McLaren 765LT Runs RECORD 1/4 Mile in 8.916s!

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It hasn't taken long for the McLaren 765LT to break the 9s 1/4 mile time! At Palm Beach International Raceway, @petfred's new 765LT achieves an insane 8.916s. Despite the heat and humidity, with just downpipes and a tune, it has no problems showing what it can do.
The 765LT has quickly become the new undisputed supercar drag racing champion, capable of achieving 9.3s times in stock configuration when equipped with Toyo R888r tires. Brooks from DragTimes has taken numerous runs out with his to demonstrate exactly what it can do, even getting into the 9.3s range on the stock Pirelli Pzero tyres too.
However, roll-up @petfred's 765LT, a car already fitted with downpipes and a tune to take power up to 894hp at the wheels. With M Engineering in charge of the tune, Brooks and Gidi at the wheel, and the car set for action at Palm Beach International Raceway... impressive times are expected.
Fastest run:
ET 8.916s
MPH 157.85
60' 1.460
McLaren 765LT owned by @petfred @modfind
Driven for the record run by @gidi28
Prepared and warmed up with runs by @dragtimescom
At Palm Beach International Raceway
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:29 Warmup
01:30 First Run
03:10 Second Run
04:08 Full Walkaround
06:14 Third Run
08:08 Fourth Run
09:02 Fifth Run
09:35 Wrapup

#McLaren #765LT #DragRace
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Facebook: shmee150

Shmee150 22 dager siden
That didn't take long! The new McLaren 765LT is stupidly fast out the box; give it downpipes and a tune and it can crack under the 9s 1/4 mile. What will beat it? (Other than the Tesla Model S Plaid Plus!)
Car Culture Nation
Car Culture Nation 13 timer siden
@Kurt Flewitt gt500 happens to be a damn good track car as well. Stock it can run within a second of the huracan evo f8 tributo and the new 911 turbo s. And that’s on a tight twisty track. Something more wide open and it would beat those cars. With the upgrades it wold smoke those cars. Gt500 with can run 8s and still handle. The point of the blue palm beach dyno gt500 is he is going to run low low 9s high 8s on stock factory transmission stock factory sealed engine factory suspension stock fuel system and ported factory blower. Then go make a lap at a track and see who which cars can come close to the same time. We are comparing a upgraded $500,000 Mclaren actually I heard that one was optioned up to $600,000 and $50,000-$70,000 in upgrades. Compared to a car that can do all of that and the base price is $70,000 with $15,000-$30,000 in upgrades. The cx1100 package costs $40,000 but most of that cost is the carbon fiber which wasn’t needed to run low 9s high 8s on other gt500s. Point is mustangs are no longer just straight line cars. Yes there are more 5-6-7-8 and 9 second 1/4 mile mustangs on the planet than any other car. But there are also tons of mustangs that can handle. You have the gt4 mustang that has a factory engine for buyers to compete in factory series. In fact I’ve even seen fox body mustangs completely tracks focused that would beat the mclaren any day in autocross. Upgrade that engine and the mclaren wouldn’t stand a chance. But that’s a $225,000 car. Gt500 is up there with cars like the gt3rs on tight tracks. In fact is we are comparing a $660,000+ including upgrades vs a car that costs $110,000 with upgrades. Or $140,000 for a cftp gt500. The mclaren is a awesome unbelievable car from factory. I wouldn’t touch one if I owned one. I would build a 6sec drag mustang GT $75,000 including the car. before I start ruining what Mclaren made. McLarens are plagued with unreliability. Start tuning them and upgrading them they will only get worse. Hands down a gt500 is a more reliable better bang for the buck that you don’t have to worry about driving the hell out of it. Most 765lts will only be driven a few hundred miles a year for a couple yrs and then be put away. Because people don’t want to puss the value you away by putting to many miles on and they hate the huge repair and maintenance bills. Meanwhile you will have people tracking there 100,000 miles gt500s. There are 3 different car worlds. One is the one where the guy daily’s his Mustang to work and runs it at the track and road course on the weekend. 2nd are show car and supercar owners maybe take there cars to dinner and work every ones in a great while and most never see tracks and end up being a garage queen. 3rd is the full blown race/drag cars.that are trailered to the track and can blow any supercar or hypercar away. Let’s face it there will never be a mid to Low 7 sec mclaren 765lt I guarantee we will see a 7sec sec 2020gt500 before we ever see a 7 sec Mclaren 765lt. Because there are already plenty of 7sec mustang gt500/cobras out there of the earlier models. This is where it comes down to. What do you want? Most people could never afford the upgraded $600k+ 765lt. Or even a base one for $380k. For that money the average joe can buy a house buy a gt500 as a fun daily. Buy a truck and trailer and build a 6 sec mustang drag car and a track focused mclaren killing mustang. All which can actually be used and abused. You could do all of that and still have money left out of the $660,000 mclaren. Or you can hve the 765lt as a look what I have piece that you only drive once in a while and the rest of the time you stare at it in your garage.
