LAMBO FEVER! Savage Garage's New Aventador SV and RIDICULOUS SVJ

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There are Lambos, and then there are Randy's Lambos! The Savage Garage has welcomed some new supercars, Randy's bought an Aventador SV Roadster and GT2 RS, which we're taking out for a drive with the most ridiculous Aventador SVJ ever. But first, let's start at the incredible Porsche Design Tower!
I first visited the Porsche Design Tower with my Ford GT when we took it right up to the penthouse, and this time I'm back for a long overdue catch up with Randy! On that same tour, a little over a year ago we made some videos together including a garage tour, driving the SVJ, buying a new GT2 RS at the time, and more. Since then, Randy's moved into one of the craziest car buildings in the world, where the cars quite literally take an elevator up to the condos.
Having recently shuffled a few of the cars in the garage, the two very bright green acquisitions in the high floor garage are the Porsche GT3 RS Weissach and the literally-just-collected Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster. First up is the ride down to the ground floor with both cars, before taking out Randy's Aventador SVJ too for some major Lamborghini fever!
The SVJ is fitted with an insane Gintani exhaust system, and the SV wears an IPE; the two cars together are quite frankly ear shattering and beyond ludicrous. What better then, than taking them for a run out!
Be sure to follow Randy and the Savage Garage team for all their crazy updates and rally antics:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:07 Condo Catch-up
04:31 Porsche Tower Elevator
07:12 SVJ Time
09:28 Lambo Fever
14:57 Checkpoint
17:33 The Most Insane Noise
18:26 Conclusion
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Shmee150 Måned siden
It's never a dull day with Randy and the Savage Garage team! Especially when there are two of the most ridiculous Lambos out there to take out for a drive...
junkook BTS
junkook BTS 29 dager siden
@Andres Cavada , it's Miami Dade county ( 305 )
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh Måned siden
Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video I'm glad you got to drive Randy's Absolutely Insane SVJ and I think his SV Roadster and Weissach GT3RS sound Absolutely Incredible francia francia Måned siden
Damn shmee had a good ass time !!!
h u s h
h u s h Måned siden
go to canada tim meet DDE!!!
Andres Cavada
Andres Cavada Måned siden
Pipo, sunny isles is not Miami 😜
Tom Hoyles
Tom Hoyles 12 dager siden
Love what he said about the Mercedes 'thats a little scary'.
feverjkg 12 dager siden
Nice video
Ethan Schafer
Ethan Schafer 16 dager siden
Shmee is a goof ball
Rasmus Svenden
Rasmus Svenden 18 dager siden
Did you see his Lancia ?
1c3 sLy1
1c3 sLy1 20 dager siden
Great Trio!
Ali abdulhadi
Ali abdulhadi 21 dag siden
you can tell how much nervous shmee is because he was sweeting when he was in the car when it was goinbg down the lift
Lionel McAdams
Lionel McAdams 24 dager siden
two words: I Need. 🔥
spadgm 25 dager siden
Randy is living his best life!
Jack Watt
Jack Watt 26 dager siden
I go to Randy’s local car meet in DC, and the SVJ is ear-shattering. Sounds like an f1 car
Nopal 26 dager siden
Now we need an NA V12 in your fleet Tim 😋
Xaor Verse
Xaor Verse 29 dager siden
Shmee gets an SVJ??? Coming soon?
Daniel Steussy
Daniel Steussy Måned siden
14:22 They're all mental!
Cars and Bikes World
Cars and Bikes World Måned siden
These cars are really amazing! Would love to own one also! 😍 Probably gonna have a Porsche 911 GT3 RS first! 🖤
Shashin Rajendran
Shashin Rajendran Måned siden
16:09 you told it all Your having the GT 500 in lime green
__GG_EZ__ TV
__GG_EZ__ TV Måned siden
randys hot tub on balcony still freaks me out, one slip away from flight
Tim mckenzie
Tim mckenzie Måned siden
living the DREAM!!!!!!!!!! Luving Your US TOUR !!! when knowing all coolest people and places in the world is normal !!!!!
