USA's NEWEST HYPERCAR COLLECTION! Surprise New Car Delivery Day with Triple F

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It's new car delivery day at the Triple F Collection in Ohio, USA! The latest arrival is a fully restored Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, as well as the return of the Bugatti Chiron to join the other incredible hypercars like the McLaren Sabre, Koenigsegg Regera and more.
Having recently started to grow the collection, Dave, Jordan and Jason are quickly putting together an exceptional line-up of cars, but not only that as they are all used, driven and shared too. Having started out at the hypercar end with the full carbon body McLaren P1, there have been a few arrivals recently in jaw dropping specifications from the Huayra BC Macchina Volante to the McLaren Sabre.
However, the last delivery comes in the form of a truck returning the Bugatti Chiron from a service while also bringing a fully nut-and-bolt restored 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing as a serious classic car addition to the collection. While the bias is certainly towards the modern cars, there's something very special about a Gullwing and even more so when it's as good as the day it original left the factory in Germany.
There are big things in the works at the Triple F Collection, be sure to subscribe to their channel and follow on their social pages:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:54 Triple F
01:19 Delivery
03:06 Garage Walkaround
06:22 300SL and Chiron
09:02 Walkaround with Jordan
13:37 Corvette Split Window
16:22 Outro
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Shmee150 Måned siden
Join me to visit the Triple F Collection and their rapidly growing collection of incredible cars! It just so happens to be delivery day, with the return of their Bugatti Chiron and handover of a stunning, fully restored 300SL Gullwing too. Be sure to follow:
Roxind Måned siden
@Colin Bremner Those Sabre cars have been commissioned by a group of American McLaren's customers, and have been designed to pass the specific homologation process for small serie in the US. They do not comply with any others countries regulations. Quite unique, even if 15, and highly collectable. Hopefully, a group of european's customers will commission a similar project...
Vampirebear13 Måned siden
Delaware County, so Triple F is north of Columbus. That means you're maybe an hour away from me.
Vampirebear13 Måned siden
Wow Tim, you're here in Ohio. I'd really like the chance to meet you.
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh Måned siden
Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible I'm glad you Collabed the Triple F Collection and Their is Absolutely Insane
construction life
construction life Måned siden
Thank you Tim! OHIO? Go Bucks!
dave buti
dave buti 15 timer siden
How did they earn their money?
Mr H
Mr H 2 dager siden
Amazing collection. That Corvette is beautiful.
Sam P
Sam P 3 dager siden
How do they make moneyb
Donny Obama
Donny Obama 3 dager siden
They are getting the Valkyrie in 2-3 years. 😁😉
HG人 BRØLY 4 dager siden
Imagine reving them all at the same time 😀❤️
Papi Longshank
Papi Longshank 5 dager siden
The car he can't talk about is probably an Aston Martin Valkyrie or an MB Project one.
Ergashbek Arnamuratov
Ergashbek Arnamuratov 7 dager siden
A few ferraris and lamborghinis would complete the collection.
Ergashbek Arnamuratov
Ergashbek Arnamuratov 7 dager siden
A few ferraris and lamborghinis would complete the collection.
S Q Q T S 21 dag siden
Morwat Sherkhan
Morwat Sherkhan 21 dag siden
Would they adopted me
Fast Cars
Fast Cars 23 dager siden
Awesome hypercar collection, we would love to have the same !
Maria madalena Pereira
Maria madalena Pereira 24 dager siden
PaFur Garage
PaFur Garage 24 dager siden
Awesome collection!!! Makes mine look like like a bunch of matchbox cars haha
Aleksandr Burmin
Aleksandr Burmin 25 dager siden
Счастливого пути и самой доброй дороги. Пусть твоё путешествие проходит под знаменем радости, удачи, вдохновения и благополучия. Всем сердцем желаю отличной и успешной поездки!
