Buying a Mercedes SLR McLaren for My Collection?

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My garage features a number of cars from both Mercedes and McLaren, so perhaps the SLR is one to consider in future?! Visiting the Ikonick Collection in Miami, taking an original, SLR Coupe for a drive, let's see what it's all about and discuss if it could join the Shmeemobiles.
The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was a collaboration project between the two companies that launched in 2003, up against the Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari Enzo. At the time, Mercedes held a 40% ownership stake in the McLaren F1 team and in fact the various iterations of the SLR cars were all assembled by McLaren in Working, England, where the new look McLaren Automotive are based.
In total there were 2,176 SLRs built, starting with the original SLR Coupe, through the 722, SLR Roadster, 722 S (150 units) and Stirling Moss (75 units). The original SLR as seen here at Ikonick is powered by the 5.4l supercharged V8 making 626hp and 780Nm, all going to the rear wheels via a 5spd automatic gearbox - the Achilles heel of the car.
There is no denying that for a car approaching 20 years old, the SLR still looks absolutely fantastic, a truly iconic design with the fabulously long bonnet and seating position back to the rear axle. However, from my own garage, the brands from whom I've owned the most cars to date are Mercedes and McLaren, so why not consider the resulting collaboration between the two?
A huge thanks to Barry and the team at Ikonick for my drive in the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, be sure to follow them for more!
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:10 Ikonick McMercs
02:14 SLR Walkaround
05:53 Climb Onboard
06:42 First Drive
08:25 Poster Cars
09:49 Running Costs
11:30 Supercharger Whine
17:32 Exhaust Sound
18:22 Interior Overview
20:00 Future Shmeemobile?
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Shmee150 28 dager siden
I've always wondered about the SLR, especially being a fan of both Mercedes and McLaren, so join me for a drive at Ikonick. Do you think this should be a future Shmeemobile? Thanks to
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 6 timer siden
You have the same view as me about this car! I also like this car specifically due to it being both my favorites Mercedes and McLaren.
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh 25 dager siden
Shmee150 Awesome Video I'm glad you a chance to Drive Barry's Mercedes SLR McLaren I think you should definitely get one someday
Periklis Balambanos
Periklis Balambanos 26 dager siden
Definitely - with full mechatronik upgrades - perfect
MD CYF 27 dager siden
BlkWlf88 27 dager siden
The 722S and the SL 65 Black Series would be the perfect additions to the Shmee showroom
Иванов Иван
Иванов Иван 19 dager siden
Eric Boothman
Eric Boothman 20 dager siden
By far the best looking car of all time. I saw one in Frankfurt and nothing compares except maybe the Enzo.
Toni Džaja
Toni Džaja 21 dag siden
Get one and ask Tavarish to swap in a DCT :D
Damian Młynarski
Damian Młynarski 22 dager siden
My dream car! 🥰
David Billberg
David Billberg 22 dager siden
You heard it. He has a problem with his eyes. I asked about it several videos ago. Hope that it will recover fast.
Afrykass 23 dager siden
20 years old and still good looking. And without this ecology shit and touchscreens
A 23 dager siden
Yes buy it
Harshvardhan Birari
Harshvardhan Birari 23 dager siden
You need to get a P1 as well shmee 😉
Ramsi Kühn
Ramsi Kühn 24 dager siden
I think it's too heavy and not nimble enough...but i never drive it at self ❕🤷🏻‍♂️😅
Alex Moes
Alex Moes 24 dager siden
So, what I have found very curious about this car. To which dealer do you go for service? Mercedes or McLaren, or does it not matter?
Motorcycle addict
Motorcycle addict 25 dager siden
Shmee : I’m thinking of adding an SLR to my collection Manny : what colour would you like
alex luke
alex luke 25 dager siden
SLR aas inspired by 300 Uhlenhaut special long bonnet silver arrow with straight-8 engine monster made for autobahn storming 😎 SLR & SLS & AMG GT & SL65 BS are my top of the range mighty Mercs for a dream garage 💙
dr.nefario 25 dager siden
If you buy one please don’t mod it. That is all.
Eric Reyner
Eric Reyner 25 dager siden
I have a problem with my eyes... Let me drive a hyper car
Beni Stingray
Beni Stingray 25 dager siden
The SLR was never considered a supercar, nothing with that weight and power/weight ratio can be called a supercar, on top of that its a soft cruiser, its fast in a straight but thats about it!
Mkricem 7
Mkricem 7 25 dager siden
why don't you buy the McLaren 765 Lt
Ragranos 25 dager siden
I think you know why it didn't make much of an impression on you the first drive Tim. With the running costs, I think the only reason you would get one of these is as an investment like Manny K. This is a special collaboration indeed. Like both manufacturers were being careful to not mess up an iconic car... But in doing so they didn't feel like they could be as emotive and adventurous as they should have been. They delivered a lacklustre art piece. Thoughts?
Matty231 25 dager siden
That brake is SBC thats one of the biggest costs for us AMG owners but then again mine is still working good as gold but it doesn't feel as nice as the regular brake system in my other Mercs
Reginald Bowls
Reginald Bowls 26 dager siden
Is nobody gonna talk about those Spykers?????
