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It's confirmed, a Lamborghini Huracan STO is joining the Shmeemobiles! I am finally buying my first Lambo, and what a car the STO is going to be. Join me in Dubai to take my first look at the newest raging bull in person!
Having launched a few months ago, Lamborghini have been sending the STO around the world to be shown to customers via their network and by complete luck I've managed to catch the car in the Middle-East after it has been displayed in Saudi Arabia, but before it flies back to Italy. A huge thanks goes to Lamborghini Middle East and the team at CARS who made it possible to share a quick look and listen to the car with you, having brought it over in one of their new enclosed trailers.
The Huracan STO is the most hardcore variant of the popular V10 supercar, which itself received a refresh 2 years ago with the launch of the Huracan EVO. Taking the 5.2l NA V10 from the Performante, the EVO brought in a host of new technologies along with a flurry of models including the EVO RWD that I recently drove and was thoroughly impressed by. Now though, the STO starts from that base and strips away some weight, massively dials up the aero and introduces a series of race technologies to truly make it at home on the track.
With a power output of 640hp and 585Nm, the STO deliveries it all to the rear wheels via a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. Crucially though this is a car for the track, with radical bodywork taken from the Super Trofeo racecar, along with huge aero thanks to a large adjustable rear wing and a shark fin over the engine bay cover, and the Cofango up front - a folding forwards single clam over the nose of the car.
Why this car for a Shmeemobile? Because it's as crazy as a Lamborghini should be, a car that is guaranteed to offer an awesome driving experience and be something very special, with a V10 soundtrack to die for. I cannot wait to bring you along for the journey with this Shmeemobile, and again a huge thanks to Lamborghini and CARS for the possibility to see this car myself!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:58 Reaction
02:21 Walkaround
05:45 Interior
07:22 Startup
09:12 Cofango
11:28 Engine Bay
13:12 Revs
15:07 Shmeemobile Plan
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Shmee150 Måned siden
It's time to add a Lamborghini to the Shmeemobiles, and what better than the Huracan STO! I've confirmed my order, placed the second deposit and am super excited for bring you along for the journey with it. What do you think, good choice?!
Fernando Rodríguez
Fernando Rodríguez Måned siden
I love it❤️😍
Cali Cartel
Cali Cartel Måned siden
Amazing choice, I’ve also confirmed my order 😍
Big Boost
Big Boost Måned siden
Wow what can I say!? Absolutely fantastic and you are one lucky guy, so pleased for you and hope I get to see this beast in person with you one day. 🙏🏻
Emperor Abyss
Emperor Abyss Måned siden
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh Måned siden
Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video and Congratulations on locking in an Allocation for Huracan Super Trofeo Omologato and I can't wait to see what Spec you'll go with
MrSchnizzle211 5 dager siden
One of the ugliest color combinations on a Lamborghini ive ever seen
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams 12 dager siden
Good for you but that is an ugly color
Oscar Ashton
Oscar Ashton 16 dager siden
Please don’t wrap it some ridiculous colour like you normally do. 🙄
Fazly Denzely
Fazly Denzely 26 dager siden
jt780 26 dager siden
Your life, my dream
KevyD77 Måned siden
Is it just me or do those seats look like Halfords seat covers? :-o
Arthur N
Arthur N Måned siden
Your camera needs more colour depth and contrast. Its dull
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Måned siden
Wishing you the best
DoubleDeckerAnton Måned siden
I ❤ that colour-combo.
abagnalejr123 Måned siden
"The Knacker duct"? It's pronounced N.A.C.A. Shmee. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, which was the predecessor of NASA. The duct was developed to provide airflow to a different region without damaging the boundary layer and increasing profile drag, as a scoop would previously have done.
Spikey Scenes
Spikey Scenes Måned siden
Wow! Lambo. I come and watch.
Irfan Jamaluddin
Irfan Jamaluddin Måned siden
And now I know two persons ordered this car, Shmee and Damon from DDE. This going to be epic
P ZERO Måned siden
Subscribers here basically paying for his cars haha
Meme Packages
Meme Packages Måned siden
Yeah I'm Bri'ish Ow'd You Know
ISMET PLEH Måned siden
Hi shmee's, I'm guy
Andy Woohoo
Andy Woohoo Måned siden
The only thing I don't like is that fin in the back, it makes it ugly imo.
R Foss
R Foss Måned siden
You're such a weasel
MarMPB Måned siden
Awesome! Revs like a liter sport bike! The storage space is enough for the very thick wallets of the future owners!
Chris Wiggins
Chris Wiggins Måned siden
Satin cream paintwork. Burgundy colour where the orange is and gloss carbon for the win
Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie Måned siden
You can tell when he's ordered a new car.. his voice goes up into dog whistle octaves
TheReaper Måned siden
Road legal super trofeo
Einhejar Måned siden
wait those doors aren't real carbon fiber?
