The HENNESSEY VELOCIRAPTOR 6x6 is an Absolute MONSTER! Crazy Ford F150 Raptor

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This is an absolute monster! The Hennessey Velociraptor 6x6 takes the Ford F150 Raptor and turns it all the way up to the max. It's the biggest and meanest car in the Ikonick Collection, join me for a drive to see what it's about!
The Hennessey Velociraptor 6x6 is the ultimate Ford F150 Raptor in the most American way possible; bigger, longer, taller, more power, more noise and plenty more of everything! As a rival to the AMG G63 6x6, Hennessey have significantly extended the Raptor platform and added a third axle and a gigantic flatbed at the rear, while also sitting significantly taller than before.
The engine is the 3.5l Ecoboost V6, similar to that found in the Ford GT, but from the standard 450hp in the Raptor it goes up to 600hp; enough to move the 7,000lbs (3,200kg) machine from 0-60mph in under 5 seconds still! When driving there's no doubt it's a big and heavy thing but there's not much to make more of a statement than something this monstrous!
A huge thanks to Barry and the team at Ikonick for my drive in the Hennessey Velociraptor 6x6, be sure to follow them for more!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:45 Walkaround
03:34 First Drive
06:45 Versus F150
09:02 Drivebys
09:55 Sound Check
10:16 Interior
11:28 Engine
12:35 Flatbed
13:23 Conclusion
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Michael Allardyce
Michael Allardyce 2 dager siden
As awesome as it is, it's weird to think that it's powered by a gas turbo V6.
khokan mitra
khokan mitra 4 dager siden
Can we install hydraulic e brakes? And can we drift with this? And is this car electric?
ProfessorKing 7 dager siden
V6????????????????????? :(((((
the big one number 1
the big one number 1 13 dager siden
Do they do a version with the staring wheel on the right for all us brits?
Juk Jkkk
Juk Jkkk 15 dager siden
He need a v8 ! He sound like a shitty jdm
Michal Kasak
Michal Kasak 20 dager siden
Dose anyone know if is this allow in europe? 🤔
Jake Archer
Jake Archer 25 dager siden
Why not change the diff switch to 6 for the lols 😩
zimmesco 26 dager siden
This guy doesnt deserve a youtube career
zimmesco 26 dager siden
NeW headlights and taillights? Wtf does shmee even know about ford?
Jordan Cech
Jordan Cech 27 dager siden
Looks like a goT damn transformer!
Hisui Ryu
Hisui Ryu 27 dager siden
Insane dope!
Gustavo Rey
Gustavo Rey 27 dager siden
Puedes hablar español
Iain F
Iain F 28 dager siden
#Shquad..... Fantastic pick-up
Siv Vinod
Siv Vinod Måned siden
This thing's mileage isn't measured in kmpl or mpg, it consumes the equivalent of 1 middle East country per city block
Land of Randomness
Land of Randomness Måned siden
Imagine Ghost Rider getting his hands on this...
Arvin Kamberi
Arvin Kamberi Måned siden
I know I'm late,but happy 11th anniversary Shmee! It's such a pleasure to see the same passion on your videos throughout all the years. Great job! 😄🙌🏻
I am The one
I am The one Måned siden
I mean... the TRX is more powerful but won’t get pass your Driveway 😭😭
Gru Måned siden
Smol poenis vehicle
Phil Smith
Phil Smith Måned siden
Drive it through Knightsbridge 👍
Sean Connolly
Sean Connolly Måned siden
Thats insane
Joshua John
Joshua John Måned siden
Never gonna go off-road though.
dom cusano
dom cusano Måned siden
At 9:23 it sounded so much like an M4
mulpas matthieu
mulpas matthieu Måned siden
i don't like the sound of this velociraptor 6*6 personaly i think a full tube on this sound realy better. this sound like a bike whis a plastic bottle on the wheels to make a cross bike sound.
Steve F
Steve F Måned siden
I'd love to see your views on the New GMC TRX!
Austin Magruder
Austin Magruder Måned siden
Just imagine driving it around the Nuremberg!
DoubleDeckerAnton Måned siden
It is a monster, but I've seen a 6 by 6 online where it gets stuck on a junction/hill.
Hasan Amir
Hasan Amir Måned siden
Cockenes mouths look like they been hit by a steel loaded semi
Andrew Cunnison
Andrew Cunnison Måned siden
I want one! @Shmee150 get one. Can't wait to see what Hennessy gonna do with the new 2022 Raptor. Did anyone else spot 2 regular F150 Raptors in the video?