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez 26 dager siden
He just need a lafe to have the holy trinity completely
la Putin
la Putin Måned siden
that guy is talking about bugatti bolide lol
HURRICANE83 Måned siden
Bruh there’s a Bugatti and Shmee in Ohio whatttt
Fowlers A1 Collision
Fowlers A1 Collision Måned siden
Sick collection
Opera Måned siden
INTERESTING......”speaking of winter donuts”....Thanks, though I did go to “STUDDED” WINTER TIRES ( NOKIAN ON MY Journey 2015,and HANKOOK ON my 2007 CANYON GMC) HELENA MT AREA( moving from. WARSAW Indiana I. SEP 2016......), seeming a lot more black ice , and Icey Spots, here....etc.....actually hard to do without due to extra Tracking, cornering, braking, safety margins....,,,,a
John Montag
John Montag Måned siden
How do you have all of these cars and not a single Ferrari? Local dealer treat u wrong?
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
Have a 458 spider and getting an 812 GTS. Just not too into Ferrari honestly
amstaylorph Måned siden
How dare you not mention that cherry Datsun 280Z!
Stuart James Photography
Stuart James Photography Måned siden
and i thought my GTAV garage was impressive
Stuart James Photography
Stuart James Photography Måned siden
@The Triple F Collection love the cars in yours but its missing one car i would love. The EB110 super sport.
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
It still is!
J Johnson
J Johnson Måned siden
Welcome to Ohio!!
Peterson V
Peterson V Måned siden
Who owns the triple f collection ?
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
A family from Ohio
Nicky D
Nicky D Måned siden
5:53 is my dream car also raced that in the asphalt 8 iphone game
A W Måned siden
What a pain in the ass to get to the cars in the back.
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
Definite pain in the ass
Mitch Blauser
Mitch Blauser Måned siden
The Triple F collection family lives in my hometown and are super nice and humble people. They do giveaways and do car shows often. Also really cool how they always take their cars out for drives instead of letting them sit.
Abdul Moeez
Abdul Moeez Måned siden
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
Urus currently in the lineup and an STO has been ordered
Supervillain Måned siden
These guys are waiting for the Devel Sixteen or Bugatti Bolide.
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
We have something better coming in 2-3 years. Can’t talk about it though!
Sam_Xander Måned siden
December sixteen is all jokes and fake and lies. While the Bolide is only a concept
Juan Alvarez
Juan Alvarez Måned siden
I think we will see a different Tim the day he loses his virginity.
LegoPresident - CT Sonic 22
LegoPresident - CT Sonic 22 Måned siden
Amazing collection!!!! Please add the Aston Martin Valkyrie!
jeff nelson
jeff nelson Måned siden
Cool Dad!
Car Lad Matt
Car Lad Matt Måned siden
Anyone else notice these cool plates. Must has a specialized place for each car it seems. Epic motors. Nine 18 is my favourite :)
TK421ps S
TK421ps S Måned siden
Anyone know what the Triple F folks do for a living?
Christopher Suarez
Christopher Suarez Måned siden
This guy seems like he won the lottery and bought a bunch of cars. Especially your title of the video.
Christopher Suarez
Christopher Suarez Måned siden
@The Triple F Collection awesome man I realized after he talked to you about the first GTR in the collection that this did not happen overnight. Thanks again for letting us all experience it and sharing it with us. If I had to pick which is my favorite id probably go for the carbon blue p1 it just looks incredible.
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
Nope - just some good ol’ American hard work!
Michael Baptista
Michael Baptista Måned siden
They have great collectiok
SkyLine Måned siden
That cayman is dangerously close to the 911
Yaseen Ait Simmou
Yaseen Ait Simmou Måned siden
The Bugatti Chiron next to the Koenigsegg Regera looks sick
Joey Nice
Joey Nice Måned siden
Can I come over and play too?
Drew Cama
Drew Cama Måned siden
I don't know know, I get a new bicycle and the first thing I do is take it for a ride, not park it in the garage. But Oh my, what a collection!
JB Måned siden
Shmee - the modern day David Attenborough :-). In here....hiding in the back .... we see the rare Pagani Pampadomulus. It only comes out at night...
Smart Money
Smart Money Måned siden
Tim looks like he's been punched. Is that a black eye or just lack of sleep?
Danzy1138 Måned siden
8:38 Nissan 240Z!
dino raccoon
dino raccoon Måned siden
1:17 did this man say what I think he said?
