Visiting Tavarish and His New Mercedes S65 AMG! Full Garage Update

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26 dager siden

Big news and updates from Freddy Tavarish on his garage and projects! From the arrival of his new daily driver, a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, to the crime against humanity in the form of a fake Bugatti, to the progress that he's made with the huge 675LT repair project!
Having last visited Tavarish and the Wrench Every Day HQ workshop about a year ago, a few things have changed with some cars that have departed, some projects that have progressed, and a number of new arrivals. What better then for a full update than a walkaround with Freddy to go over it all and take a good look at both his new daily driver, and the huge project that he's undertaking to bring the McLaren 675LT back to life from the accident and wrecked state we saw it in last year.
Be sure to give Tavarish a follow for all his new projects and updates:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:35 Overview
01:40 S65 AMG
04:24 Mitsubishi 3000GT
05:53 911 Turbo
07:18 Lotus Esprit
08:18 Vanquish
10:19 Storage Racks
13:40 Crime Against Humanity
15:55 McLaren Parts
17:29 McLaren 675LT
20:59 Honda Beat
22:35 F355 Spider
24:04 Mitsubishi Eclipse
25:42 Other Cars
26:38 308 GTB
27:44 Mancave
30:12 Farewell
#Tavarish #GarageTour #S65AMG

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Shmee150 25 dager siden
It seems that a lot has changed in Freddy's garage since my visit last year! From a new daily driver arriving, to a number of others and big works on the 675LT, let's take a look around at all the updates. Which do you think is his craziest project or acquisition?
Wendy Black
Wendy Black 24 dager siden
Aston Martin/Mercedes owner's Vs Koenigsegg/Pagani owner's
Willy Lamb
Willy Lamb 24 dager siden
Tell me that tarp underneath the Million-Mile Lexus isn’t a C8 Corvette, right? Look at the back-half’s wide shape, that big-ass trunk area meant for two sets of golf clubs. 😂
Ryan Fried
Ryan Fried 24 dager siden
Are you going to visit Hoovie's Garage
Jon G
Jon G 25 dager siden
why'd you block me on ig
Brandon Frazier
Brandon Frazier 25 dager siden
He’s got unique style and a great sense of humor! I’m secretly in love and envious of his 99’ 3000GT. Had a Dodge Stealth that was a Dodge rebranded version of the Mitsubishi. LOVED that car!
80justaroni Dag siden
Lost it when you guys talked about the Frankengatti. Good stuff fellas
Dikko Shehu
Dikko Shehu 4 dager siden
😂😂😂 crime against humanity I’m in tears
Will B
Will B 4 dager siden
Freddy seems like a top bloke
dlbuffmovie 5 dager siden
"Hasn't been on fire".....WAIT...where did American Tavarish go?!?!?
Dino 7 dager siden
15:00 OR you can build those damn Honda engines up to a 1000HP and put it on that thing.
Dino 7 dager siden
11:10 he was gonna give away that car but the excuse was he wasn't feeling good on giving a 700HP car to viewer 😂😂😂😂😂 Next time if you want to give away a car, keep it until the last second
Aaron Levin
Aaron Levin 7 dager siden
Guns n stuff
Guns n stuff 9 dager siden
damn i remember when he first got that lambo lol
Murda2Wayz 10 dager siden
Breast looking supple as ever 😂😂💀
texal 11 dager siden
You do not have the moustache to drive a 308
Josh Ragan Golf
Josh Ragan Golf 12 dager siden
all I heard is that Tavarish is never doing the supra giveaway I was promised. lol
Vyn Solina
Vyn Solina 12 dager siden
21:23 we also have a Kie car as well but we have 74hp 660cc engine but it's a van.
Maxggff 13 dager siden
S class amg cars i think are pointless... u don t want do drive it u want to be drove in one so u don t get the chance to try de AMG part. And if the person driving u is driving fast u feel like a ping pong ball in the back.. Just saying..
sirenthesaint 13 dager siden
If it wasn’t for Shmee we would never get a Tavarish garage update. He’s 2 for 2
Conrado Pimenta
Conrado Pimenta 13 dager siden
Tavarish is a TRUE car guy. HUGE respect for him.
From Canada
From Canada 14 dager siden
That esprit is all I would need
Darren Alexander
Darren Alexander 14 dager siden
Shmeee you kinda looked like Billed Gates in the Thumbnail🥴🤣
Michael Welschmidt
Michael Welschmidt 14 dager siden
@Tavarish how many people work on these projects? Each one requires more man hours that exist in one man’s lifetime.
Tim Jacks
Tim Jacks 14 dager siden
Nice seeing a video with Freddie without copious amounts of time-lapse or him being fake humble.