Reginald Bowls
Reginald Bowls 26 dager siden
Someone farted on Shmee's pillow?
Thiago Albino Santos
Thiago Albino Santos 26 dager siden
Always loved this car from the outside. The inside for me is just too boring and ugly.
anxiety Boii's
anxiety Boii's 26 dager siden
Pink eye alert lol
Chris Wiggins
Chris Wiggins 26 dager siden
I know you've just bought a car on holiday, but the amount of adverts on this channel is getting ridiculous
Thunderclutch 26 dager siden
I believe Paris Hilton famously crashed her SLR because of the brakes
Gothy Chris
Gothy Chris 26 dager siden
That bonnet looks like it belongs on a batmobile
Khalifa Al Khoori
Khalifa Al Khoori 26 dager siden
This car needs AMG's new 7-speed DCT
Warren 26 dager siden
Get a V6 Clio they are appreciating and going to be a classic
ㄨ_ㄨ 26 dager siden
I honestly love this car, i prefer to get this instead of new mercedes benz amg gt or mclaren.
Janith Dasunpriya
Janith Dasunpriya 26 dager siden
Get this and a Viper ACR ! they will never make something like the SLR or the viper ,even if they do they will be something like a V6 hybrid !
Luke Slater
Luke Slater 26 dager siden
Shmee u should buy one of Manny Khoshbin’s SLR’S🤔. He does have 5 of them. Lol.........😛
Manny Koshbin : first time ?
Sir, what camera did you use for record ?
F. Adrian
F. Adrian 26 dager siden
Buy a hellcat
Arnaud Mahy
Arnaud Mahy 26 dager siden
Toothless-Grizzly 26 dager siden
Shoulda went to manny. He’s got 5 of em.
amstaylorph 26 dager siden
Dated driving dynamics. Best aspect of the SLR is its looks. Still great looking and highly distinct.
Dumdadum76 26 dager siden
2:50 McLaren engineers: we’re afraid we need about a metre of extra bonnet length for the engine. MB’s response: Sure, if you make the car really loud and fast. 5:53 McLaren engineers: we’re afraid we need about 5 cm of interior space for the engine at the expense of the driver. MB’s response: Sure, if you make the car really loud and fast. Lol
Mdu & resten yt
Mdu & resten yt 26 dager siden
Manny koshbin be like: i want location of the place please shmee
NocturnalPlur S
NocturnalPlur S 26 dager siden
WHOOOOOOO CARESSSSSS. Buying a car every week. Get back to reviewing cool cars.
textmachine09 27 dager siden
Shmee buys exotic cars in a regular basis. Me: Buys car stickers.
amirsalar hemati
amirsalar hemati 27 dager siden
I own a SLK 200 supercharged and as I’m watching this I said to myself one day I will get this Picasso on wheels so I tell my future kid “dad used to own a car similar look to this when he was 23 but it was Way way cheaper”
Justin Lapointe
Justin Lapointe 27 dager siden
You should drive Dodge Viper
Mark Rosenthal
Mark Rosenthal 27 dager siden
Wasn’t the Viper the inspiration for this car during the DaimlerChrysler era?
maccalex 27 dager siden
Get a Xke
Larry Kippings
Larry Kippings 27 dager siden
Gotta be frank, in this video it sounds awful.
Calvin Hudson
Calvin Hudson 27 dager siden
yass123 27 dager siden
You can't start an SLR with just turning the key. And you can't just turn it off with the button only.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 27 dager siden
Hard to believe it’s so old
Krzysiek W
Krzysiek W 27 dager siden
Beautiful car, still doesn't look old IMO
Luca C.
Luca C. 27 dager siden
Next Video: I bought a Mercedes SLR McLaren
milan stefanicka
milan stefanicka 27 dager siden
It's unique car and you have to buy. Tim you have to visit again Manny Khoshbin. He owns 4 or 5 Slr. Maybe he will sell you one 🙂👍
Adam Luffman
Adam Luffman 27 dager siden
Cool looking car but hardly seems more fun / exciting to drive then a SL63, but massively more expensive to buy and maintain. Looks cool but that seems to be it.
Macht Schnell
Macht Schnell 27 dager siden
Ooooh, that green Alfa Romeo 2600 roadster! Right next to that 1750 GTV. Lost me at 5AT on the McClaren SLR.
Sam Hall
Sam Hall 27 dager siden
Shmee finally loses his virginity to the sound of revs
Kadeem Smith
Kadeem Smith 27 dager siden
The 722 with the 722s wheels, or just a 722s, would be my preferred spec of an SLR🔥🔥
hello its me
hello its me 27 dager siden
This car is so timeless
Kadeem Smith
Kadeem Smith 27 dager siden
Can we stop calling every single car a hypercar?? Takes away from the actual segment
StuS 27 dager siden
I was driving my 998cc mini at 60mph down a very quiet A3 one night when one of these pulled up next to me, gave me a thumbs up and then disappeared in a world of noise 😎 (Saw two SLR’s that day too, both being used)
Adam Konyar
Adam Konyar 27 dager siden
How many 722 were made?
