SUPERCAR MANCAVE! Dubai's Newest Porsche and Ferrari Gallery

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When it comes to epic garage memorabilia, it doesn't get much better than the Mille Miglia Gallery in Dubai! From hypercars like the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder, to displays of dioramas, figurines and more, let's check out the new gallery and explore what's on show.
I previously visited the private office Ferrari collection of the Mille Miglia Gallery, but this time around the main gallery has also now opened, featuring a display of Porsches and more, as well as hundreds of incredible pieces of garage memorabilia. With cars like the 918 Spyder, Carrera GT, a wingless GT2 RS and a 356 Speedster joined as well by the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf and Vanquish Zagato, as well as a number of Ferraris, that's just the start.
On the walls are found numerous dioramas of 1:18 model cars by Patrick Richard, as well as figurines and automotive pieces by Giullermo Forchino. These are joined by everything from 1:8 Amalgam replicas of the cars in the collection to special Ferrari owner and collector pieces.
In the private office we can explore around the expanding collection that now features a Tailor Made Pista Spider in some incredible company with the likes of the LaFerrari, SA Aperta, 599 GTO, Speciale A and many more of the finest cars from Maranello.
Many of the artwork pieces are for sale via Mille Miglia Gallery, you can find them here:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:38 Porsche Gallery
06:34 Ferrari Gallery
10:53 Memorabilia
13:07 Conclusion
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Shmee150 Måned siden
Check out the new Mille Miglia Gallery in Dubai! This is home to some fantastic cars, and a great array of garage memorabilia - certainly some ideas for my own collection too.
Scottie Copasetic
Scottie Copasetic Måned siden
Beautiful car cave! I still love the 918 Spyder (The LaFerrari is beautiful as well but I'd be afraid to drive it). Ty Sir for showing us these sweet spots across the globe!
Willy Lamb
Willy Lamb Måned siden
Interestingly, I remember a couple years ago around when the GT2 RS first started delivery, somebody tested theirs at a ¼-mile drag strip with and without the rear wing. I couldn’t find it again just now, but the results were surprising - I believe the trap speed may have been 2 MPH *faster with* the rear wing. If true, this means there’s some sort of unsettledness with the rear aerodynamics without the wing present.
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh Måned siden
Shmee150 Absolutely Incredible Video the New Mill8e Migle Gallery is Absolutely Incredible and I think you should a Similar setup in the Shmuseum
Gena- F56 Cooper S
Gena- F56 Cooper S Måned siden
You know your stuff ! I reckon there's another security guy in the racing suit.
matthias spiegelfeld
matthias spiegelfeld Måned siden
If you have the broken parts of the senna you can mount them on the wall like the GT2's spoiler
DoubleDeckerAnton Måned siden
Great to see another collection of vehicles. 🙂👍
nathaniel martin
nathaniel martin Måned siden
Take a shot everytime Tim says Ferrari .
MStaal89 Måned siden
The classic 356 is actually a roadster, not a speedster. Very cool to see a classic Porsche in one of these collections
Vaios Koutis
Vaios Koutis Måned siden
Wingless gt2rs? Why would u ruin it like that
tridenteartista Måned siden
Lo Sminkiettino inglese😂😂😂
SgIsAwesome Måned siden
why does it feel like you've taken us for a tour in the ferrari gallery before?
Santi Sicardi
Santi Sicardi Måned siden
alguien te dijo que te pareces a ryan evans?
Vincent Franken
Vincent Franken Måned siden
The Charles Leclerc kart is actually a black BirelART chassis with a nice stickerset ;-) Same as Ricciardo kart...
Dustin Måned siden
This whole time I thought the security guards were real!
Bangers81 Måned siden
The cars are awesome, zero interest in the little models though, zero
legendmusic Måned siden
The sound of the engines wow music for the lonely wild heart! Which reminds me...does anyone else also almost only listen to rock music like Metallica/Delta Parole/Oasis when they drive? Whats you guys favourites?
Chris Mccullough
Chris Mccullough Måned siden
Fabian Bohlen
Fabian Bohlen Måned siden
Can you do a video with Faisal Alhumaid?
Nuno Sousa
Nuno Sousa Måned siden
Nelson Måned siden
Is that Ferrari 512 bbi a koeing?
Sebastian Burton
Sebastian Burton Måned siden
How does your brain fit in your head? I’m not saying you got a big head but the knowledge about everything is incredible.
James Pugh
James Pugh Måned siden
What a collection
Vyt Bbb
Vyt Bbb Måned siden
the place is overcrowded...
Michele Lucia
Michele Lucia Måned siden
No one cares about the news in dubai 10:40
Rodomir Asov
Rodomir Asov Måned siden
Чуи, это твоя синяя тачка?
Mohamed Elsebaity
Mohamed Elsebaity Måned siden
WhalleyRangeMassive Måned siden
Can't you do content with ten cars in the UK? Flying around the world at the moment isn't the best message from all the influencers......