Kurt Flewitt
Kurt Flewitt 19 timer siden
@Car Culture Nation this isn't a drag car though, it just happens to be good at that as well. It's a track car. Run your 7 second Mustang around the Nurburgring to make it fair comparison.
Ronnie Harford
Ronnie Harford 6 dager siden
@Car Culture Nation Mustang is NOT a super car, what planet you on?? Look at the design language and the engineering that goes into a super car, carbon chassis, light weight materials, suspension aero etc, Mustang has and will always be a mass produced Muscle Car, it’s a brick ffs!!, stupidest comment I’ve read for a long time
jermaine austin
jermaine austin 11 dager siden
@Jak _ but the McLaren cost stupid amounts of money . I do not like seeing Super care on the drag strip because they are not built for drag racing they have no history. ..Europe and most of those car enthusiast looked down at drag racing for decades and all of a sudden they interested. Chrysler ,Ford,GM magazines plus muscle car magazines evolve around drag racing. Mustsngs have run in 5s, Euro car guys cannot argue because muscle car guys and Hot Rod guys are the real fans of drag the UK ,Audi,BMW, Lamborghini, McLaren drivers are acting like Drag Racing is brand new sport , non of those manufacturers have built a drag car from factory non, and until they get an NHRA title their fans can shut up. American car guys here get lots of stick when it came to track now it's our turn, our cars have ran 7s for decades. They need understand Drag Racing is part of American car culture so there overpriced over engineered cars running 8s in 2021 ain't all that when muscle was doing that decades ago.
jermaine austin
jermaine austin 11 dager siden
@CalvinAD7 no because Super cars are not built for for drag racing . Muscle cars have history in drag racing, Super car owners do it because it is the in thing for them. Muscle have ran 9s for decades. No Euro car manufacturer has made a factory drag car. Drag racing purists like me only want to see gasses, muscle, hot rods and Dragsters. For years Europe prestige enthusiasts mocked drag racing and now they doing it like its new. On circuit fine I do not mind Super cars but on a Drag Strip they look out of place. Are you going to see a pro street McLaren?
P GR 2 dager siden
Do Americans only drive in straight lines or something? It's a great time but so one dimensional compared to what the car can do and is actually designed to do, destroy the world's best roads and circuits
Super Brit
Super Brit 4 dager siden
The colour scheme is absolutely rancid, who in their right mind thinks this looks nice?
Κλεομένης Σαρρης
Κλεομένης Σαρρης 4 dager siden
You don’t call down pipes and tune “heavily tuned”, it’s like the first steps in tuning
peep39 6 dager siden
What's that in metric time
Mw Mact
Mw Mact 8 dager siden
Is this a stock one?
jermaine austin
jermaine austin 11 dager siden
Muscle cars have ran these times for decades. How come Super cars/ Euro car people have taken interest in Drag Racing all of a sudden. For years they mocked Drag Racing. I suppose to be impressed with a $300,000 car running 8.9s when in 1992 at fastest car in America shootout cars ran 8s back then they costed prob like 25-30 grand to build. Yank cars got stick on track racing but now the very sport Euro car enthusiasts criticised for decades they all of sudden decided it's cool.
Jonas Larsson
Jonas Larsson 15 dager siden
Worst case of front brake dust ever.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 17 dager siden
Why do I have the urge to take this guys dinner money off him 🤷‍♂️
Joshua Kabba
Joshua Kabba 18 dager siden
Hope Everything is Good Shmee150 i like Everything on your channel but i have just one problem you over talk on the channel and there is no practicality (please understand me am not criticising you) but it is quite something i have over seen on the channel. please try to change by adding more practicality like the stradman, DDE etc i love the channel and all the cars. But please try to change Thank you
Nebuchadnezzar 18 dager siden
It’s not any faster than a 720s with the same mods. Makes the same whp.