Cut de Pie Fails
Cut de Pie Fails 27 dager siden
Finally really. Best merc bar 300sl
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 27 dager siden
So what exactly is so bad you wouldn't want to drive it?
maich44 27 dager siden
722 SLR nuff said
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 27 dager siden
Nice. Now about selling that green thing you own
Yunix Deathwish
Yunix Deathwish 27 dager siden
20 years old car but looks not 20 years old
PROMO :!:!:
PROMO :!:!: 27 dager siden
Hey shmee I messaged u in Instagram and u messaged me back , I am pro_mo_1244 in Instagram ! Thanks for that u made my day ! 🙂
Timothy Kiprono
Timothy Kiprono 27 dager siden
I remember driving a SLR in NFS most wanted 😂
jrakafamous 27 dager siden
Buy one from manny he has 5 of them
ayrton senna disciple
ayrton senna disciple 27 dager siden
Too many ads.
Bonk -
Bonk - 27 dager siden
He's got some nice shmeehicles in his collection 👍🏼✌🏼👌🏼
inSAYn 27 dager siden
SLR is just perfection, the design is absolutely timeless.
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller 27 dager siden
Never warmed up to the odd proportions of this car, but it does sound good
Stuart Colomina
Stuart Colomina 27 dager siden
Thoughts on 722/722s?
Matthew Potter
Matthew Potter 27 dager siden
The sign of a timeless design is when a car ages well. After all these years, I still think this looks superb today. Fantastic design 👍
Bulat Shakirov
Bulat Shakirov 27 dager siden
Yes! Don't test Jaguar sports car again!
Jay Inkenz
Jay Inkenz 27 dager siden
Added about 6 miles to the odometer.
Mick Delaney
Mick Delaney 27 dager siden
Hi guys Im Casey Neistat 😂
Mark Kandie
Mark Kandie 27 dager siden
Who can forget Clarkson driving the SLR on Top gear. Beautiful.
JSM 26
JSM 26 27 dager siden
That steering wheel looks terrible lol
Tommy2shoe811 27 dager siden
Those cars will definitely stand the test of time. One big thing that works in its favor is it doesn’t have navigation screens and all that everywhere on the dash like most modern cars have. Those are all good & dandy now but once the technology is obsolete all those screens will ruin the cabin. Car companies need to start making those screens retractable so they aren’t so in your face.
Nigel Bullock
Nigel Bullock 27 dager siden
Stunning to look at but i wouldn't get my cheque book out
Wajang 27 dager siden
Its like Cupid's arrow...
DREAMCARSPOTTER 27 dager siden
Its a very strange but fun car in my opinion...🧐
Jeff Garro
Jeff Garro 27 dager siden
When you inevitably go to California you need to go for a drive in one of Manny Khosbin’s SLR’s and see if he’ll give you a deal on one of his 5 examples. Might be worth it.......
Samuel Egunlusi
Samuel Egunlusi 27 dager siden
Great purchase 👌 the slr mclaren is one of my favorite cars especially the roadster.
Afdal Asadullah
Afdal Asadullah 27 dager siden
Shubham 811
Shubham 811 27 dager siden
Thats blacklist 2 in NFS MW and from then the SLR is my dream!!♥️♥️💘💘
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 27 dager siden
SLR is all time great 👏
Viva Noche
Viva Noche 27 dager siden
Slr with the renntech body kit 😍
Hemand S
Hemand S 27 dager siden
A huge thank you to you Shmee for accepting my request to review this car ♥️♥️♥️. This one of my favorite car in the world . One of the thing missing in this vedio is showing it's top end in a high way.
911% 27 dager siden
That car was probably so excited to finally get driven
Don m
Don m 27 dager siden
Looks nice & warm there its snowing over here thats the race u should do with your Porsche V SLR to the Nurburgring 👊
Павел Мат
Павел Мат 27 dager siden
Buy Mercedes W140 S70AMG
Mphumuzi Lukhele
Mphumuzi Lukhele 27 dager siden
SLR 722 👀
R. P.
R. P. 27 dager siden
Finally, Shmee, you become a man of good taste... but please, not the 722 nor the Stirling Moss. Just the „entry level“ SLR. It‘s flawed (the electric brake thing is quite ahhhhhh no and the running costs may get sky high unless you know how to source parts...) but oh boy it‘s full of character. Yess, go for it... but then... you are too young a man to drive a SLR.
Syed Naqi Hussain
Syed Naqi Hussain 27 dager siden
Lamborghini huracan Sto?
Its_Me_Romano _
Its_Me_Romano _ 27 dager siden
You should het a sterling moss
Connor Corfe
Connor Corfe 27 dager siden
How easy would it be to tune just to get some more response for it
Lukas Barnes
Lukas Barnes 27 dager siden
With brakes being $30,000 I’d imagine everybody’s SLR’s squeak🤣
Tom Ranum
Tom Ranum 27 dager siden
Like your use of the word; Epic - as often as you do - which dosen't make it epic.
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