Mick Delaney
Mick Delaney Måned siden
Sounds like a Fiat Punto with its exhaust hanging off
Aaron's cars and lego
Aaron's cars and lego Måned siden
how old are you? and who is the cameraman?
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph Måned siden
If it is not self charging electric vehicle it is BS! Another gas guzzling polution producing machine is the last thing we need... Please do not drive this thing in my neighborhood.
jason storey
jason storey Måned siden
go to sleep
Marky Måned siden
I keep chasing my breath listening to tim speaking hehe
Adam Throop
Adam Throop Måned siden
Shmee doesn’t know anything about trucks 😂
_Captian Storm18_
_Captian Storm18_ Måned siden
Buy it!!!
jay bomb
jay bomb Måned siden
Yeah but it's still a ford.
Derron Gee
Derron Gee Måned siden
Very cool truck, would be better with a supercharged V8 IMO. Also, first rule of driving trucks is they are trucks NOT cars hahaha great review!
Mark Zanghetti
Mark Zanghetti Måned siden
In the USA that would be referred to as a truck not a car, it’s still bonkers but it makes for a great video. Congratulations on the 11th anniversary of Shmee150! Was it really a whole year ago we celebrated the 10th anniversary? It doesn’t seem like it, Cheers!
BunnyLady 2006
BunnyLady 2006 Måned siden
This definitely needs a big V8. V6's can sound beautiful but th is just doesn't make any sense. Big American cars needs big American V8's.
Mj Oliver
Mj Oliver Måned siden
Hey shmee 150 can you do the Hennessy 2021 ram mammoth 6x6 truck please and thank you bro
Mar Lan
Mar Lan Måned siden
Mohammed Taqiuddin Anas Siddiqui
Mohammed Taqiuddin Anas Siddiqui Måned siden
Sounds like an Airplane!🤔😅
CactusLife Måned siden
the audio is painfull to listen to - please learn how to hold a camera and talk to the mic without changing the direction you are speaking from every 2 seconds
SC OTS Måned siden
Shmee is literally living life. driving almosts every supercar, Hypercar, Big trucks, weird cars etc.
paul stuart
paul stuart Måned siden
Love the Hennessy raptor. Absolutely don't like this one. I can imagine it being clumsy.
jack pokrywka
jack pokrywka Måned siden
Imagine being a guy who just bought his brand new F-150 then shmee comes up behind you in his 6x6 explaining your trucks insignificance compared to his
Mike Mac
Mike Mac Måned siden
Shmee pulls up besides you, Rolls down window and leans over... "Nice Truck, I think my little Sister has one like that." Puts Shades down, Takes off.
Moms Kitchen
Moms Kitchen Måned siden
King of the Road! 6/6
Big Boost
Big Boost Måned siden
Sounds like an old Ford Cortina with a hole in the centre box! Interesting but not a fan of it.
Emarld_Bois Teow
Emarld_Bois Teow Måned siden
That looks *SiCk*
Self Made Documentary
Self Made Documentary Måned siden
That's Insane, The Staradman needs to get a Hennessy in his Jeep Gladiator 6x6 it would sound sick.
IsLu DeReA
IsLu DeReA Måned siden
Next Hennessey: Hennessey T-Rex 8x8 2000 HP...10 tons. Utility=none
Robert smee
Robert smee Måned siden
Should have used a F 450 platform.
Mike Måned siden
unwatchable with headphones on
rj b
rj b Måned siden
5:11 when your old car is starting
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Måned siden
Shmee u almost turned into that school bus when u turned that corner🤔. Lol.......😜😋
SDFcommander Måned siden
That thing is WICKED! WOW!
Ray Trophies
Ray Trophies Måned siden
What’s the point of this truck
hulaGUNZ Måned siden
Imagine driving that through London.....bahahahahaha!
QuickScopingPerk Måned siden
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov Måned siden
tyaytdov tyaytdov
tyaytdov tyaytdov Måned siden
PyroMotteFullHD Måned siden
What is this? GODZILLA!?
BIG YASAR Måned siden
A car that isn't a McLaren 😪 lol
whiteandnerdytuba Måned siden
Half million dollar rice burner.
Mj Oliver
Mj Oliver Måned siden
Hey shmee 150 can you do the Hennessy performance ram mamath 6x6 please
Andrew Franco
Andrew Franco Måned siden
And the button you pushed at 13:02 is actually the release for the retractable tailgate step. Another one of the F150’s cool features.
