as a long term Shmeemobile, I'm planning to choose colours that will be bold and bright, even if not to everybody's tastes. Initially I'm considering Viola Pasifae with a lime Verde Selvans contrast pack, or perhaps Viola SE30 with Giallo Benelus to contrast it, however there are so many fantastic options it's going to be hard to choose!
Thanks to Lamborghini Broward for their hospitality and access to the Huracan STO! lamborghinibroward
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:52 Lambo Broward
01:52 STO Walkaround
03:52 Configuration Begins
08:44 Paint Samples
11:25 Interior Spec
14:50 Shmeemobile Options
16:20 Ad Personam Configurator
19:48 Show Car Comparison
23:33 Conclusion
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Shmee150 Måned siden
Choosing the spec for my Lamborghini Huracan STO is no easy task, there are a HUGE number of options, especially with Ad Personam too! What do you think I should go for on the Shmeemobile?
malter87 Måned siden
purple and green
Sebek Måned siden
For me, purple and green look the best. There could be more carbon.Beautiful car.
Cali Cartel
Cali Cartel Måned siden
Black with green details 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Kiko1977 Måned siden
The Lambo Thirty color is perfect, but the yellow accents don't look good imo.. Look at the JayKay car.. Maybe blue accents?
梁绍中 Måned siden
option 2 looks like that is the car come from EVA
Arun Sasankan
Arun Sasankan 5 dager siden
Amazing Work
Shmee150 5 dager siden
Thank you! Cheers!
The Unboxer
The Unboxer 5 dager siden
Please do Rosso targa and black as the accent color with the chrome delete red contrast interior color and add all the carbon fiber options
Faris Latif
Faris Latif 12 dager siden
Shmee should do that purple and green color than put the plate for the car as joker
Nino Dzidic
Nino Dzidic 18 dager siden
9:35 Viola Bast, best choice
wreckage 3001
wreckage 3001 19 dager siden
His viewing numbers going down what happened?
Fahad Khan
Fahad Khan 20 dager siden
This guy is like the sherminator all grown up
P1LYP 21 dag siden
I came here for the schadenfreude. The more garish options he chooses the bigger the bath to come on resale.
Aleksandr Burmin
Aleksandr Burmin 27 dager siden
I wish you a happy journey, a good road, and a cheerful mood. Let the guardian angel accompany you and protect you from any misfortune, let the trip exclude all failures and turn into an exciting journey with the final station "success".
302yt 28 dager siden
The light purple with yellow is nice!
The Mighty Fork
The Mighty Fork 29 dager siden
make it a stradman spec it would look good for sure
Scorp Seven
Scorp Seven 29 dager siden
Manny Koshbin choosing colors: does it come in Hermes?
Maphuti Julius
Maphuti Julius Måned siden
Wojtek Dobrzański
Wojtek Dobrzański Måned siden
Viola paint from Diablo was the first paint I thought of! I see I'm not alone with this choice :D
KevyD77 Måned siden
Pasifae and Green, 1,000,000% !!!
Captain Ike
Captain Ike Måned siden
Shmee is going to own a mansion in SF I already see it coming together.
Jim Le
Jim Le Måned siden
Strangely I’m not as interested in exotic cars anymore..
JJ PREME Måned siden
Horrid specs 🤷🏻‍♂️
January Morris
January Morris Måned siden
Viola pacifea all the way! With the bright green accents for sure
Finlaypma Måned siden
the purple looks like a gta car
Alex Scoff
Alex Scoff Måned siden
Please go for the viola pacifae and the green It is simply the best spec
MB Måned siden
Purple with yellow or green looks horrible imo. I really don't like the secondary colour, the "diablo purple" is really beautiful just use diffrent secondary colours.
Adam Fehr
Adam Fehr Måned siden
Please do the dark purple and green, joker spec😉
James Pugh
James Pugh Måned siden
Some different choices. But little shocked ur going for the avendodore body style vs the suv bc of ur back
Mr A
Mr A Måned siden
As Chris Harris said, Lambos now are more about driving a Lambo than actually driving, and RS Porsches are better 🤷‍♂️
Gary Moseley
Gary Moseley Måned siden
It's a wonderful car Shmee, you're a lucky guy. I love the bold colours, particularly love the 30th anniversary purple. But as you were specking the car with all the accents I couldn't help but think a metallic black would look incredible with the green or yellow or red accents.
Joe Siu
Joe Siu Måned siden
dark purple....color
Hardik K A Premani
Hardik K A Premani Måned siden
That *HULK SPEC* is the best..........
