PROTECTING My New Monster! Shelby GT500 with the Latest Trick PPF

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22 dager siden

It's time to prepare my newest monster for the miles ahead! The Grabber Lime Shelby GT500 Shmeemobile is getting full Paint Protection Film using the latest SunTek Reaction PPF at First Class Autosports. Getting the process underway, just check out the quality of this finish!
Kicking off on a morning of bizarre weather, from thunderstorms to bright sunshine, it's a short drive over with the GT500 to visit First Class Autosports who will be doing the SunTek PPF install. I first met the guys on my visit 12 months ago, so it's awesome to now have my car with them along with an awesome line up in the shop including a new Ford GT, BMW M2 CS, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Rolls-Royce Dawn Miami, new M440i and more. However, the drive certainly points out that something is wrong with my car's ride... and more is to come on that soon.
Despite all of the PPF'd Shmeemobiles wearing SunTek film; from the Senna to the GT R Roadster, none of them until now have SunTek's brand new and just released Reaction Paint Protection Film which mixes the traditional benefits of PPF from stone chips, swirl marks, self-healing and being easier to wash, with now also offering a top surface with ceramic coating like hydrophobic qualities. After walking through the process to install the PPF on the hood, there's no better way to show this than a quick test to directly show the effect on the new material, and also on a competitor's product that's been installed on the M2 CS in the workshop. It's remarkable!
SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film is the latest and greatest and makes my Shelby GT500 one of the first in the world to have it installed. PPF is a clear urethane wrap that protects paint against rock chips and scratches while offering self-healing that pulls out scratches with heat to keep the car looking brand new. It has a high gloss finish with hydrophobic qualities that enables water to bead nicely on the surface while also making it very easy to clean.
Find SunTek authorised PPF Dealers using the locator here:
You can also follow SunTek directly via their pages:
Instagram: suntekfilms
Facebook: SunTekWindowFilm
Also thanks to First Class Autosports for their work:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:47 Plan
01:49 First Drive
04:05 Arrival at First Class
05:50 Prep
08:10 Good Company
08:52 SunTek Reaction
09:30 Pre Prep
10:35 PPF Process
13:33 Beading
15:30 Next Stages
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Shmee150 21 dag siden
To protect my new Shelby GT500, it's getting the very latest SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film. All of the PPF'd Shmeemobiles have SunTek material, and the new Reaction PPF has some immense beading properties, check this out! SunTek dealer locator:
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh 19 dager siden
Shmee150 Great Video I'm glad you got Suntek Reaction for Your Shelby GT500 CFTP and I can't wait to see the Stripes and Here in American call a what you call a bonnet a Hood and Happy Belated Valentines to you and your family and all of your Subscribers
Chicago Exotics
Chicago Exotics 20 dager siden
Um, the GT500 is illegal in Europe.
geraint roberts
geraint roberts 20 dager siden
@Cole Davenport So will the tax man.
Rohan Dhotre
Rohan Dhotre 20 dager siden
The heat makes me jealous. We are here in the UK where it is a miserable 8 degrees.
BeatzCyber 20 dager siden
I made a replica of your car in Forza Horizon 4
Richard Thorpe
Richard Thorpe 14 dager siden
Couldn't have he had the strips out on before the ceramic PPF, the strips haven't got the ceramic coating on it.
SaleenDriva 16 dager siden
I have a feeling that your rear ride quality issue is probably from the set of shipping spacers they were supposed to take out during the cars PDI
TheFunkhouser 17 dager siden
Do they get pissed off with the customer waiting and watching them work? I know mechanic's usually do
karbonfiba 17 dager siden
Wish I have that weather here in Utah....
Jorge Rodrigues
Jorge Rodrigues 17 dager siden
Nabil must be laughing watching this video!
Moodamage 17 dager siden
How much does something like this new SunTek PPF cost for a whole car?
Joshua Kabba
Joshua Kabba 18 dager siden
Hope Everything is Good Shmee150 i like Everything on your channel but i have just one problem you over talk on the channel and there is no practicality (please understand me am not criticising you) but it is quite something i have over seen on the channel. please try to change by adding more practicality like the stradman, DDE etc i love the channel and all the cars. But please try to change Thank you
ara gureghian
ara gureghian 18 dager siden
Of course what a shame you did not go for the Challenger SRT Demon. 0-60mph 2.3sec / quarter mile 9.65sec. Such a more superior car. Taste of course. Keep in mind that "Solar Guard" PPF Solar Guard with a written warranty of ten years [10] has 5 infused layers, self healing of course, and not sandwiched layers as Sun Tek. Much research. My main question however as I will be in London car-less soon, is how much are you renting/leasing your cars? weekly maybe? hopefully. I find it so smart to be so multi faceted with a finance company, rental, and at the same time build a following through these wonderful videos. Kind of like Hertz which does not own a single car! Of course Hertz is only rental. I call it have your cake and eat it too! If only I was younger...