Nelson 14 dager siden
It will look wonderful with all the gaudy black trim.
Donovan Rhoads
Donovan Rhoads 15 dager siden
What was your first car?
Tony Spadafino
Tony Spadafino 15 dager siden
What i love about tavie. Is not the cars .(whick are cool) Not even to cool idea's of the mods but his down to earth and such a liable attitude. He comes off so down to earth . Would live to just hang out . Shoot the shit and reach every day with the man .
d b
d b 15 dager siden
Shmee you are such a bright ball of human :)
Anthony K
Anthony K 15 dager siden
Where did his other lambo go?
A P 15 dager siden
Tavarish: I'm going to give away this Supra 2 years later Screw you guys, forget I said anything. I won't talk about it for a while and hope they forget I even said that.
Charles-David Bérubé
Charles-David Bérubé 16 dager siden
Shmee150 has 1 car worth more than all tavarish’s cars put together 😂
yung savage
yung savage 17 dager siden
Where is shmee accent from England?
R.motorsports 17 dager siden
The only reason I watched this video was for that poor 996tt that one day will be sold to me at 7:19 they finished talking about it I’m out.
Benjamin Kamben
Benjamin Kamben 17 dager siden
@Tavarish please do not destroy the the fake Bugatti "Crime Against Humanity." I will take it!!
qhamarii0 17 dager siden
I look the Benz being black
CodeineBuyer 17 dager siden
If it means anything I would love to get a chance to buy the ls400 when your done with it i already have one but I really want to start collecting them and that being such a large piece of Ls400 history I would love to be able to have it 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️❤️❤️
Joshua Kabba
Joshua Kabba 18 dager siden
Hope Everything is Good Shmee150 i like Everything on your channel but i have just one problem you over talk on the channel and there is no practicality (please understand me am not criticising you) but it is quite something i have over seen on the channel. please try to change by adding more practicality like the stradman, DDE etc i love the channel and all the cars. But please try to change Thank you
Zachary Mitchell
Zachary Mitchell 18 dager siden
Yea go on. Now.
ANNOYANCE TV 18 dager siden
It looks good as is tbh
R1pper_uk 19 dager siden
I'm not even into cars but I love your content!
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson 20 dager siden
The black Benz looks great on camera love it
François Laberge
François Laberge 20 dager siden
ive listen half, that vents noice in the background killed me. sorry
Moey 20 dager siden
Get a focking haircut dude wtf
Patrick k_zero
Patrick k_zero 20 dager siden
Tavarish is so funny 🤣
Miller258 20 dager siden
6l Bi-Turbo v12 used as daily driver ?
David Baker
David Baker 20 dager siden
whats up with your eye?
Pawrody 20 dager siden
The moment he slammed the door of the amg😣
Shiv Sai
Shiv Sai 21 dag siden
hoovie next
MrMae77 21 dag siden
Freddie and Tim, the nicest people in the car community. 🙂
Vr Video
Vr Video 21 dag siden
I believe that was meek mills old s65
Zak 21 dag siden
this was realllly fun to watch, you should make this a quarterly trip
Y2CELICA 21 dag siden
So since you just teased car treck 4 can we get a maybe release date ?
A 1
A 1 21 dag siden
Till him to keep that S65 this will be a legendary model not only with its amazing looks but especially the S65 because this is the last model with this AMG V12 engine
Peter Gilbert
Peter Gilbert 21 dag siden
What a great guy Freddy is .. Not fully of himself like some other NOpostrs I see
Jame Khairi
Jame Khairi 21 dag siden
Nice cars 🔥
floflorian 21 dag siden
If you're in Florida/the states, visit the Goonzquad guys too. They have a lot of cars you could go over.
C Trox
C Trox 22 dager siden
A fantastic visit with two of my favorite NOpostrs! Need more!
Hamza Jafar
Hamza Jafar 22 dager siden
Now shmee makes more tavarish videos than tavarish
IBRAHIM HAWILA 22 dager siden
Tavarish is fun but he own no cars those are garbage why he don't sell them and buy a good one at least not the cheapest on the internet
Pete Finch
Pete Finch 22 dager siden
Still amazed at how good that Vanquish looks 18 years later.
New tech Morocco
New tech Morocco 22 dager siden
Huge amount of junk thank you for introducing
jesse taylor
jesse taylor 22 dager siden
I miss Tavarishs shenanigans, I hope we see some stuff on his channel soon.
Chief Mike
Chief Mike 22 dager siden
Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson 22 dager siden
This guy puts out more updates than Freddy.
PhotoDaveJax 22 dager siden
Great to see cross-promotions and friendships in the car community! Continued success.