Balraj Tavanandi
Balraj Tavanandi 18 dager siden
dom cusano
dom cusano 18 dager siden
I forgot what a Tesla is
Andy Pullin
Andy Pullin 18 dager siden
Souded like the last two runs he hit the rev limiter briefly? (different gears each time though), would have lost a couple of tenths so 8.9 if perfect changes, as per run 3.
jay b
jay b 18 dager siden
never seen people getting exited about a car going in a strait line
justice77 18 dager siden
WTF! ITS NO RECORD!! its a tuned car if it was stock we could talk,but this is NOT again NOT "the new undisputed supercar drag racing champion" its tuned so it doesnt matter if it has 900 or 2000 bhp.and besides its a mclaren with such poor build quality it will break down anyway.the brits just cant make a good car..
Chris Hagan
Chris Hagan 19 dager siden
That was really very very fast 🤔 Lol 👊
tomgreene121 19 dager siden
Embarrassingly slow! Nothing over a 3 second quarter mile is impressive!
hfe18 19 dager siden
"Heavily modifed"?
Luke Slater
Luke Slater 19 dager siden
HOLY 💩 9 and under 9 secs. That’s F ING CRAZY😱😳.
Joshua Kurian
Joshua Kurian 19 dager siden
You gotta meet Cletus at the Freedom Factory before you leave USA
Ms BettySassyWhite
Ms BettySassyWhite 20 dager siden
NON STOCK 765lt coff coff
Dan Kat
Dan Kat 20 dager siden
Hook Set&Reel
Hook Set&Reel 20 dager siden
Love everything about this car.
Joe 20 dager siden
Pondjumper1 20 dager siden
Downpipes and a tune is hardly “heavily modified” ...Damn fast but it’s not that more modified than the stock car
Taylor Greenfield
Taylor Greenfield 20 dager siden
"Heavily modified" - just a tune and downpipe
Vicious carteR
Vicious carteR 20 dager siden
sick car but that gradient paint job ruins it for me
Purple Cream Official
Purple Cream Official 20 dager siden
That record was done by the driver Gidi who owns the record breaking Nissan GTR
RAWKUS Tv 20 dager siden
Wow! so fast it stripped the paint back to bare carbon.
Tahmid Shanto
Tahmid Shanto 20 dager siden
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg 21 dag siden
765LT is one of the most exciting cars to hit the market in a while. I can't think of anything better that we know of coming this year.
Rgt 21 dag siden
God it’s ugly though.
Ahmed Gafar
Ahmed Gafar 21 dag siden
This vlog looks mad rushed lol
New tech Morocco
New tech Morocco 21 dag siden
We know that you are shmiii so don’t repeat that
GanyX 21 dag siden
thats faster than P1 holy!!!
Magnus Tan
Magnus Tan 21 dag siden
Give a 720S the same treatment, with its less track-focused, more streamlined, aerodynamically efficient bodywork, it'll comfortably beat that. America is the only place in the world where they are okay with the current horsepower war within the supecar world.
Emad Ahmed
Emad Ahmed 21 dag siden
We want a stock 765LT and SF90 drag race!
Hardik M Shah
Hardik M Shah 21 dag siden
Tim sees any tween turbo V8 - pulls out the chequebook.
BLACK05GO1 21 dag siden
It's also got Toyo Tires, but big deal. They're still street legal, but sticker than the stockers.
MonkeyMechanic01 21 dag siden
That 765lt will give the dodge demon a run for its money
YoManeJake 21 dag siden
*Dodge demon left the chat*
Nighthawk 009
Nighthawk 009 21 dag siden
Those turbos sound insane!!. Also I’m guessing this is after you hung out with SG and the crew judging by their SVJ and SV being there
Sushmita Barua
Sushmita Barua 21 dag siden
Tim I want updates on your Senna. I absolutely love your senna
Tivon Sanders
Tivon Sanders 21 dag siden
I wanna see this go against StangMode's Black Mamba.
E K 21 dag siden
Why, from what I have seen that mustang is only in the mid-high 9s.
Aghate Wahedi
Aghate Wahedi 21 dag siden
The third run at 6:30 is the one with the record
Zedifier 21 dag siden
Supra Mk4 did it in 5.97
E K 21 dag siden
And funny cars do it under 4 seconds. Whats your point?
