My Friend BOUGHT the CHEAPEST McLaren 765LT! Collection Day with DragTimes

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It's collection day of Brooks from DragTimes' brand new McLaren 765LT! Not only that, but we're joined by TWO OTHER 765LTs that have just arrived here in Miami too. After heading over to Hugh's Detailing, let's check out the spec and head out for the first drive.
With deliveries of the new McLaren 765LT having only just started, Brooks has been waiting about a year and a half up to this point for his new Napier Green supercar. Upon delivery it went straight to Hugh's Detailing in Miami for PPF so it's ready to get out on the roads for the first drive. For our first stop, we're at the DragTimes garage to see the cars including the 2005 Heffner Ford GT that I raced against 18 months ago, the Lamborghini Huracan EVO, Ferrari F8 Tributo, and the McLaren 720S that will be staying in the garage.
It's then time to get on the road with my friend Jimmy, who I drove the 2014 Gumball 3000 with, in the Tesla Model 3 Performance giving chase to Soarer in his Papaya Spark 765LT, only to arrive and meet with the ModFind 765LT that's already been heavily modified! At Hugh's Detailing, the 765LT is in good company with a Merlin Purple Audi RS6 and Liquid Silver Ford GT too. After pulling it outside, we're then on the road to head back with the first drive!
Be sure to check out some of the races that Brooks will be getting up to with the 765LT and others via his channel:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:48 Garage Tour
02:59 Second 765LT Arrives
03:35 Model 3 Ride
05:10 765LT Reveal
07:23 ModFind 765LT
08:58 Workshop Shuffle
11:34 Ride Onboard
14:09 Conclusion
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Shmee150 Måned siden
I caught up with Brooks from DragTimes for the collection day of his brand new McLaren 765LT! You can be sure there will be some awesome drag strip races to come with this:
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Måned siden
how neat just discovered brooks channel didnt know you guys knew each other very cool
Car Culture Nation
Car Culture Nation Måned siden
Love both channels. I’ll be honest all the 765lt I’ve seen looked like they were just a mclaren. Oh course I know how special they are. Thing is that green one is by far the best looking one. Plus I love the 6 cyl ford more😦😬 lol imagine a ford gt with that green color?!? I know the mclaren is faster by far. But I love ford GTs and always wonder what one would do with a tune!!
paulo f
paulo f Måned siden
Cheapest but the fastest 👌🏻💪🏻 and an amazing color. Cool video Tim you're spot on with the collaboration vids.
Amit Prulov
Amit Prulov Måned siden
What about a race between your 675lt and his ferrari f8 ,?🤗
Omar Hussain
Omar Hussain Måned siden
Add a Audi RS6 Avant to your Shameemobiles
Faris Latif
Faris Latif 12 dager siden
I thought people say senna seat is nice and comfortable Shmee: p1 seat is the best
P1LYP 21 dag siden
That McLaren sunstrip looks like it's come from Halfords.
central time
central time 22 dager siden
🤗🤗🤗 Looks good, goes like stink, but sounds like absolute garbage. When will mclaren bring out a decent sounding car. To me this is pointless crap, spend 350k to go a little bit faster than you did the previous 500 times down a piece of road 😂😂😂.
GT22 25 dager siden
That green 765LT is the best looking McLaren full stop 🛑!!!
Dany Cesc
Dany Cesc 28 dager siden
Aside from the P1 this new 765LT is by far their best work, too bad is limited because I would buy one asap.
Tommy2shoe811 Måned siden
That McLaren is an outrageously good looking car. Imo one of the top 2 or 3 best looking super cars.
johhny morris
johhny morris Måned siden
The luxuriant place spontaneously thank because unshielded intraoperatively radiate lest a exultant zinc. instinctive, abandoned cornet
James Pugh
James Pugh Måned siden
Butifule Lt love the lime green .
Mr.E Måned siden
loving the 'sheep 150' outro on almost every video now.
Motorcycle addict
Motorcycle addict Måned siden
Cheapest click bait lol , no such thing as a cheap mclaren
spadgm Måned siden
Stunning cars!
MillionsDan Måned siden
My right ear wasn't too pleased with you this video Tim
Jason Jordan-Rose
Jason Jordan-Rose Måned siden
I’ve seen a 765 in london
Gary Lawton
Gary Lawton Måned siden
Nearly 6 grand for stitching! 🤯 you could buy another used car for that! 😜
james fleming
james fleming Måned siden
cheapest and mclaren lt dont go in the same sentance
Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor Måned siden
personally i hate the look of the 720 but love the look of the 765👍
ZMC Måned siden
You should collab with savage garage
Tyys Måned siden
Cheapest and 765LT should not be in the same sentence 😂
Harvey Jay David
Harvey Jay David Måned siden
Wait i thought senna was the comfy seats?
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Måned siden
Tim, you need one of these!!
Legendkiller Måned siden
you misuse the word cheap
Ntokozo Shange
Ntokozo Shange Måned siden
When Rich class people say, I bought th "Cheap McLaren 😎"... average class people like me be like "😳😲😳"..."Cheap"???