Galvatron Måned siden
The SV >>> SVJ
Chris Wiggins
Chris Wiggins Måned siden
This is not Tony, but it is Tony's American cousin
Martin Veneno
Martin Veneno Måned siden
Shmee, Great work! Very nice video 🔥🔥 Watch all your videos all time I just did my 600lt down pipes Just want to see if you want to do a review on it You’re going to love it Also I’m going to be on the rally on the 21st with Randy salvage garage Let me know Thank you!
karl peart
karl peart Måned siden
Shmee I really like your content but I totally disagree with you travelling in the current climate its simply not on
Unrealpancake14 Måned siden
17:25 ****ZR1****
Andrew Wilkes
Andrew Wilkes Måned siden
It's great
Gavin Gagliardi
Gavin Gagliardi Måned siden
shmee i love you but drive the car harder
Ali Asghar MM
Ali Asghar MM Måned siden
Oe khote tune randi kese bol diya you misogynist
Sidhant Megh9
Sidhant Megh9 Måned siden
Waiting for Drag Race videos 🏁
48 FENDI Måned siden
apartment like gta with the cars
FullyFocused 11
FullyFocused 11 Måned siden
Schmee Florida doesn't have exhaust laws like we do in California you can make that bitch scream. Notice the owner was revving
Riding with Brad
Riding with Brad Måned siden
Completely savage!
Auto Trimmers
Auto Trimmers Måned siden
Poor GT2 it got silenced by the bulls
Andrew Wheeler
Andrew Wheeler Måned siden
I am deaf now with the headphones on
Sal Måned siden
Lime crime. Great video Tim!
Captain Ike
Captain Ike Måned siden
One day I bet shmee will own a house in Florida 2 years from now.
Jack Lauricourt
Jack Lauricourt Måned siden
A lift for your car?! I am shocked
David Platt
David Platt Måned siden
Like you said truly mental 👍
c m
c m Måned siden
Looks like he couldn't keep up
Shawn Adams
Shawn Adams Måned siden
I knew you couldn’t come to America without meeting up with randy. You laughed so much in your last video together it looked like you very much enjoyed their company. Thank you for all the content shmee !
TheFunkhouser Måned siden
Randy doesnt like seat-belts.
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore Måned siden
Your vids suck dudes. The story line(printing on screen) covers the picture. This is why Smee is not my fav to watch, 👇😭
Constantinos Charalambous
Constantinos Charalambous Måned siden
What does this guy do for a living (savagegarage)
Simon O
Simon O Måned siden
Shmee, what are you doing travelling at this time, mate? Go home and chill. We can wait for the cars. There are more important things to do right now.
Kenny Lo
Kenny Lo Måned siden
Savage Garage seem cool asf every time y’all link up
Jon Lyons
Jon Lyons Måned siden
I get Randy.
HOTWINGZ786 Måned siden
The exhaust notes, I could listen to those gear shifts all day,
Daniel Buck
Daniel Buck Måned siden
I like how randy isn’t afraid to drive his cars, he enjoys them for their entire lives
rustler08 Måned siden
I just want to know about the kitchen knives, those are beautiful
Dan Ording
Dan Ording Måned siden
Everyone rushes to the commments
caleb keanu
caleb keanu Måned siden
I miss the old colour of the svj rims
Yunix Deathwish
Yunix Deathwish Måned siden
That sv or svj with 10 grand f1 exhaust how it would be??? polices will be right behind 😅
Paul Krapp
Paul Krapp Måned siden
Thanks for bringing us along on your adventurers Tim! Complements to your camera operator in the passenger seat, good job! :-)
Iain F
Iain F Måned siden
#Shquad...... Hi Tim
lunga baker
lunga baker Måned siden
That SVJ definetly ha s the highest mileage, I love how he drives his cars and they not just some garage queens.
R A B Måned siden
Randy is the man
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewis Måned siden
Highly doubt Shmee has been to Disneyland and been on the Tower Of Terror. My favorite ride btw!!
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady Måned siden
Never thought mental wouldn’t fit a situation but the exhaust sounds at the end got you Tim. Btw how does gercollectors lambos sound compared to Randy’s ?
Aaron Douglas
Aaron Douglas Måned siden
Tim GER collecter would love the Aventador 's
legoNerd01245 Måned siden
your trips to America never disappoint
TACADO1 Måned siden
The fear on tims brow as he goes in the lift ! Classic
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley Måned siden
Living the life
Ahmad Syed
Ahmad Syed Måned siden
Shmee needs an aventador sv man
Thomas Borduas
Thomas Borduas Måned siden
Naples Motorsports SV?
