FINISHING TOUCHES! My Shelby GT500 is Complete with Iconic Stripes

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19 dager siden

My Shelby GT500 is ready with the stripes and finishing touches complete! The Grabber Lime paintwork has been protected using the brand new SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film, and now it's time to add the iconic Shelby racing stripes using Altered Black PPF, plus a surprise twist.
Having brought my new Shmeemobile to First Class Autosports in Miami a few days ago, work has been swiftly progressing to install PPF ahead of the big Where's Shmee: US Edition tour. With all of my PPF'd cars at home having SunTek film installed, for the GT500 it's receiving the latest material and in fact one of the first cars in the world to get SunTek Reaction PPF. The new material mixes the traditional benefits of PPF from stone chips, swirl marks, self-healing and being easier to wash, with now also offering a top surface with ceramic coating like hydrophobic qualities.
SunTek Altered Black PPF is not a vinyl but a urethane material applied as per transparent PPF, that offers a paint-like finish and suits the job perfectly for either additional parts like the roof, mirrors or racing stripes, or even a full vehicle transformation. In this case, the result is akin to having ordered the $10,000 painted racing stripes!
Find SunTek authorised PPF Dealers using the locator here:
More info about SunTek Altered Black PPF:
You can also follow SunTek directly via their pages:
Instagram: suntekfilms
Facebook: SunTekWindowFilm
Also thanks to First Class Autosports for their work:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:06 Progress
02:20 Stripes Plan
03:34 PPF Installation
05:09 Measuring Stripes
06:15 Front Stripes
08:02 Rear Stripes
10:33 Additional Detail
12:25 Job Complete
14:30 Wrap-up
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Shmee150 18 dager siden
It's done! What do you think of my choice for the pinstripes to really accentuate the SunTek Altered Black PPF? I can't wait for the miles ahead with the GT500.
pu zo1500
pu zo1500 16 dager siden
I live in Miami Gardens. The Body Shop Name???pls
xevious2501 16 dager siden
@Nick Aldaco lol, only three things most important to know every day... 1. where's the nearest bathroom 2. food and drink 3. a place to sleep and pray. ya got those three things going for yourself and your good to go.
Nick Aldaco
Nick Aldaco 16 dager siden
@xevious2501 really? Ya learn something every day.👍🏼
xevious2501 16 dager siden
@Nick Aldaco actually they dont do that on Shelby's .
Nick Aldaco
Nick Aldaco 16 dager siden
Tim why didn’t you pinstripe the inside of the stripes as well??? It seems strange not to.
Fintan 10 dager siden
I think it looked better without the red pinstripe. Sometimes less is more when it comes to adding things to a car.
Okasha A. Qadir
Okasha A. Qadir 11 dager siden
I think this car is turned out better than any of your other cars customisations
t f
t f 11 dager siden
Using a laser line mounted to the workshop ceiling might work for strip alignments
Tom May
Tom May 12 dager siden
How bright are those lights in the garage
MrStuartlittle1 12 dager siden
Nice car amazing color and you have a amazing garage thanks for sharing the video!!! I would love only green without stripes🤤🤤🤤🤤, thanks
Sc00bie Skylin3
Sc00bie Skylin3 13 dager siden
Nailed it with the red stripes mate! Cant wait for you to get this in the UK
Dan Kat
Dan Kat 13 dager siden
Is it me or has the “Cheeeeerrsss” at the end of the video got worse over time
spadgm 13 dager siden
Looks absolutely insane!, great work!
Big Dee
Big Dee 14 dager siden
That red pinstripe...😍😍
Marco Fawcett
Marco Fawcett 14 dager siden
I love the car! The contrast in colour is amazing!
Lifestyle Genius
Lifestyle Genius 15 dager siden
Y ?
Dan Collins
Dan Collins 15 dager siden
How did they get around the issues putting stuff on top of hydrophobic PPF? Yianni had a massive issue when he wrapped his Urus which had hydrophobic PPF underneath the wrap.
LonelyRider 15 dager siden
Is it possible the PPF made the car even shinier?
George Migeod
George Migeod 15 dager siden
Tim you NOT an American so desist from using American incorrect language in your NOpost videos! You are English and should never forget it!
Lincoln 15 dager siden
Has shmee driven this car on video yet?
Robin D
Robin D 15 dager siden
the 1 color you needed in the skittles family :D
Jay_B explorations
Jay_B explorations 15 dager siden
Still doesn’t beat the classic mustangs with their beautiful burbling engines. 10k to get a couple of stripes together 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 think you’ll be ripped off
SYNACK21 15 dager siden
@Shmee150 The car looks great!! Love that green it's the best. Palos mentioned you were dropping by Colorado Springs soon. I was wondering if you were swinging by Albuquerque, NM as well? Since it's only a few hours from Colorado Springs. If so let me know we can meet up and go by a Saturday morning Cars & Coffee. I have a 2014 C63 507 Edition. Then we can get some New Mexican food which is well known and tasty.👍 Keep up the great videos!! Take care buddy!!