Kadeem Smith
Kadeem Smith Måned siden
McLaren may have the hardest roofscoops out right now
Kadeem Smith
Kadeem Smith Måned siden
Garage like Test Drive Unlimited 2
Adrian E.
Adrian E. Måned siden
Honestyl I have gotten more and more depressed watching videos of super cars. In the last 4 years I had save duplicate enough to buy a GTR amd things kept happening where that money had tk go elsewhere... emergency dental work for my kid, funeral.cost for a famiky.memebr and recently COVID... I have heard jeep going you will get your dream car but honestly I feel like the universe is trying to tell me you aren't destined to get one.
Jaylon Soares
Jaylon Soares Måned siden
I don't know if you guys agree but the 765 long tail is a pretty awesome car.
Plaxic Måned siden
This whole trio of 765LTs showed up in Fort Lauderdale yesterday for First Street cars and coffee, all lined up in a row with their doors up. Pretty cool.
High Altitude Motorsports
High Altitude Motorsports Måned siden
Ayy I spy Fred’s 765lt 😍 7:24
TurboDieselDan Måned siden
I'm really bummed the 765LT does not pop and bang during the shifts like your 675LT does. That's the best part and pretty sure you've said the same.
ชีวิตต้องดี กว่าเดิม
ชีวิตต้องดี กว่าเดิม Måned siden
Don am Love svj ok
Joe VAN DIJK Måned siden
You don;t think it;s a bit rough you doing a video on BROOKS when you know that he was doing a video on the same topic at exactly the same time. Talk about stealing material from another guy. I think the term FRIEND may be a bit shallow.
Jean Lafrance
Jean Lafrance Måned siden
The orange 765lt is now my dream car, god it looks insane
Raffi1008 Måned siden
Your friends from @TheSatinCrew got their 765LT already delivered! :)
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete Måned siden
The orange looks considerably nicer than the green
Jay S
Jay S Måned siden
I was never a fan of bright colors but they look pretty sweet on the 765LT
PureSwank Måned siden
I don't like the black. It hides all the curves and panels. The green and orange show the cars TRUE DESIGN.
Sanjar Siddikov
Sanjar Siddikov Måned siden
British accent VS American accent 😀
IAN OLMO Måned siden
My friend took his delivery of a white one in Orlando Florida too
YouTube man Swagroy21
YouTube man Swagroy21 27 dager siden
Cool that my home town
John Duggan
John Duggan Måned siden
Can you stop talking everytime a car is turned on to hear the exhaust. You have a habit of just shouting over the top of the sound. Rather than letting us hear the cars
Luke Acers
Luke Acers Måned siden
Please buy some new sunnies Tim.
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Måned siden
Why does everyone put their retractable spoilers up as if it’s not retractable? Just so corny.
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Måned siden
@bootysmaka22 certain cars have aerodynamic packages that give you a fixed spoiler. I can get past looks because that’s my opinion but not the fact that expensive car owners look like cheapskates with a leased car. But hey, opinion I guess.
bootysmaka22 Måned siden
I'm with Agustin, I always prefer the way the car looks with the spoiler up. But as he said, everyone has their own opinion of what looks good.
Agustín Guglielmone
Agustín Guglielmone Måned siden
@Purple Guy 🤷🏽‍♂️ just opinions
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Måned siden
@Agustín Guglielmone this was a rhetorical question, those cars who don’t put them down look like a part of them is broken and is trying so hard to stay in place.
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Måned siden
@Agustín Guglielmone not really, it looks nicer with them down and flush.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor Måned siden
Refreshing for someone not to go mental with a spec
manfreakca Harambe
manfreakca Harambe Måned siden
i like the orange n black lime green is tacky
Kd_ 16
Kd_ 16 Måned siden
This car is way nicer than the black series to be honest!
Shafiul Azam
Shafiul Azam Måned siden
The intro never gets old.
D4N13LV10 Måned siden
Just saying there have been a few European deliveries of 765s, at least one in the UK from McLaren Hatfield where Shmee got his Taycan!
Afdal Asadullah
Afdal Asadullah Måned siden
GR8 Måned siden
Cant imagine driving those cars in miami traffic and the shitty roads
Rayan Jabr
Rayan Jabr Måned siden
765LT is the best looking car on the market now. The only other car that can compete is the Ferrari F8
Ash Blythe
Ash Blythe Måned siden
Your cheers..! Is hilarious
David Kelley
David Kelley Måned siden
Hey Tim what are your plans while your in the states?
Lister Motorsports
Lister Motorsports Måned siden
Schmee, what wristwatch are you wearing Sir ? Great vid !
Hayden Scott
Hayden Scott Måned siden
Tim I'm glad u like my car
David Kelley
David Kelley Måned siden
Didn’t know brooks ford gt was a heffner version. Thought it was still a stock blower, maybe just a pulley and a tune ford gt.
David Kelley
David Kelley Måned siden
@DragTimes dope. No wonder why you were able to keep up with Tims new ford gt at the drag strip. Thanks for answering my questions.
DragTimes Måned siden
Heffner calls it the GT700, pulley, tune, exhaust... puts down 650 WHP...