Top Dawg
Top Dawg Måned siden
that horse has grille instead nose lol
I think the 356 is not an speedster its a roadster the speedster was produced in the pre A and A series of the 356, this one is a B series.
God Saves
God Saves Måned siden
🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👍 🚗
Pot Committed
Pot Committed Måned siden
The security guard could help hang some pictures if he's not busy
piratexxxking Måned siden
Really cool collection. I really like the car models in the dioramas. Feels classier than the models just in a clear case. The ferrari F40 prancing sculpture was super cool too
Jacob Waddell
Jacob Waddell Måned siden
Liked the video for the wing on the wall...was probably gonna Like it at the end anyway😂
QwikAd Måned siden
The mannequins gave me the willies
Afdal Asadullah
Afdal Asadullah Måned siden
Nainil Maladkar
Nainil Maladkar Måned siden
Can anyone tell me which company makes those Ferrari car model garages ?
paul yanacopoulos-gross
paul yanacopoulos-gross Måned siden
that's a porsche 356 roadster and not a speedster
Scottie Copasetic
Scottie Copasetic Måned siden
Wow Shmee, 2 of the best car manufacturers & all the displays to go with the sweet cars. I can totally see why you're excited about those garage set ups. Gosh, it'd require a full time staff to set all those models up in such a unique fashion. Ty Sir for bringing us along!
spadgm Måned siden
Epic space, and an amazing collection of cars and Memorabilia, just awesome!
Michael Braun
Michael Braun Måned siden
Geez you know your stuff mate well done a true car lover
notDonald Fagen
notDonald Fagen Måned siden
Wait. Is that a new Daytona? Ice blue/platinum?
bo matt
bo matt Måned siden
That Ferrari 512M was pretty special looking
Bull Yawn 4 me
Bull Yawn 4 me Måned siden
The models should be placed at eye level tho.
Ben Van-Ness
Ben Van-Ness Måned siden
That is amazing honestly. Very impressive
English Cad
English Cad Måned siden
Rest of the world is dying locked down losing their jobs unable to travel. Let's go on holiday and look at cars no one in the real world can afford. I know what will cheer everyone up. Buy myself a Lamborghini 🙄👍 way to go!
Samuel Egunlusi
Samuel Egunlusi Måned siden
I love Porsches because they built true drivers sport and supercars. One of my favorite supercars is the Porsche Carrera Gt. The Porsche Carrera Gt really put drivers to the test when it comes to intense driving.
Love your stuff Shmee!, literally watch every day! Could I suggest it may be time for a camera upgrade? I know you like sticking to 1080 for ease of workflow, which I totally understand. But something with a better sensor and lens will give great results, while also performing very well in low light. There are some really good options out there these days and auto focus technology these days is lightning fast. I.e. Sony A6000 series. To be honest even the iPhone 12 pro max is insane! haha Anyway, just a suggestion, I think it will take your awesome content to the next level!
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright Måned siden
tim did u sell the green thing yet
83luckyeddie Måned siden
I have to say that compared to other garages/mancaves in Dubai, this one seems rather subdued and, in my opinion, really classy because of it!
Richard the Lion Heart
Richard the Lion Heart Måned siden
Great vid - thanks. Every car is a very special and each festooned w a great spec.
Derek Dickinson
Derek Dickinson Måned siden
Buy some t-shirts FFS. Do you realise how stupid you look wearing shorts with a long sleeved shirt!
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Måned siden
As a diecast collector i might say, his collection display is awesome to say at least! I love the models stripped apart in the garages 😍
Jarmo L
Jarmo L Måned siden
Porsche roadster not speedster* :)
Schumifannr Eins
Schumifannr Eins Måned siden
A great collection, but so crammed together. A bit sad.
lego life
lego life Måned siden
That leather in the california is perfecto and so classy!!!
Barison Dude
Barison Dude Måned siden
Loving the homage to Schumacher this place pays. 🙏
Tero T
Tero T Måned siden
Damn that is cool collection, and dioramas. But, no F40?? Thats shame. Because, IMO, if you build Ferrari collection, it has to have F40 in it.
Filipe Santiago
Filipe Santiago Måned siden
Is the security guard a person or a dummy? He does not move at all...
Harald Rabe
Harald Rabe Måned siden
Amazing Mancave . Greetings from Germany
joao angeles
joao angeles Måned siden
Is that a real security guard? mannequin? cardboard cut out?
Luke Slater
Luke Slater Måned siden
That first Security guard LOOKED SO LIFE LIKE😱😳.
Lvx Leather
Lvx Leather Måned siden
Fun Fact: None of us could even afford one of the scale models. Some people have WAY too much money.
Guillaume Crossfit
Guillaume Crossfit Måned siden
Tim it’s time to go at hairdresser quickly
Aman Mirza
Aman Mirza Måned siden
Fly emirates fly better
SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel
SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel Måned siden
OMG that modelcars and memorabilia....Just EPIC!