Aman Mirza
Aman Mirza 15 dager siden
Ricardo Morales
Ricardo Morales 16 dager siden
The front Shelby and GT500 lettering stamped on the front skirt paint in red! and its complete!
J. Myers, Making it work
J. Myers, Making it work 16 dager siden
Schmee is so popular on NOpost they have added an advertisement every 1:45, lol. Car looks awesome!
Bret C.J.
Bret C.J. 16 dager siden
The red pinstripes was the cherry on top my dude
GtKiDD 16 dager siden
That spec is very good! Great work by the team! The car looks the business!!!
Vyt Bbb
Vyt Bbb 16 dager siden
Sunburn during the winter... im almost jealous...
James Nicholson
James Nicholson 16 dager siden
What’s with the american terminology?
JADIDI A 16 dager siden
I own exactly the same car, in Forza
Tivon Sanders
Tivon Sanders 16 dager siden
The Hulk GT500 now has a twin.
Maine-mail_ 2019
Maine-mail_ 2019 16 dager siden
B-E-A-utiful! Looks amazing!
Rakan Hasan
Rakan Hasan 16 dager siden
This GT500 is so gorgeous
focus greg
focus greg 16 dager siden
Incredible 😎
dwight tsanchez
dwight tsanchez 16 dager siden
These guys must have wanted to choke you out tim 🤣
Hans Nordlander
Hans Nordlander 16 dager siden
Awesome car
Mohd Firdaus Halim
Mohd Firdaus Halim 16 dager siden
Agent Smith
Agent Smith 16 dager siden
Beautiful 👍👍 personally I think the exhausts would look better black...
craig orford
craig orford 17 dager siden
Sneezing why don’t you get it concerted to RHD, Clive Sutton do a conversion, for when you bring it back home
Lord Malice
Lord Malice 17 dager siden
Nice stripe choice! So tell me the Mustang don't have the best engine note!
Andy Clark
Andy Clark 17 dager siden
Those PPF guys would be really good and putting the stickers on Lego sets. I suck at it. As my kids will tell you.
Mike Myers
Mike Myers 17 dager siden
Need to bring it to COTA for a track day
steve thomas
steve thomas 17 dager siden
Will you be in Ohio on your tour? Would love to get to have my son meet you. He loves cars and watches your videos on NOpost kids all the time.
Austin Magruder
Austin Magruder 17 dager siden
Are there plans to stop Hennessy performance for a super snake tune?
John M
John M 17 dager siden
The colour is appalling. It looks like a huge bogie.
James West
James West 17 dager siden
AutoTestTV_GER 17 dager siden
What a beauty!
Jorge Jefferson
Jorge Jefferson 17 dager siden
I would've painted the calipers the body color
300zxdriver 17 dager siden
Looks great.
Peter Smit
Peter Smit 17 dager siden
5:35 pure muscle
PegCobra 17 dager siden
Car looks great!! Can you get the stripes in a satin black ?
Mbal 40
Mbal 40 17 dager siden
The stripes on the bonnet/hood are lost with the large black slatted part in the middle of it. Nice all the same 👊🏻
Kadeem Smith
Kadeem Smith 17 dager siden
John Balls
John Balls 17 dager siden
Have you picked a UK plate for when you are back in England.
Colin Turnbull
Colin Turnbull 17 dager siden
Shmee... Come on... Fenders? You mean front wings. 😂
CRT Gamer
CRT Gamer 17 dager siden
I saw on Yiannamize channel, the vinyl does not stick well to PPF and starts to pull away after a while.
Joshua Seidenberg
Joshua Seidenberg 17 dager siden
Looks fantastic. The red stripes were a great addition.
Jorge Rodrigues
Jorge Rodrigues 17 dager siden
ratbag98 17 dager siden
Respect to the guys doing a fantastic job whilst some weird-accented dude with a camera hovers around. (I'm British, the accent sounds fine to me, but I guess to a Floridian it's weird).
darwin120209 17 dager siden
Why not showing any of the cutting of the PPF on the car. Feels left out deliberately.
Cameron Lake
Cameron Lake 17 dager siden
Stripes are a nice touch but I still hate the color
Walter Phoenix
Walter Phoenix 17 dager siden
Awesome colour taste Tim, one of my favourites, they really work extremely well!
Jaro S
Jaro S 17 dager siden
epic look.really like it
Res Non Verba
Res Non Verba 17 dager siden
'Hydrophobic' implies it's scared of water. What a daft name!
onkedilz198 17 dager siden
Incredible Ford collection
Megumi T
Megumi T 17 dager siden
Your Shelby looks very nice with the stripes!
peah howard
peah howard 17 dager siden
1st video we couldn't see your eyes
Jhonson Sok
Jhonson Sok 17 dager siden
That looks absolutely mega. Shmee, have you spoken or got the rear suspension looked at? I remember you were saying how the rear suspension did not feel right. Did you get that fixed?