Dr.Go-Fast Måned siden
savage misses 1 Lamborghini...the Gokart Pro Lambo edition..ha...I am the only one in The Netherlands who is a proud owner.
Jack Mathews
Jack Mathews Måned siden
Think I’d have a heart attack if I saw that convoy pass me
Tonic Shondlani
Tonic Shondlani Måned siden
“Money doesn’t buy happiness”
spadgm 25 dager siden
Last time I looked poverty doesn't buy happiness either lol
funbus Måned siden
@Savage Garage Definitely 👍
Savage Garage
Savage Garage Måned siden
But it sure makes it easier to be happy....
Mark Kaunda
Mark Kaunda Måned siden
They were obviously broke when they said that
funbus Måned siden
If money doesn't buy you happiness, then you're shopping at the wrong places 👍
BMW M2 Måned siden
Are you hooking up with Tavarish while in Florida?
Nuno Sousa
Nuno Sousa Måned siden
Ronan Doyle F1
Ronan Doyle F1 Måned siden
Was that durango at the mert the one that randy did a 97 quarter mile in?
David Ninnes
David Ninnes Måned siden
Yes to the GT500
Zander 63
Zander 63 Måned siden
I have been waiting for Shmee to drive Randy's SVJ from the day it got the Gintani exhaust and it finally happened 😍
TrakCar Måned siden
Its better here in Florida..
Jens Vielmann
Jens Vielmann Måned siden
Fun! Savage style.
lightning9 Måned siden
I don't think the SVJ with that Gintani tune is a good car to drive...coz you'll end up in jail trying to break the sound barrier..both speed & noise..
Christopher El-Haddad
Christopher El-Haddad Måned siden
You really need a v12 Lambo tim
EUgene Måned siden
Imagine DDE's Huracan Evo Aperta is here too
EUgene Måned siden
Omgg, every SVJ should sound like that🔥🔥
EUgene Måned siden
Shmuseum needs a V12 Lambo
john_random Måned siden
20k miles on SVJ, nice!
aramis gaston
aramis gaston Måned siden
i feel like a regular garage would be more efficient/practical but the elevator is bad* u don’t have to engage in peasant activity such as standing in regular elevators and pressing dirty buttons 🤢
Chris Kong
Chris Kong Måned siden
Woo, my ear! So loud deep loud
Alan McMillan
Alan McMillan Måned siden
Rubystone red gt500 maybe could be a nice choice, you dont have anything like it
Sam Walling
Sam Walling Måned siden
These 2 out here living their best lives 👍👍
Vix dibe
Vix dibe Måned siden
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Måned siden
Yeah Shmee INSANITY is a good way to put it😱😳😈👌🏻.
David Gray
David Gray Måned siden
Great video mainly because of the guys from savage garage. But you have the most ridiculous, and annoying laugh ever.
T7BELGZ Måned siden
Who is sitting next to shmee ?
Paul Achia
Paul Achia Måned siden
Decevator Transfer Skip Plate 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
max wimmer
max wimmer Måned siden
had the pleasure of seeing the svj in person when randy and the crew came into utah on goldrush and video’s do not do that thing justice the sound is unlike anything else
Sue Holloway
Sue Holloway Måned siden
God that savage V12 lambo sound 😍🔥
bo matt
bo matt Måned siden
That’s one baller condo.
Wajang Måned siden
That lift system is awesome...
Max H
Max H Måned siden
Description says GT2RS but it should be GT3RS.
TheGermanGuy24 Måned siden
Is the SVJ with the Gintani exhaust even louder than Gercollectors Novitec SVJ? 🤯
TehZozyy Måned siden
how do any of his videos get dislikes...will never understand
PecPowers Måned siden
Whilst you’re over there, make sure you arrange something with Mike @streetspeed717 & his amazing ZR1
phantom2k10 Måned siden
Randy is balling for real man
Steven Booth
Steven Booth Måned siden
They're all mental to be😄🤙
Steven Booth
Steven Booth Måned siden
I really wouldn't mind taking those three to the Greene helm😎🤙
EMBA KUB EKM Måned siden
imsoSWAZY Måned siden
Get in the car Tim! haha love this and all of you. Well done.
Jackie Truong
Jackie Truong Måned siden
I prefer the SV than the SVJ.
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