Max pp 164
Max pp 164 Måned siden
Nice spec!! How do you get an ad personam configurator
_Conquer_ Måned siden
that svj spec is just perfection
Chr Pie
Chr Pie Måned siden
Ugly colours
Austin Magruder
Austin Magruder Måned siden
Satin black w/ viola pasifae accents. Orange brake calipers. Red interior.
WorldTraveller Måned siden
I'm going with Blu Uranus, Giallo Belenus contrast, magnesia rims with yellow calipers and Giallo Belenus interior. Of course as much carbon as possible for me as well.
David Billberg
David Billberg Måned siden
I had an idea: what about speccing it looking as your first McLaren, the 12C? Or what about as your 650S? I remember when you had it running the Gumball 3000 in Stockholm. Amazing.
Sam Walling
Sam Walling Måned siden
Stoked to see you buy a Lambo 👏
Ok Måned siden
Dropped off a carbon edition SVR to our motor cars store today and they had an STO there, not a big Lamborghini guy but this car is incredible in person!!! The new SVJ is 👌👌👌👌 as well
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson Måned siden
In have told you before and I'll tell you again, someone has to teach you colour co ordination , you take great cars and make them look like shit.
Imran Måned siden
Viola se 30th is sick. I like those colour on STO.
whiteblade954 Måned siden
Chubby boy in a Lambo mmm..... Interesting!
rajuvaddadi Måned siden
Maybe black with red contrast pack?
Mokset Harous
Mokset Harous Måned siden
Really AMAZING just Im gonna say اللهم أرزقنا ياااا☝️ااارب
Mokset Harous
Mokset Harous Måned siden
You have great taste SHMEE we love it from LIBYA 🇱🇾😎👌
Col Campbell AI 2024
Col Campbell AI 2024 Måned siden
VIOLA 30!!!
Daniel Buck
Daniel Buck Måned siden
The purple and green is definitely better in my opinion
Harvey Jay David
Harvey Jay David Måned siden
You stradmam? You like purp?
John SSmith
John SSmith Måned siden
Sorry but that spec is horrid
davewesley11 Måned siden
Nooo Tim .. just too busy all them colors .. if i was going to get, id just get in full black like the original pic of the car was before you ya started messing with all the different options. And maybe silver for the sills id keep the silver wheels . But heyy that's just me .. and i know working for the NHS I'll never be going in that show room any time soon to spec a car out (sigh) :(
Millibar 21
Millibar 21 Måned siden
Viola pasifae with lime green accents really does pop! As long as you have the lifestyle and the means then to me it’s the stand out choice. Good luck in your choices.
Mochammad Nur Dhanyansyah
Mochammad Nur Dhanyansyah Måned siden
the diablo colour would be best!
Jacob Rezendes
Jacob Rezendes Måned siden
Purple and green definitely.
Bohan Yuan
Bohan Yuan Måned siden
FINAlly Shmee has a car that can go well over 200 mph
Bohan Yuan
Bohan Yuan Måned siden
@Shmee150 oopsy my bad 😅
Shmee150 Måned siden
Ironically no it can't, the top speed of the STO is below 200mph
TONY Måned siden
I'd take that Porsche 918 Spider. ";-)
SkyHigh AviNation
SkyHigh AviNation Måned siden
the car would look awesome in grey and orange
Chris G
Chris G Måned siden
Being a Miami native the green and purple
DN The Smile Maker
DN The Smile Maker Måned siden
The Green touch is a no for me! I love purple though!!!
Jose German
Jose German Måned siden
Viola Pasifae with the Yellow .....AMAZING!!!!!!!! Do the accents on the roof and engine panel ....OMG Out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS SHMEE150 Lambo has been a longtime coming!!!!!!!!
BugattiMan Måned siden
The 918: Drive me, NOW!
Tommy Van der veken
Tommy Van der veken Måned siden
Don't do pink
eric gardner
eric gardner Måned siden
Scheme you are one of the best and most professional vloggers. Please keep the excellent content coming. Cheers! 👍
Bill Yaz
Bill Yaz Måned siden
Lamborghini: How many options would you like to add to your STO Shmee: Yes
David Tatarchuk
David Tatarchuk Måned siden
Did he forgot about the purple 675lt lol
Jithesh Suvarna
Jithesh Suvarna Måned siden
Second spec is 🔥🔥👍👌
Y alm14
Y alm14 Måned siden
Definitely purple and green!
Doctors n Politicians are Frauds
Doctors n Politicians are Frauds Måned siden
Ferrari would never allow this to happen.