Alex Night 4031
Alex Night 4031 Måned siden
Shmee ты как всегда на высоте, очень нравятся твои выпуски , Удачи 🍀
Nighthawk 009
Nighthawk 009 Måned siden
I heard the UAE has been taken off the safe travel list for the U.K. hope you can return home safely
David Offord
David Offord Måned siden
Everything you are doing, it is a wonderful way to start the year, Tim. A very Happy New Year from little Kraków. May you go from strength to strength.
KushhCoffey Måned siden
I like to think the Security Guard is still in the Ferrari race suit.
dwight tsanchez
dwight tsanchez Måned siden
Security guy is a massive tool
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Måned siden
Nice Rolex Daytona! You have an interest in watches???
Winston Toh
Winston Toh Måned siden
Just waiting for shmee to go to Brunei and check out the sultan's cars:)
Gabe Shyu
Gabe Shyu Måned siden
“Spe-CHia-lay” ragazzo!!!
frogs Måned siden
Smhee voice gets ever so higher and higher as he lists items off.
Simon Says
Simon Says Måned siden
Well assuming your still out their you will need to self isolate when you arrive in the UK
firewaffle1 Måned siden
Can you show us your model car collection?
ChargerMadeit Måned siden
I tought that guy with white shirt on is real lmao.
It's Me !!!
It's Me !!! Måned siden
I wonder how much time it takes to get all the cars out.. 😅😅
Cameron Horder
Cameron Horder Måned siden
Who else came to the comments to find out if the security gurad was real or not
Ryan Coronel
Ryan Coronel Måned siden
Is that security guard real? 🤣
I got the video back 4 times to find out if that security guard is real or not
Messias Alves
Messias Alves Måned siden
Why is the security guard standing like that all the time?
83luckyeddie Måned siden
Don't worry, Shmee just stopped time in that garage to film his video in peace. True story.
Spikey Scenes
Spikey Scenes Måned siden
He is star struck at meeting Shmee150 of course
Dutch Godzilla
Dutch Godzilla Måned siden
What a value of cars in one place!
Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam Måned siden
I don't like porsche carrera gt . This is a stupid and useless car .
Allen Saunders
Allen Saunders Måned siden
Extrodinary place. Does have the look of a museum with car's that are not driven
Bob s
Bob s Måned siden
Love your vids! Although i wish that you gave a bit more attention to the early build cars too.
Elleissy 7855
Elleissy 7855 Måned siden
Please shout me out shmee in ur next vid please love ur vids
Felix Wankel
Felix Wankel Måned siden
Shmee is helping car enthusiasts in Dubai like me find new places to spend time. Shmee, I suggest going to tomini classics, you’ll absolutely love it!
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid Måned siden
I'd personally be MORE than happy to own that unreal collection of unbelievable dioramas if nothing else!!! Only in my dreams as a serious diecast collector with over 4,000 cars from 1/8 to 1/64 👍👍👍
Chris Markham
Chris Markham Måned siden
356 Super 90 is a Roadster, not a Speedster. The Speedster ended in ‘58, followed by the one-year “convertible D” (for Drauz coachbuilders), then the Roadster was introduced for ‘60 through ‘62.
Chris Markham
Chris Markham Måned siden
Not dragging you, Tim. Your encyclopedic knowledge of modern super and hypercars pales nearly everyone else. I learn so much with every video. Hoping to see a monoposto or one of the Porsche werks studies. And more Taycan! Thanks!
Bling Måned siden
Another Legendary Video
Senshi Bat
Senshi Bat Måned siden
The shadow box diorama treatments are very classy. -maybe Facey a Tim in Wax ala The Madame Tussauds of....bur in Hammersmith and Fulham.
Uncle Randy
Uncle Randy Måned siden
so crazy that the owner pays security guards to guard his car collection. that is a serious FLEEEEEXXX
Степан Гончаревич
Степан Гончаревич Måned siden
what does pagani huayra bc(huayra Roadster bc) win? If she is weak on the track (she loses to senna) and also loses to 918 spyder in drag
Jahsim Måned siden
10:39 hey it’s CNN lol
Ryan Lamar
Ryan Lamar Måned siden
Best love to you, I'm a big fan and have been watching your videos for a long time, 2021 will be Epic for you 🥳🥳💯
H. Manuel
H. Manuel Måned siden
Awesome car collection!
Luke Frank
Luke Frank Måned siden
Might be my favorite garage you’ve ever toured
King Joffrey
King Joffrey Måned siden
This place always blows my mind. I absolutely love that Pista, beautiful spec
la Putin
la Putin Måned siden
Amazing collection
RJR Måned siden
Is all of that stuff memorabilia, or is it bric-a-brac? Maybe some are knick-knacks?
natbarron Måned siden
Hi Tim
Ahmad Talhah
Ahmad Talhah Måned siden
JCBSLMN Måned siden
that gt2 rs oohhhhh my
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