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 18 dager siden
I've been in Miami for the last 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure I saw you in the gt500 pass by and I was like thats shmee 🤣
89Trashmaster 18 dager siden
08:35 DHL is in da house 😂
DrDrOpOfFsKi 18 dager siden
Beading loool looks the same get the cheaper one 👍
CrazeyP 18 dager siden
Will shmee ever collab with the sidemen?
Andy Clark
Andy Clark 19 dager siden
I reckon a matte or satin PPF finish would have been awesome
ralph fonseca
ralph fonseca 19 dager siden
Hey Shmee it was nice meeting you last Saturday at First Class Autosports, my 992 Turbo S will be getting the same treatment in a few days. Great Video !!
LILQUAD 19 dager siden
cant wait for the video called "I CRASHED MY NEW MUSTANG IN A WALL" to come out hahahaha! Just joking love the stang shmee!
Euro Carcollector
Euro Carcollector 19 dager siden
@12:00 FlavaFave doing the detailing? Shop owner recipe for disaster.
Ismael Hart
Ismael Hart 19 dager siden
Buy the new Corvette!!
Andy Walravens
Andy Walravens 19 dager siden
And yet it looks ugly while you promoting it
Isacco Bagagiolo
Isacco Bagagiolo 19 dager siden
I thought ppf was petrol particulate filtre🤣
Keith Huggins
Keith Huggins 19 dager siden
I was curious about two things - why didn't they use pre-cut pieces? And also, what's the process for cutting the pieces once they're on so as not to risk damaging the paint?
Rashid Alhassany
Rashid Alhassany 19 dager siden
OMG he talks about the withers more than the car 😆
Megumi T
Megumi T 19 dager siden
The water drops on the new PPF are large!
Sameep Patel
Sameep Patel 19 dager siden
You were so proud of that snow joke! The laugh after it 😂😂😂 who doesn’t love a cheeky pun
J T 19 dager siden
PBazBarrett 19 dager siden
Awesome car Tim, in a wonderful colour choice, enjoy it and gan safe..
That Tesla looks like the one MKBHD own
king khan
king khan 19 dager siden
Visit manny
BKH R.D 19 dager siden
manal nehme
manal nehme 19 dager siden
Nice Choice Of The Color
Jaredhughes17 19 dager siden
shoulda went to detail boutique miami
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel 19 dager siden
the double shmee logo in the right corner is driving my ocd up a wall
Arepeet 90
Arepeet 90 19 dager siden
At my hometown 31°c..
OG 20 dager siden
Y'all realized that at 4:10 mark, they decided to line up all their nice guys for the video shoot ? They weren't there when he was pulling in about 12 seconds before. 🤣🤣🤣
malcolmar 20 dager siden
That car is AMAZING!
SpeedMachines 20 dager siden
Gazooo29 20 dager siden
When did you move to Florida?
Possible Games
Possible Games 20 dager siden
You should keep this car forever 😍
Jack Solis
Jack Solis 20 dager siden
i would appreciate 26 C thats a fresh day here in Barranquilla, Colombia i like that you picked a mustang in this color Amazing!!
PyroMotteFullHD 20 dager siden
The color is amazing. I like it so much!
Leonard Williams
Leonard Williams 20 dager siden
This channel is very good thanks to his delivery and knowledge of cars!....... He should do life styles of the rich and famous episodes!.......
Mark D
Mark D 20 dager siden
This is definitely a car he will not keep long and if he does he will not drive it much after this long road trip.
Dubem Henry
Dubem Henry 20 dager siden
Where do you sleep
Joe Brady
Joe Brady 20 dager siden
Love the look of this car. The sound it gives is just......spine it. Do you know what exhaust system is set up with this? Stock? Any plans to modify? If so what and what sound would it give?
Jay_B explorations
Jay_B explorations 20 dager siden
Like the front but why the circular hood poppers 😖
Daryl Robertson
Daryl Robertson 20 dager siden
Have you seen the “cheeeers” video on NOpost. It’s just an hour of you saying “cheers” 🤣🤣 or “chairs”
Xhuljan pirja
Xhuljan pirja 20 dager siden
shmee i saw your shelby to doug de muro videos who hi revew this shelby gt 500
NicholasTranscends 20 dager siden
I love when skittle mustangs bead off!
blu3_apple 20 dager siden
Nice sunglasses where’d you get them
1c3 sLy1
1c3 sLy1 20 dager siden
I am watching this on A Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 and this car made me realize how nice the speakers are. Car sounds amazing! My Tab is shaking! Lol
richard allsop
richard allsop 20 dager siden
Hello 'Shmee', Wow the Tesla looks to of had a 'bad' front wing respray !!!! Tend to agree with the other followers, Topaz look to be in a higher league. Your car look brilliant. Regards, RichardA.
dxutube 20 dager siden
It's a bonnet, you are English
Howie Green
Howie Green 20 dager siden
It's not topaz not pre cut 😂😂😂
christer karlsson
christer karlsson 20 dager siden
The Alcohologist
The Alcohologist 20 dager siden
When your Ford GT is in McDonald’s Spec!