Shmee150 22 dager siden
pedrohead_uk 22 dager siden
What a lovely bloke! And such an awesome eclectic collection 🤩
Philip Greensmith
Philip Greensmith 22 dager siden
You need to get back on it Freddy
textmachine09 22 dager siden
Tavarish needs to complete the ABC Kei Cars. Mazda/Autozam AZ-1, Honda Beat, Suzuki Cappuccino
Luis Cunha
Luis Cunha 22 dager siden
Love ur Honda beat pp1. Addicted to mine.
steven hanna
steven hanna 22 dager siden
He can’t finish anything lol
Ry Ry
Ry Ry 23 dager siden
Leon Barnes
Leon Barnes 23 dager siden
It doesn't look like rich over weight it look like sickness over weight
Leon Barnes
Leon Barnes 23 dager siden
Think u might need to do a blood test check if u kidney is functioning properly ur putting on weight really fast it's concerning
yungkidnf 23 dager siden
A "tuned" 2007 S600 you say? I WONDER who he got *THAT* from?????
Justin Register
Justin Register 23 dager siden
15:00 take it to the Freedom Factory to run it, and afterwards crush it with Cleetus’ mud truck.
Tes Barnett
Tes Barnett 23 dager siden
Rush that fake veron.. burn it first😱😱😭😭😤😤🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Pimped Mobility Project
Pimped Mobility Project 23 dager siden
Hopefully someone can find your his 1st car like someone did for shmee
Tes Barnett
Tes Barnett 23 dager siden
Garage shop looking 🤓🤓much better.. thanks🏆
Tes Barnett
Tes Barnett 23 dager siden
Tavarish and Shmee link up👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Pimped Mobility Project
Pimped Mobility Project 23 dager siden
”eventually you should finish a project” I'm yet to finish one lol
carter cox
carter cox 23 dager siden
Hi i'm Shmee and i got a fresh trim
Nicolas Mikah
Nicolas Mikah 23 dager siden
That white LS 400 is classically beautiful
Iain F
Iain F 23 dager siden
Ramon Bobo
Ramon Bobo 23 dager siden
What year is your s65 bro
Nafiz Ali
Nafiz Ali 23 dager siden
How many miles does the s65 have, I wanna know
daniel owen
daniel owen 23 dager siden
In New Zealand a chap put a 13b in a 599 and got a cease and desist
Bryce Hunter
Bryce Hunter 23 dager siden
Yay shammeeeeeeeeee
Afdal Asadullah
Afdal Asadullah 23 dager siden
Alex K.
Alex K. 23 dager siden
Tavarish doesn't like to BUY expensive things but instead spends a ton of money on FIXING cheap things.
GF04RCE 23 dager siden
Been missing you Freddie - hope you are feeling better!'
Guilherme Alves
Guilherme Alves 23 dager siden
Two of the best content creators. Keep it up!
POÑO 8888
POÑO 8888 23 dager siden
That's where Freedddy is , Now Hollywoodie
Steve Murrell
Steve Murrell 23 dager siden
Love Freddie! His projects are awesome. Nice vid Tim.....
Mj Gulapa
Mj Gulapa 23 dager siden
My mom's mitsubishi pajero has ovver 1 000 000 miles and she daily drive's it and my dad bought a corrola engine and my dad swaped it
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers 24 dager siden
Hilarious, the Car Trek guy talking to the FUTURE TOP GEAR guy, (Tim Burton.. rumored to be teaming up with Sam Fane and Mike Fernie!!)
KLASIKS 24 dager siden
You have to be very very very careful what you say about cars in front of shmee 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️this man knows almost everything about cars
Thiago Albino Santos
Thiago Albino Santos 24 dager siden
I was waiting for this, is always the best episode when you visit Freddy.
Anthony Hinson
Anthony Hinson 24 dager siden
They’re genuinely friends
pin9r 24 dager siden
1) colab with prior design, 2) 3d scan the roof 3) let belzec rebuild it 4) ... 5) profit
pin9r 24 dager siden
Seeing a black Shmee intro makes me wonder if he ever featured a black car before. The colour scheme looks so unfamiliar..
Baning in Cali
Baning in Cali 24 dager siden
i just love this kind of collab... nice to see you both in one content. :)
Haulin- rick
Haulin- rick 24 dager siden
I hope I get to see Freddie’s 675LT vs Brooks765LT!!!
Gena- F56 Cooper S
Gena- F56 Cooper S 24 dager siden
I want to see the faux Veyron fully uncovered
doublex3 24 dager siden
Love that s65. Surprised to see it amongst all the other projects.
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