Raihan Nazir
Raihan Nazir 21 dag siden
@carwow time to get this Vs 911
Marcel Johnson
Marcel Johnson 21 dag siden
Matt going to have to retract his initial review of the 765lt along with Chris Harris because they basically said it wasn’t impressive and both went on and on about 911 turbo s and I get it Porsche finally caught up but McLaren just pulled off again 🤣. They uploaded a 911 turbo s vs demon video same day as this.
Victor 21 dag siden
Not stock... Not interesting.
Mr S
Mr S 21 dag siden
What a weapon!
Liam Mcgrath
Liam Mcgrath 21 dag siden
Possible shmeemobile when the 765LT spider comes out ? 🤷‍♂️😏
mat mul
mat mul 21 dag siden
Extra padding on the seats for fat Americans 😂😂
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor 21 dag siden
Shmee you need to touch base with Cleetus McFarland whilst touring America. What he has achieved and his cars are unreal. Not in the caliber of this car but very fast.
Randy Moss
Randy Moss 21 dag siden
Wats Brother up Schmee ✊ Respect how do u like you're Merlot ?
Samuel Szmajda
Samuel Szmajda 21 dag siden
2:37 what's falling off?
Samuel Szmajda
Samuel Szmajda 21 dag siden
Heavily or lightly modified?
E K 21 dag siden
exhaust and tune...lightly modified.
Jan Kees
Jan Kees 21 dag siden
So much nicer than an electric car sprint. Great sound and aggressive acceleration. Wonderful.
Joe Zeckowski
Joe Zeckowski 21 dag siden
“Heavily modified’” = Downpipes and exhaust mow? LMFAOOOO
Ferenc 21 dag siden
Sf90 stradale 🤔
Christopher Suarez
Christopher Suarez 21 dag siden
Grew up around Fred’s cars in San Francisco. Used to always ride my bike past his garage hoping he was outside doing launches or something crazy by palace of fine arts. I think one of my favorite ones of his cars was his wide body fiat 500 abarth built by gt auto concepts. Sick to still see his cars around even 10 years later
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne 21 dag siden
You have to go and see the GTR that Giddy drives on the drag strip getting 6 second passes from a 4 litre V6 Twin Turbo Nissan GTR R35
Doug Parker
Doug Parker 21 dag siden
NGL, it's the personalities of the owners and cars is what has been an true eye opener over the years.shmee,please never change.your personality is such an infectious kind.I know you don't beat on other's cars that you've been incredibly lucky to drive like how some might want to.thank you very much for taking us along for those incredible drives. We are appreciative of that
SnowgelyRL 21 dag siden
Carwow when are you gonna race this?
Marcel Johnson
Marcel Johnson 21 dag siden
They’re still salivating over the Porsche, just uploaded a video same day as this lol.
Naranja L'orange
Naranja L'orange 21 dag siden
Americans are easily pleased.... driving in a straight line, great. Why would you not do that in spoiler down mode? There can't be any benefit in having it partly raised.
Joe Cutting
Joe Cutting 21 dag siden
Shmee I’ve always wanted to know what the average mpg of cars like this get
Shashwat Varma
Shashwat Varma 21 dag siden
Thats way more than 765hp
Chun Thai
Chun Thai 21 dag siden
1/4 mile too short for this car..must be 1/2 mile run..especially if race Tesla Plaid
Dan Collins
Dan Collins 21 dag siden
Don’t tell Dom Torreto
antony 21 dag siden
It's running a 100 octane tune so over 1000 hp. 100 octane tune would boost stock hp by 25%. 880 hp x 1.25 is 1100 hp. A 1500hp chiron pur with the 380 kmh gearing could do under 8 seconds too
kilari sarath kumar
kilari sarath kumar 22 dager siden
its about time u took the senna there
Rob Mercaldi
Rob Mercaldi 22 dager siden
Spinning wheel pull away is British for burnout.
kilari sarath kumar
kilari sarath kumar 22 dager siden
wonder what the SF90 would do
Ans Asif
Ans Asif 22 dager siden
You should get one of these
A.J. W.
A.J. W. 22 dager siden
Insanely quick! Wish we had the warm weather here in Wichita! Hope you can bring some this way on the tour 😉
Killer Whale
Killer Whale 22 dager siden
If you spend over $100,000 I’ll supercar or more on the Hypercar and I can’t do under 10 seconds in a quarter mile you got ripped off
E K 21 dag siden
what is this gibberish?