Lefa LP Mashigo
Lefa LP Mashigo 20 dager siden
This is a first time I hear anyone saying they are "taking it easy" in a SHELBY GT500
Alex Dyke
Alex Dyke 20 dager siden
Absolute joke men washing in direct sunlight, no clay lube, no paint correction and cutting on the car
cape 2714
cape 2714 20 dager siden
You should add a Shmeemobile 4 door pickup to your American collection.
Nachooos 20 dager siden
3:06 26°c That is pretty warm. Me in Philippines with 32°c : 🥵😵
thomas lamarche
thomas lamarche 20 dager siden
how much does it cost to do this on a car?
supercarkid 20 dager siden
I believe you need to take the shipping/transport blocks out of the rear suspension. If it's riding rough that's why.
My Account
My Account 20 dager siden
So an 18 minute commercial...
Psycho.logisch 20 dager siden
Nice to know there is such a folie. Thanks and Cheers!
Richard Short
Richard Short 20 dager siden
this colour doesn't look very bright or very epic.. it looks flat green
Zaim Afham
Zaim Afham 20 dager siden
Please go meet stradman and burlacher race with their gtr and gt350
Ryan Moran
Ryan Moran 20 dager siden
Shmee make sure ford removed the shipping blocks or it will ride very very rough.
short vidz
short vidz 20 dager siden
The Stradman would love a purple Rolls
R1ZEUPLIGHTZ 20 dager siden
LOVE the green but would be cool to see the GT 500 the same colors as the Ford GT.
Achyles 20 dager siden
Of all your cars, this is the one I would most like to own. And damn, the Horse looks like it's been rubbed with butter :D
Jairo Valverde
Jairo Valverde 20 dager siden
Topaz process is way better than this people .
Steve Hines
Steve Hines 20 dager siden
Love your GT500...can you get a US Shmee related licence plate? 😎
Michel Warnant
Michel Warnant 20 dager siden
Javongogh 20 dager siden
We need a petition to make @Shmee150 the UK Ford brand ambassador. He should be compensated for supporting the brand so well.
fewaz adem
fewaz adem 20 dager siden
wait y do u have dealer plates
CGG 20 dager siden
Always wash indoors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Storms
Michael Storms 20 dager siden
Why didn’t Randy’s shop do the film protection?
StubeTube 20 dager siden
How did you register a car in FL if you aren’t a resident?
Satoshi Film
Satoshi Film 20 dager siden
If you ship the car with car parts inside = free shipping.
Dark Project
Dark Project 20 dager siden
Excited to see pictures of it in the rain
A J 20 dager siden
Wow I make that daily good to see what it does on this car go suntek
SHaru Mcfarlane
SHaru Mcfarlane 20 dager siden
0:07 it's now bright with sunshine Sky:completely Gray
Afra Khan
Afra Khan 20 dager siden
You look like a egg
T0M49 20 dager siden
Oh my cutting in the car...
Sulman Rajput
Sulman Rajput 20 dager siden
i surprise how he ignored ford gt
Cars with Ivan
Cars with Ivan 20 dager siden
That green colour is cool
sputnikalgrim 20 dager siden
It never gets old looking at that car!
David Baker
David Baker 20 dager siden
whats the difference between this film and Topaz ?
Dave Cooper
Dave Cooper 20 dager siden
Did they fix the blemishes on the bonnet?
It's Me !!!
It's Me !!! 20 dager siden
If you get water in the wing, solution is to drive fast so that it rains on the guy behind.. 😆😆
Nuno Sousa
Nuno Sousa 20 dager siden
It's Me !!!
It's Me !!! 20 dager siden
Shmee: 26C is very warm Me: lives here in 42C and feel like 26 now is cold..
The Marauder
The Marauder 20 dager siden
Curious as to what changes will be needed when it's registered in the U.K. Our restrictions are even more ridiculous than those in the states.
XiNormal 20 dager siden
Wait isn't the gt500 illigal in the uk
BNE Exotics
BNE Exotics 20 dager siden
Florida: 26 degrees Celsius its pretty hot ... Australian: That's Cute 😂
Geltab 20 dager siden
Hey shmee for the side skirts, i was thinking like a metal square with small micro holes in them to keep rocks away from going into the side skrits while allowing air to go through it still. Its very hard to describe but like a rock catcher almost idk maybe this helps.
Paul The only way is jesus
Paul The only way is jesus 20 dager siden
Hi shmee can you buy me a low budget car please. Thanks
spadgm 20 dager siden
Looks absolutely stunning, love the colour too!!
Shmee150 20 dager siden
Thank you! Cheers!
derek malley
derek malley 20 dager siden
1 thousand mile per hour commentary. Not a good shift from earlier videos!
Declan Wilkerson
Declan Wilkerson 20 dager siden
The Cobra badges would look great in black and Grabber lime 👀
Jp T
Jp T 20 dager siden
Is there film to protect the front glass windshield??
Jp T
Jp T 20 dager siden
@Rob Ruska thanks
Rob Ruska
Rob Ruska 20 dager siden
Yes. Exoshield
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