Big Red
Big Red Måned siden
For anyone watching this, don’t just see this as another NOpost video. See this as an opportunity to do this YOURSELF. See this as motivation, do something today, challenge yourself. I know I will/am
J Smith
J Smith Måned siden
The Saber has a Speedtail tail!
ta424z Måned siden
Shmee you should upgrade your camera and footage quality
A G Måned siden
The 300 SL is stunning. One of the best looking cars of all time
Its Kryptox
Its Kryptox Måned siden
That regera is stunning
juan alfaro
juan alfaro Måned siden
The mercedes is stunning, for other side the wheels of the corvette are horribles.
NARTstripeFerrari 458
NARTstripeFerrari 458 Måned siden
Really nice new collection love the choices
Manuel Rendón
Manuel Rendón Måned siden
You are just straight spoiled. So many many cars lol!
DANPROVED Måned siden
Corentin Leportier
Corentin Leportier Måned siden
The LT look so good
Dino Nugget
Dino Nugget Måned siden
Why is he talking about every car in the garage except the Pagani Huayra BC MV. It is the most special, and expensive car in the collection.
dakusaab Måned siden
oh yeah, don't highlight the datsun z. That's car racism
Sean Davey
Sean Davey Måned siden
Curious to know what this family’s business is or was? Great collection.
spadgm Måned siden
Words fail, what an absolutely insane collection!
spadgm Måned siden
Holy moley.........
Eduardo Medina
Eduardo Medina Måned siden
visit Don Huayra collection
Marcus S
Marcus S Måned siden
I would like to see the Sabre v 765LT in a drag race just curious 🤷🏽‍♂️
Austin Magruder
Austin Magruder Måned siden
Such an awesome experience thank you for sharing
Bùi Thái Hưng
Bùi Thái Hưng Måned siden
no Lamborghini in garage
GENiUS 1 Måned siden
That mclaren Sabre is ugly and stupid Id much rather get senna it looks more aggressive and super, Sabre is just a senna with different body kit but nearly 3x the price
riccccccardo Måned siden
All them cars look like they will be garage queens and never see the light of day 😪
riccccccardo Måned siden
@The Triple F Collection 👊🏾😎
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
All of the cars get driven regularly and rack up the miles whenever possible. One of the most driven collections in the country
DoubleDeckerAnton Måned siden
A fantastic and unique collection.
davewesley11 Måned siden
Ooohh to own that garage with them stunning cars .. just imagine getting up in the morning and having to choose which car to take out today .. envious a lot
Genesis Måned siden
Apologies for you having to come to Ohio.
God Saves
God Saves Måned siden
Tomáš G
Tomáš G Måned siden
someone calculated price?
Tahmid Shanto
Tahmid Shanto Måned siden
Man that’s a nice jacket that Jordan is wearing
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
Ah good taste!
Recking Racks
Recking Racks Måned siden
All those million $ cars and the only one that caught my attention was that red datsun/fairlady in the corner
Jens Vielmann
Jens Vielmann Måned siden
Are you ok Tim? Going through the cars there seem to be a lot of back and forth and repetition... during the interview it seemed like you didn’t know where to point the camera but felt compelled to move it around all the time... even when the person you were talking to would have been the obvious choice.... All is good but was a bit worried...
christdragon Måned siden
The white Cayman GT4 at 5:23 is the same car I saw outside of Jeff Ruby's steakhouse last night. It was parked next to a white Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV. I didn't know who owned it, I do now. While your in the Columbus area there is a guy in Upper Arlington who has a Ferrari collection including a older F1 Ferrari racecar and a Porsche 962C. Thanks.
Mckenzie Amoatwo-Jacobs
Mckenzie Amoatwo-Jacobs Måned siden
OMG I have never seen anything like it 😳 👏👍💪😎
jack day
jack day Måned siden
He’s probably getting a Zyrus LP 1200
Sean Måned siden
I’m curious in how triple f got their money
Phil B
Phil B Måned siden
@The Triple F Collection damn the plastics business must be doing well
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
Family plastics business started in the early 90s
Phil B
Phil B Måned siden
Aren't we all lol
It's completely bonkers how many cars they have. Definitely subscribing
Luke Deering
Luke Deering Måned siden
Someones getting the Tesla Roadster with the Spacex boosters.