HBC423 22 dager siden
Love the body and engine on the car. I’ve seen more impressive Hyundai interiors though.
JustKevon 22 dager siden
In 3 years from now I will be getting one of these they have always been my dream car
Paul Krapp
Paul Krapp 22 dager siden
I remember when one had to pour 6 figures into a street car to do a 9 sec. 1/4 mile! We've come a long way in 20 years! 👍😎
Paul Krapp
Paul Krapp 21 dag siden
@Nikola L. Hi Nikola! Yes, I agree with you. Cars today are much more powerful and expensive. My 1977 Fiat X 1/9 weighed 1,955 pounds and had 74 hp. It did zero to 60 mph in about a month. 😂 Top speed of 90 mph with the wind to my back and going down a steep hill! It's cool to see a street legal "mostly stock" McLaren that is this fast! Cheers!
Nikola L.
Nikola L. 21 dag siden
Well, this is a few times six figures so nothing new here.
Mr. X Tibbs
Mr. X Tibbs 22 dager siden
Everyone does it but Shmee150 does it with class.
J Twig
J Twig 22 dager siden
Shmee...the first video i saw i was disappointed. Now everyday i look forward to your posts. Your an excellent journalist. And look forward to your vids every day. Your awesome.
J. Myers, Making it work
J. Myers, Making it work 22 dager siden
You’d be really impressed with Cleetus’s manual trans corvette running 7.70’s. Probably has $20k in it? Pulls down the chicks bigtime.
Chris Kong
Chris Kong 22 dager siden
JxYz96 22 dager siden
Did you see stangmode there?
Grant Walton
Grant Walton 22 dager siden
Gidi knows how to drive!
T H 22 dager siden
Great stuff...Glad you are out of the UK for a while and enjoying some sun, warmth and maskless freedom there in FL. You should go to a gun range next🤔. 👍
leon extreme
leon extreme 22 dager siden
New Shmee mobile McLaren 765LT ??
skateman7711 22 dager siden
When you can't decide on a color
Joshua Sha
Joshua Sha 22 dager siden
this in a weird way puts the speed of the new tesla in perspective, a 4 door electric car that is heavy as hell can beat a McLaren WILD
E K 15 dager siden
@Joshua Sha again, no tesla has even made a 9 sec pass. The Plaid model hasn't done anything since it isn't even in production, lol.
Joshua Sha
Joshua Sha 16 dager siden
@E K the new tesla model s plaid plus has a sub 2 second 0-60 and a quarter mile speed of sub 9 , and Tesla’s are usually faster than advertised, so I can imagine the roadsters would be faster than that so yes Tesla has fast cars
E K 21 dag siden
I dont think any Tesla has beat this. Not sure what you are talking about. I dont think any Tesla has even made a 9 second pass, let alone an 8 second pass.
Message in MY Bottles
Message in MY Bottles 22 dager siden
****I will ALWAYS call that track (MOROSO). Old school guys know what I'm talking about. 😁👌
John Ferro
John Ferro 22 dager siden
Damn it's crazy to think that you were by my house such a small world
Salman Sharbatly
Salman Sharbatly 22 dager siden
Regarding the seats I think this is a new option that you can spec out and it does come in the middle east as well
Salman Sharbatly
Salman Sharbatly 22 dager siden
Yes sir yes sir yes sir .......
nxc cxxpxr
nxc cxxpxr 22 dager siden
I asked for a 10 second car not a 8.91 second car
Evan Carey
Evan Carey 22 dager siden
That thing is stupid fast, good job McLaren!
Build Indian
Build Indian 22 dager siden
Shmee is fully in love with the carbon fiber..
TurboDieselDan 22 dager siden
0:08 Downpipe and tune = "Heavily modified" on planet Shmee150 😀
TrakCar 22 dager siden
@ my home track :-)
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd 22 dager siden
80° isn’t hot haha. I’d hate to see you there in the summertime. Lol
Breno Gold
Breno Gold 22 dager siden
Petfred did good 🔥
W 22 dager siden
It is fast for a street car. Also makes me realize just how fast Cleetus' cars are which run deep in the 8's time after time and dip into the 7's. And they are dirt cheap by comparison.
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