David Kelley
David Kelley Måned siden
Didn’t know Shmee was in the states. Hopefully it would be awesome to see you link up with Savage garage
GeebsinVA Måned siden
You need to go see gages dad in Texas he has some special cars coming in
Flavio Akune
Flavio Akune Måned siden
"for free" lol more like "as standard"
David J Blake
David J Blake Måned siden
Your reflective 'shades' in the intro are seriously distracting... 🤣
Pearce Måned siden
Martgacarsde Måned siden
I have a question guys : Will there be a 765 LT Spider soon ?
Tom Wiech
Tom Wiech Måned siden
Poverty spec 765lt
blak spark
blak spark Måned siden
I’ll take the orange one every time
Ronan Doyle F1
Ronan Doyle F1 Måned siden
What was with the DBS?
T VanderWheels
T VanderWheels Måned siden
George Collins
George Collins Måned siden
Please stop calling it “seven sixty-five”! Please pronounce it as “seven six five”!
George Collins
George Collins Måned siden
@Crestfallen Plinth I am guessing that you are an american as british people normally say “seven six five”
Crestfallen Plinth
Crestfallen Plinth Måned siden
martyn WILLIAMS Måned siden
wen you going to get the sabba
Axel A
Axel A Måned siden
Will you be visiting Manny again while you’re in the USA? The hermes Chiron wasn’t there yet last time, was it?
bentleyspotter Måned siden
I think napier is the way to go. Also those 675 seats in his look nicer and i think fit the car better
spyburn007 Måned siden
Shmee’s getting rona
Birdy Birb
Birdy Birb Måned siden
You are Ricky Gervais long lost brother
Sami Seifeddine
Sami Seifeddine Måned siden
CG LN Måned siden
How the fuck do they get away with charging 5,700 for different coloured stiching!?!?! these are hand made cars anyway! it's not like they need a special production line for it., jesus!!
Tom Thunert
Tom Thunert Måned siden
Wie oft sieht man einen McLaren 765 LT sehr sehr selten Aber wann sieht man mal 3 gleichzeitig 😱
Đức Đỗ Hồng
Đức Đỗ Hồng Måned siden
Imagine when Shmee's gonna visit Doug Demuro in the next video
MNPR33 Måned siden
3:05 Evo 7 👀
Faraz Saegh
Faraz Saegh Måned siden
Hi McLaren 765LT Love you WOW COOOL.
Preasan Rajah
Preasan Rajah Måned siden
Kinda glad you in the USA, keep the content coming with your unique point of view.
Boon Hao
Boon Hao Måned siden
i cant withstand this guy strong British accent. I will accelerate my Agera and knock him over anytime.
RS Måned siden
damn man, that's always my personal favourite joice - a brutal green with some black accents toptop
mjtv 7
mjtv 7 Måned siden
U have to get the 2005 Ford gt it will look cool next to your gt
Abdullah Abir
Abdullah Abir Måned siden
When I see drag times I thought that there would be a drag race with it. But, well my luck hey😒
EliteDavid Horne
EliteDavid Horne Måned siden
Check out dragtimes channel. Hes already run the 765 down the quarter mile. Fastest production in the world atm.
Sebas987 Måned siden
That line-up of brand New LT's is pretty insane!😜
BNE Exotics
BNE Exotics Måned siden
Congrats to Brook 👍 could someone explain the major differences from 720 ? Other than body kit/snorkel and a tune.
Christopher Pettway
Christopher Pettway Måned siden
Wonderful 👏 👏 👏 👏
Samer Abdallah
Samer Abdallah Måned siden
Right by my house! So cool!! Hope I see those bad boys on the road!!
Nuno Sousa
Nuno Sousa Måned siden
SCT333 Måned siden
The green McLaren at 5:15 looks amazing.
Cincy_Supercar Måned siden
Sorry Brooks but the 🎃 spec over the 🧪
Pienimusta Måned siden
That green is insane. Such nice colour.
randy pranata
randy pranata Måned siden
That forf GT really awesome
Circahh H
Circahh H Måned siden
"the rest of the stuff comes free" lol...
Alexgotnicebody Måned siden
Wheels look like shit but everything else is nice
Joe L
Joe L Måned siden
Greens the color I would order.
VAprod Måned siden
The black & white 765lt is truly awesome !! It reminds me my old hot wheels cars in the 80’s wich changed color with hot water 🥰
Enrique López
Enrique López Måned siden
Did the fps in shmee videos are a coincidence or something intentional? 1080p50 shmee150. You see what I mean? 🤣
Az Lean
Az Lean Måned siden
What are the dragtimes? I didn't see them.
Az Lean
Az Lean Måned siden
@Crestfallen Plinth Ahhh. No I didn't realise it was a name 👌🏻
Crestfallen Plinth
Crestfallen Plinth Måned siden
thats the name of the other guy's channel....unless uou were trying to make a joke then nvm
greg jauffret
greg jauffret Måned siden
You thinking off getting your own anytime soon?
Keys 54
Keys 54 Måned siden
Like the orange one better, but love the black/grey one. Peter
Vol V loV
Vol V loV Måned siden
I’m saving up my money for the more expensive Mclaren.
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