Magnus Likes Tanks
Magnus Likes Tanks Måned siden
Could it be a Bolide that is arriving in 2-3 years?
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
No. We think it’s crazier than that!
JK7992 Måned siden
That 1963 chevrolet covette split window which is probably the most desirable and probably most valuable version of the corvette especially to collectors
manfreakca Harambe
manfreakca Harambe Måned siden
must be nice the blue is awesome !koiensegge is the fastest in there must of had good buisness?
Mohammad Zedan
Mohammad Zedan Måned siden
Is this P1 one of the carbon series ones ??!
Magnus Likes Tanks
Magnus Likes Tanks Måned siden
I just started following these guys on Insta, then you do a video with their collection, how awesome!
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
Thanks for the support!
Iain F
Iain F Måned siden
#Shquad.... Hi Tim
Relm_Media Måned siden
How, just how
Brennen L
Brennen L Måned siden
What a household... family and garage..
joƎl Måned siden
petition for shmee to get a alpine a110
abdulqaadir sharhan mansoor
abdulqaadir sharhan mansoor Måned siden
I can imagine a p1 in shmee's collection another shmee mobile
Barison Dude
Barison Dude Måned siden
Noticed. No Ferrari's! Wow that's rare.
David Jarvis
David Jarvis Måned siden
They have a 458. Must not be in the garage.
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell Måned siden
Do you have any idea how much that gull wing costs?.....let's just say u probably couldn't afford it even if you sold all your amazing car's....the Merc is a different gravy all together.....many many many millions.
Nikola Vrckovic
Nikola Vrckovic Måned siden
0:59 That's one proud dad. Wish you guys all the best!
Kakdkjdjs Måned siden
It's cool, don't get me wrong, but I can't help feeling like you wouldn't drive cars that just sit on a trickle charger, perfectly polished and clean. Car's are supposed to be driven, not just sit in a garage to be driven 500 miles a year...
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne 2 dager siden
@Phil B The value only matters if you plan on selling. the people who buy cars to enjoy aren't worried about the value but the enjoyment they get out of it. If someone is so worried about the value then maybe they shouldn't be buying cars.
SM Fan
SM Fan Måned siden
Well if you watched the video, they do drive their cars and even do donuts with P1. Just letting it sit in garage and not drive because it may affect the value means you're not rich enough
Opera Måned siden
Thanks, me too: Manufactured to be used.... though, my Faves are OEM */ from Dealer : some of earlier years are needing so,solutions/ safety/ upgrades to,be in road use much,.....
Wasiu Adeyeye
Wasiu Adeyeye Måned siden
im sure people who can afford these cars would love to drive them but why would you buy a 4M car and drive it to depreciation when you can wait 10 years when half of them are crashed or have higher miles and yours is worth 20M now. When you buys cars of this caliber its an investment no longer for fun drives with your mates
Mitch Blauser
Mitch Blauser Måned siden
The Triple F collection drives all there cars almost everyday.
ray birsic
ray birsic Måned siden
where do they get all the money
Calvin Danyael
Calvin Danyael Måned siden
SHmee : shows the awesome collection of cars Me : THATS A 240Z
The72 Inc
The72 Inc Måned siden
Awesome video! Their collection and buildings are amazing! Their channel is a must to follow
G Nas
G Nas Måned siden
So at this point do you start your own insurance company?
Phil B
Phil B Måned siden
Right around now lol
Elin Trinidad
Elin Trinidad Måned siden
He is talking about the car that mondi and dude from royalty is making
Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh Måned siden
Man those kids hit the lottery with that dad
azeezee Måned siden
@The Triple F Collection I never doubted that you worked hard for a second, I was just wonder what business you are into. Btw incredible collection and the 300sl is freaking beautiful.
The Triple F Collection
The Triple F Collection Måned siden
Both of us worked for 15+ years to build the business together. We may look young, but don’t let that fool you!
azeezee Måned siden
ikr, i wonder what he does
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