Sid Little
Sid Little Måned siden
Should have bought 09 plate for that?
Marc van der Bent
Marc van der Bent Måned siden
I think the road to will be a joy to watch again with this new brand to the Shmeemobiles. The new less firm chairs did help on your decision? Curious about the spec. you are about to drop.,,
Sonny Moore
Sonny Moore Måned siden
Question? Does the front lock with the rest of the car or can you still open it when it’s locked??
Sonny Moore
Sonny Moore Måned siden
Chadgunyt Måned siden
This car is an performante but WAAAAYYYY better
Savage KingX
Savage KingX Måned siden
Love the car, hate the color 🤢🤧
timmo3351 Måned siden
Shmees chiropractor rubbing his hands at the prospect of Shmee and those seats 😂
Bryan Gallacher
Bryan Gallacher Måned siden
it looks like a catfish
Nae Catalin
Nae Catalin Måned siden
Blue never match with orange .... no no
Mpamphs Tripokaridos
Mpamphs Tripokaridos Måned siden
When u working for 22 years and cant buy a house for your children's that cost half this price :(.... But i am happy for him really.
seasidegalaxystreet Måned siden
Shmee I want you to drive your cars like how the stradman does. Just go for it....
Lambullshitini Måned siden
Juan Pablo fotografía
Juan Pablo fotografía Måned siden
Congratulations, Shmee!! It seems extremely exciting to drive on circuit.
会社員フェラーリオーナー Mutaro Aoyama's Ferrari TV
会社員フェラーリオーナー Mutaro Aoyama's Ferrari TV Måned siden
This color combination is good.
RocketLaunch99 Måned siden
Shmee has seen everything still he gets excited always for new ones. That's nice.
Amr Elsherbeny
Amr Elsherbeny Måned siden
Congratulations Tim 👏
mufi4444 Måned siden
I thought that screen will never boot up
Lime Icing
Lime Icing Måned siden
Lamborghini does a phenomenal job of constantly reminding you how charming the Italian language is.
Zukanlachi Fow
Zukanlachi Fow Måned siden
Price in thailand🇹🇭 $1,000,000 😮😮cool
Boyet Tek-ing
Boyet Tek-ing Måned siden
During rainy season the water well penetrate inside the engine area i see there is an open at top not totally covered.
Prakash M
Prakash M Måned siden
Who else would love a drag race on Carwow with the Huracan STO ?!!!
Moe Sab
Moe Sab Måned siden
Hey shmee is it true that if i get a Lamborghini, i can never own a special edition Ferrari?
Reza Atabaki
Reza Atabaki Måned siden
it look s like an awesome toy... greatest compliment you can give a car in my book
JordieMotive Måned siden
Congratulations on the buy!
S Favela
S Favela Måned siden
Yeeeeeesssssss Cofango Sexy🐂 Congrats Shmee
Umar Ashraf
Umar Ashraf Måned siden
It would be cool if you made this car and inverted spec of your amg black series
James Pugh
James Pugh Måned siden
Congratulations tim. Will be waiting on the spec video and following ride with it. So will paul from super-cars-of-londan join u on ride with spec of the Lamborghini he is mr. Lamborghini
Per Ardua ad Astra
Per Ardua ad Astra Måned siden
Adopt Jay Leno’s presentation style. ✨
HARRY HAY Måned siden
Hi Shmee, congratulations on purchasing your very first Lambo ! Can’t wait to see what spec you go for. Just an idea, how about treating one your subscribers to a passenger driving experience with you in the Lambo when you get it ! Just saying ! 😆
Mr. Mac
Mr. Mac Måned siden
Is the roof scope not connected to the air intakes like its just open to the engine bay? how is that possible! i dint get it though, i meam usually there are air tubes that connects air filter to the scope but i dint see that here. doubts in my mind!
ahc2599 Måned siden
If I were given $500k and could buy any car in the world, I would go it’s this demon!! Amazing choice shmee 🔥✊🏽
Hissy Fit
Hissy Fit Måned siden
have you thought about painting it in verde Draco? would be a very special spec!
Andrew Brazier
Andrew Brazier Måned siden
It's pointless and don't work in the real world so it's expensive crap sorry I wouldn't
MontageNation Måned siden
I love watching your garage tours. I recommend you reach out to the Triple F Collection (youtube channel) to ask them to do a tour of their phenomenal collection. Would definitely enjoy that video!
Leon_icey 24
Leon_icey 24 Måned siden
You are one of my favrotes youtubers but your teeth’s are a little bit yellow 😬 I'd better tell you than keep quiet
Elvis KELYINA Måned siden
Shmee super fan from Nairobi, buy me a Ford f150
Emarld_Bois Teow
Emarld_Bois Teow Måned siden
I was still hoping for the performante...... But who cares its still on the huracan platform
Juan Guzman
Juan Guzman Måned siden
Lahtonen Lauri
Lahtonen Lauri Måned siden
I wonder If this beats gt black series on Nürburgring.