Fintan O Mora
Fintan O Mora 17 dager siden
carbon fibre wheels are the only thing id change.
Fintan O Mora
Fintan O Mora 17 dager siden
Methmal dhananjaya
Methmal dhananjaya 17 dager siden
I thought Shmee is VIP, Then I realized He's not, He's a VVIP
Affan Idrees
Affan Idrees 17 dager siden
Looks Stunning 😍 🤩 10/10 👌
Andrew C
Andrew C 17 dager siden
Nabil and the Topaz team will be losing there mind watching this, no back rolling and trimming the excess with a blade on the car.
john g
john g 17 dager siden
Not a big US cars fan but that car,in that colour is outstanding.
BobH809 17 dager siden
A very much better looking GT500 Tim. Especially like the red stripes added where they are. Good luck with the US drive... will you be fitting a crash cam/cams, just in case?
TheCarLovingSwede 17 dager siden
Did they really cut the film with a razor? I assume this was a lot cheaper compared to Topaz. But I don't understand why these guys don't plot out the exact shape, since it's usually available from the manufacturer of the car?
Steve Hines
Steve Hines 17 dager siden
It was definitely a shrewd move getting over to the US in order to keep filming new content...the UK based car channels are restricted due to lockdown...but not Shmee 😎
freepieanchipsgarage 16 dager siden
Most of his acolytes are children. If he doesn’t find ways to consistently think of new content, they’ll simply become bored.
Clayton B
Clayton B 17 dager siden
I would get a GT500 in glossy blue/matte black racing stripes. But I really like your colors!
António Batista
António Batista 17 dager siden
Hi Shmee150, let me know if i can start my youtube channel as Shmuu550 or Schmaa730. Best regards Shmii275
henk the man
henk the man 17 dager siden
How long can u be happy with something, u look bored really quick
Max Gardiner
Max Gardiner 17 dager siden
hey Shmee i'm just starting youtube in the automotive sector, would you recommend any budget friendly cameras to film cars and motorbikes. love the videos.
Rory Hoffman
Rory Hoffman 17 dager siden
Are you flying solo on your trip around the U.S? or who is your co-pilot?
Ngà Nguyễn
Ngà Nguyễn 17 dager siden
Tyler Ngô with love
Android user
Android user 17 dager siden
poll to keep the stripes on the mirrors. keep or strip, comment down below.
Android user
Android user 17 dager siden
Zedifier 17 dager siden
Drink everytime he says PPF
Leonel Carolino
Leonel Carolino 17 dager siden
How about you buy a jdm car?
No One
No One 17 dager siden
That nose is sunburned
Plain Stang S550
Plain Stang S550 17 dager siden
Looks great Tim!!
Kevin Schiffer
Kevin Schiffer 17 dager siden
That color is really incredible, and the stripes look perfect. I’ve had two mustangs - a green 67 and a red 89. Yours is awesome!
Don Rossi
Don Rossi 17 dager siden
Your GT 500 Looks SUPER with the Cool PPF and Stripes..!!!👍👍👍
Nuveen Kathiravelu
Nuveen Kathiravelu 17 dager siden
I think i need some glasses cause i keep seeing the stripes slightly not straight
Josh Rosema
Josh Rosema 17 dager siden
The red with the black stripes looks so good.
John Robb
John Robb 17 dager siden
The gloss on that PPF is really impressive - that's without adding any coating after it's applied? Car looks amazing and the red accent stripes really work!
Cory Fiegel
Cory Fiegel 17 dager siden
Looks amazing !!! I would have done neon Orange for the pinstripes though
Nighthawk 009
Nighthawk 009 17 dager siden
The stripe looks amazing!! Only right for a Shelby although it has started to grow on me without it.
Abhinav Krishna
Abhinav Krishna 17 dager siden
Pls tint the lights also I would be great
Per Erik Wennberg
Per Erik Wennberg 17 dager siden
Sexy as F...!!!
Ryan H
Ryan H 17 dager siden
Man... That red pinstripe... (Chef's kiss)
Patrick McDonagh
Patrick McDonagh 17 dager siden
A small bit bigger pin strips would suit it but its 100 percent nice injoy and drive safe
Urban Wrench
Urban Wrench 17 dager siden
Isn’t the GT500 illegal to drive on the roads of Europe owing to the emissions
Jayden Games
Jayden Games 17 dager siden
Love that colour
SN P 17 dager siden
While we get the new cars in Forza, this man is out there buying them in real life
Steven_ Shec
Steven_ Shec 17 dager siden
It’s not a Shelby without some sort of stripes! I love those stripes, it truly looks painted on, take some notes Ford🤣🤣
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