Glen Lipkens
Glen Lipkens Måned siden
Viola SE colour reminds me of that Lambo they stole in Gone in 60 seconds. Spec that ;)
Warv Måned siden
Purple & green gives me that DBZ cell vibe
Nuri G
Nuri G Måned siden
Go All Gloss Black !
arturo briceño
arturo briceño Måned siden
what a poor and slow system coming from Lambo... -10 points to that...
Sid Rennie
Sid Rennie Måned siden
Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please go for the purple and green!!!!!!!!!!!! Tim Burton Batman. Just epic!!!!!!!!
Sid Rennie
Sid Rennie Måned siden
Purple and green all day!!! The alternative looks like nail varnish and clashes with yellow. That purple and green just looks incredible!!!!!!!!!!
Trent P
Trent P Måned siden
Shmee : Never bought a Lambo, Gets alocation for limited car..... Loyal Lambo customer : I'd like to order an STO Please. Lambo: Sorry you don't meet our criteria....
Matthew Yang
Matthew Yang Måned siden
The pink looks like Pepto Bismol, purple way better
Talal Esmail
Talal Esmail Måned siden
Looks like Viola Ashifa
Tim mckenzie
Tim mckenzie Måned siden
Thamks for sharing the endless possibilities of car configuring !! Your Videos ALAWAYS MAKE MY DAY!!!!
Jack OConnor
Jack OConnor Måned siden
SyfX Vibes
SyfX Vibes Måned siden
Bring your purple car to stradman
Diego García Gonzalez
Diego García Gonzalez Måned siden
Please Lamborghini, give us mortals access to the configurator! Let us dream!!
mazibox99 Måned siden
Beauty car and ugly spec..meeh. Lika a oder cars in your garage. Sad
QUACK Måned siden
Must be nice just being able to see a car and just going yep I can just walk in and buy that
bmxer4ever Måned siden
Tim - were you a big fan of Barney the Dinosaur when you were a kid?
Josh Rinlee
Josh Rinlee Måned siden
I'd be happy getting out if debt... 😒
Stephan Vermaak
Stephan Vermaak Måned siden
Joker Spec is absolutely awesome , love it 😍
Alison Davies
Alison Davies Måned siden
In these tough times do you really think we need a posh public school boy blabbing on about how much money he can spunk on another fuckin car Time to get a grip mate
Daniel lawrence
Daniel lawrence Måned siden
I like the deeper purple with the yellow!! Before you even brought up what you liked that’s what I would’ve went with
Mike McSnake
Mike McSnake Måned siden
Lambo should seriously upgrade the TV in that room. I can see the white balance is wayyyyy too blue/cool. And the cut-off taskbar with the default settings is pretty funny when you're designing a half million dollar car.
Fanny Packuiao
Fanny Packuiao Måned siden
Here's my spec for STO! Grigio Telesto, Rosso Mars, Hek 20" Monolock Forged in Matt Black.... I can never afford it, just specced for fun.
Super Fast Car News
Super Fast Car News Måned siden
Hey Shmee, do we see the first Twin Turbo STO coming from your garage?????👀
Todd Beeman
Todd Beeman Måned siden
I really love the Diablo purple, but I'm not a fan of yellow.. at all. So I guess I would choose the 2nd option.
Osamabinafzaal Måned siden
VIOLA SE30 with yellow💯💯💯. Go for it with more adpersonam spec😍
peter-paul kutschlojenga
peter-paul kutschlojenga Måned siden
Me: judging Shmee on his colour choice Also me: too broke to afford even the brake callipers.
Jaeden BSOMG
Jaeden BSOMG Måned siden
Exactly so don't judge on what you can't afford goofy😂😂🤧
Monopoly Billionaire
Monopoly Billionaire Måned siden
If you like shmee search complamenty colours give you some nice combo ideas
Monopoly Billionaire
Monopoly Billionaire Måned siden
Green and yellow are nice complement colours. White and red are nice
Mick Delaney
Mick Delaney Måned siden
Viola pasife all the way
ThreeRivers Måned siden
About time too!! Most Ferrari sound naff next to a lambo and looks like your trying too hard! Lambos are joyous....
citic101 Måned siden
doe boy diet time i think
julian's toy
julian's toy Måned siden
edcunhaph Måned siden
SE30th spec looks spot on!
Wajang Måned siden
purple with green accents looks very cool
CJ Legend89
CJ Legend89 Måned siden
Hi Shmee. Love the video. What things do you consider, when investing in a new shmeemobile? Driving experience, Costs to run and maintain etc? Seeing as its taken you over 5 years to add a Lamborghini to your garage. What do you love about this Lamborghini STO?
Skynx72 Måned siden
Purple (viola whatever) and lime green is the move.
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