Scott Lawton
Scott Lawton Måned siden
How? How can anyone afford these cars without going into massive debt?
Roland Szabo
Roland Szabo Måned siden
Lambo can make their cars look good. Yet it cant make a key that doesnt look like audi...
Jeremy Robbins
Jeremy Robbins Måned siden
Only one choice in this world matters: 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late. Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, And whose hope is the LORD. For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, Which spreads out its roots by the river, And will not fear when heat comes; But its leaf will be green, And will not be anxious in the year of drought, Nor will cease from yielding fruit. 8)
Moizuddin Ahmed
Moizuddin Ahmed Måned siden
Finally a dual clutch in a Lambo! 😌
Princess Angel Guevarra
Princess Angel Guevarra Måned siden
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson Måned siden
Someone has to teach you about colour co ordination , orange and blue don't go together, keep things plain , ONE colour, here in Australia we have a saying , less is more, and it works.
Chhengly Kheng
Chhengly Kheng Måned siden
Congratulations sir
Jonas Måned siden
If your car isn't yellow and black I'm not watching you anymore😂
NAKIB SAYYED Måned siden
Can't wait to see specs of the first Lamborghini shmeemobile.
david featherstone
david featherstone Måned siden
At last Tim its going to be epic 👊🔥🔥🔥
Michael Joy
Michael Joy Måned siden
Think of the orange lip as a mustache, you can't unsee it haha
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Måned siden
Tom Banks
Tom Banks Måned siden
I hope you can write off the mad depreciation
Tim Mason
Tim Mason Måned siden
Ok so this is getting ridiculous, UK / Europe is going to keep suffering for years . And TB just keeps splashing cash , like water. When is someone going to bring up, the spending doesn’t add up.
Gopher Vlogs
Gopher Vlogs Måned siden
Its produced Hurican not Hurican
Doctors n Politicians are Frauds
Doctors n Politicians are Frauds Måned siden
People are dying
Bob Smythe
Bob Smythe Måned siden
Hey Shmee-meister, you seem like a fairly tricky guy - would like to hear your opinion on bitcoin if you are involved at all.
tyronebricksYT Måned siden
Congrats to shmeee150 on getting his first lamborghini V10 i though shmee was joking around but he pull the trigger on me congratulations man can’t wait !!!!!
stein Fossgård
stein Fossgård Måned siden
Jeez! How much debt are you in now?
Safdhar Shameema
Safdhar Shameema Måned siden
Why every one forgot the sesto elemento It also have a v10
Kapil Chaudhari
Kapil Chaudhari Måned siden
When was the last time shmee bought a car?
Direct linkrexx
Direct linkrexx Måned siden
I don't like seeing a huracan with too much curves It should be the only lamborghini that should look like a normal lamborghini
Tim Till
Tim Till Måned siden
You became self obsessed with yourself Tim. My, my, myself that’s all we see in your videos. Buying random cars for views is what this chanel has come down to. What a shame
Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior
Aluisio Fernandes da Silva Junior Måned siden
Is the roof scoop functional? There is not any air duct there...
URG TECH HD Måned siden
Lamborghini huracan love
Jap (Dham) Jiracharnchaisiri
Jap (Dham) Jiracharnchaisiri Måned siden
Can you make a garage update of 2021, thank you.
Christopher Pettway
Christopher Pettway Måned siden
Beautiful car unique 👌
Derek Scott
Derek Scott Måned siden
Always been curious why scissor doors are not part of the design 🤔
RehsNahk Måned siden
Sheme looks like Toni kroos
Doug Montgomery
Doug Montgomery Måned siden
Last year before an OPF? Glad to hear it doesn't have it. The Porsches in the states have OPF now. Not good
PyroMotteFullHD Måned siden
To wild..... i think!
Jeff Garro
Jeff Garro Måned siden
Super excited to see this along the other Shmeemobiles! It will be awesome to see what adventures you go on with it and what tracks you take it to (besides the obligatory trip to the Nurburgring Nordschleife!).
Grandmarshal Måned siden
I dont care what lambo calls that color. Thats baby blue
The BeastBoy
The BeastBoy Måned siden
This beauty 0-62 mph in 3 seconds? Way too slow, they should’ve made it AWD.
Ziplepingouin Måned siden
Yes, we know, you're Shmeeeeee
Denis Ljutic
Denis Ljutic Måned siden
Tim, Congratulations. Cant wait to see your spec, because it will be amazing as always
DMS Måned siden
World: climate crisis shmee: i don't give a f***
MYST Astro
MYST Astro Måned siden
Next video how quick this broken
Thorn Matthew
Thorn Matthew Måned siden
How many of these cars do you actually own? or does your dad own?
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