Bob Gees
Bob Gees Måned siden
Sounds like an F80 M3
Spencer Thompson
Spencer Thompson Måned siden
Shmee talking trucks is hilarious! Love it.
Andy Mudhoney
Andy Mudhoney Måned siden
Buy it. Next video: howdy folks imma Schmee
Brian Lippa
Brian Lippa Måned siden
Love everything about it, awesome.
ken S
ken S Måned siden
I wonder will Hennessy do this with the TRX
bo duke
bo duke Måned siden
I absolutely love hearing Brits talk about pickups. The fact that they are so foreign and strange to them but any driveway in America is incomplete without at least one of them. Crazy how a few miles of water make such drastic differences in things as mundane as day to day transportation. As obscene as this seems to him it's equally as crazy to me to think of an adult male not doing stuff that makes owning a pickup a requirement.
JΛMΛ Måned siden
We do have pickups in the UK but they're all shitty
Bill Hilderbrand
Bill Hilderbrand Måned siden
Now just rip that little ecoboost engine out of there and put that new 7.3 with a big supercharger sticking out the hood such a ridiculous vehicle needs an equally ridiculous engine
Ryan Lamar
Ryan Lamar Måned siden
It's a Monster, I would love to have on one day😄😄
NRNS Ayrton
NRNS Ayrton Måned siden
I love these kind of vehicles because they quite frankly are absolutely pointless but they're just a massive fuck you flex and it makes them funny and likeable 🤣
ilanamar10 Måned siden
You know your name in Hebrew Shmee mean "my name " 😀, I love your channel.
Eliot Mansfield
Eliot Mansfield Måned siden
How’s that new TVR doing...oh wait....
P Frus
P Frus Måned siden
outfit shemee like a old man but is yung man lol
KCJbomberFTW Måned siden
Velociraptors used to have 1000 horsepower why are they so slow now???? Only 600? Even the Shelby raptor has more... Tbh they should put the venom F5 engine in it
Mark Måned siden
this will never see german roads
DatDude7802 Måned siden
Shmee, you know there is a step inside of the tailgate you could have pulled out to help you step up into the bed of the truck. That's what that button is for on top of the tailgate. You push the button and pull out the step. There's also a retractable grab handle inside the tailgate too.
Shogun Ninja
Shogun Ninja Måned siden
Shmee: ''Is it not...just a little bit bonkers?'' LOL
Nuno Sousa
Nuno Sousa Måned siden
Roy Gosse
Roy Gosse Måned siden
Stop calling it a car. It is a truck and all truck
jeremy hart
jeremy hart Måned siden
It sounds like a rally car sort of
Obviousz Måned siden
A V6 in 2 Square miles of car?
Buzzin Måned siden
Thats a perfect car for fake taxi lot of space at the back
Lukas Barnes
Lukas Barnes Måned siden
How has this not got a v8😭 AMG 6x6 beats it just for that. Needs that 5.0 mustang lump. The GT v6 should be put in the focus RS!
Keith B.
Keith B. Måned siden
Hello, it's not a "CAR", you guessed it, it's a TRUCK old boy 😉
Shawn Hunter
Shawn Hunter Måned siden
it sounds underpowered like hell
ike o
ike o Måned siden
is this the I-am-rich-and-stupid-truck? or the i-am-rich-with-a-small-dong-truck?
Indiana550Spyder Måned siden
You'll never make that engine sound beefy or good, it'll always sound like a modified GTR or Ford GT cool in anything but a truck, sound doesn't match it's look. Why not a supercharged 5.0 0r 5.2? Or better yet! Fords Godzilla V8 crate engine?!?
Christopher Pettway
Christopher Pettway Måned siden
Yes status!!!!!!
Connor SHIFT
Connor SHIFT Måned siden
did he say a Bohemoth?
Manish Debbarma
Manish Debbarma Måned siden
First time I saw Shmee's cameraperson.
Rodri schemu
Rodri schemu Måned siden
your microphone is broken, pls change it thanks
HYPER_F1_BOY YT Måned siden
It looks like what police would use
Roost Fezza
Roost Fezza Måned siden
Thanks for showing us this! Yep, I could have one!
Brad patterson
Brad patterson Måned siden
Overkill much... ford fleching hard.. what a joke. The toyota kluger is exactly the same inside without the "i have a small ding dong" exterior
T Diesel
T Diesel Måned siden
Drive a 1000hp 5.9 Cummins bro..Bugatti’s will feel different
Tony K
Tony K Måned siden
Rather have a t-Rex
Charlie Woollard
Charlie Woollard Måned siden
Do you still own your bmw m8
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