I FIXED My Shelby GT500's Suspension Problem!

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16 dager siden

Something just didn't feel right, and it turns out it wasn't! My new Shelby GT500 was delivered to me with the rear suspension spacers still in place so let's get those pulled out and finish off the pre delivery inspection process ahead of my big tour!
After completing the installation of SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film and Altered Black PPF stripes at First Class Autosports, before the big adventure gets underway I needed to dig into exactly what has been going on with the ride of the car. Having only done a few miles in it to date, something was clearly not right because the rear axle was tremendously stiff and just simply not right.
Turns out my instinct was right, the car was still wearing the transport block suspension spacers. These are used to prevent it from moving around too much during transportation from the factory, but should be removed at the time it goes through the PDI process. I was suspicious that they might not have been taken out as other PDI elements like fitting the floor mats and locking wheel nuts for the Carbon Fibre Track Pack wheels hadn't been completed.
Fortunately, it's not a hard process to rectify, and while we're at it get the other things ticked off, and check out the car cover as well. Thanks to First Class Autosports for their help and hosting the day featuring a number of other cars on site; including a full carbon wrap Lamborghini Aventador SV, and a new 911 Speedster with special design too.
Shoutout to ShelbyFlyer and the full GT500 PDI video that showed me exactly what I needed to do in order to fix this issue: nopost.info/throw/t7WWd42c02ijaK8/video
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:04 The Problem
02:33 Preparation
04:31 Spacer Removal
07:03 Wheels Back
08:41 PDI Process
11:06 First Time Outside
12:52 Drive
16:03 Wrap Up
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Shmee150 15 dager siden
Found the problem with my GT500's suspension and fixed it! It just didn't feel right and I'm glad it wasn't something more complicated. Now we're good to go, with some big miles ahead!
Kevin Barbin
Kevin Barbin 12 dager siden
So meaning, it’s the fault of the company? Or all Ford GT500 cars with magneride suspension would really be released to the customers with that spacers? Is it only applicable to GT500 or all Mustangs with magneride suspension?
VIKINGRAGEQUIT 13 dager siden
Would be nice to see some carbon/forced carbon to replace the areo
Otis Driftwood
Otis Driftwood 14 dager siden
@ 14:00 I believe that young man recognized you Shmee, or it could have just been the car, but I'd like to think he's a huge fan whom owns all your merch. On a side note, Aston Martin will always have the most pleasing exhaust note IMO, but the Shelby is not bad at all, quite "vascular" as James Pumphrey (Donut Media) would say.
msg polo eventing
msg polo eventing 14 dager siden
Hi - sorry for an off topic question - but I'm trying to upload a video to yt but the bloody thing is not processing - how do I make it work?!?!
NEW CLUB TV 14 dager siden
You should get a tattoo mate ..to go with your image ..!
Last train To Vegas
Last train To Vegas 6 dager siden
the mechanic fixed it you just paid for it
ChRiTz 7 dager siden
my first time that i saw shmee removing some wheels on the shmeemobile😅😅
ChRiTz 7 dager siden
looks awesome!
Joshua Kabba
Joshua Kabba 8 dager siden
Hope Everything is Good Shmee150 i like Everything on your channel but i have just one problem you over talk on the channel and there is no practicality (please understand me am noting criticising you) but it is quite something i have over seen on the channel. please try to change by adding more practicality like the stradman, DDE etc i love the channel and all the cars. But please try to change Thank you
Joshua Kabba
Joshua Kabba 8 dager siden
Hope Everything is Good Shmee150 i like Everything on your channel but i have just one problem you over talk on the channel and there is no practicality (please understand me am noting criticising you) but it is quite something i have over seen on the channel. please try to change by adding more practicality like the stradman, DDE etc i love the channel and all the cars. But please try to change Thank you
Robert M. Trolinder
Robert M. Trolinder 8 dager siden
1st: I love that color combo! 2nd: Damn,the sound of that engine is ridiculously awesome! 3rd: I was really surprised how quiet it got when you closed the window! 4th: This is the USA, a boot is something you wear! LOL 5th: Please don't be like some of these idiots that don't allow the proper break in time, before going balls out & hurting the engine! Lastly; I owned several fast Fords & a Mercury in the 70's, but none compare to this monster! Jealous? Damned straight I am!❤😯😀😎🇺🇸
smack1129 9 dager siden
good job getting that foreskin up and over..
Janos Holp talicskával tolom ki
Janos Holp talicskával tolom ki 9 dager siden
Ilyen Mustangot komolyan mèg nem làttam, amin az összes kiegèszitő carbon, szerintem ilyet európàba nem is hoznak.
Marc 10 dager siden
What a shoddy supplying dealer!
Adam Balkum
Adam Balkum 10 dager siden
Did you get punched in the eye?
Rohan Clarke
Rohan Clarke 11 dager siden
Its nice to see shmee working on his car
FEE_lo 11 dager siden
Because mechanics love it when you use their screw driver as a pry bar 😂
Neil's EMTB World
Neil's EMTB World 11 dager siden
Tim don't get your shirt dirty! haha 👔
Terrance Collins
Terrance Collins 12 dager siden
Herkimer Snerd
Herkimer Snerd 12 dager siden
Don't worry about what people think, good sir. It's your car, do with it what you will. I think it looks fantastic.
Eric L
Eric L 12 dager siden
Only Tim would be caught changing a tire in a buttoned shirt and pink shorts 😂
L33TInTheBoat 12 dager siden
Tim, you always want to thread the wheel nuts on by hand first, as to avoid cross-threading. Someone at the nearest shop didn't do that to my car, and I had to break the lug nut off in order to take the wheel off.
Don Cobin
Don Cobin 12 dager siden
I love the red accent strips, a nod to the GT350R, but in future start the lug nuts by hand
taipalerm 12 dager siden
You’re kidding me right?
Tommy Dennis
Tommy Dennis 12 dager siden
Oh no Tim, you demonstrated yourself doing up lug nuts on a tyre... Here come the YT police because you didn't do up all five nuts finger tight first before using an impact wrench, leading to possible cross threading of bolts and possible misalignment of the contact lip... At least you showed you tightening them to factory torque specs using a calibrated torque wrench 😉 🤣
AstroMagic 12 dager siden
Hey shmee steeda sells a strut kit for the rear trunk that opens it automatically
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker 12 dager siden
Hey Tim, beautiful car and great series, while you are learning to work on the car yourself, just remember to take time to turn the wheel nuts on to their threads a little by hand before you hit them with the air gun - just saves a small chance of cross threading. 😊🇬🇧
Carl Lamb
Carl Lamb 12 dager siden
Very nice Tim 👍👍👍👍
Fast_Car 1000
Fast_Car 1000 12 dager siden
The GT500 sounds amazing definitely one of my favourite in Shmee car collection
DAVID 12 dager siden
Wow you just brought a newGT 500 and it already has a suspension problem
Darren Manning
Darren Manning 12 dager siden
Not too heavy. You made it look heavy. You can tell you don't usually get your hands dirty lol.
Richard Ellis
Richard Ellis 12 dager siden
Good look with the road trip!!! Hope it goes well
altypeRR 12 dager siden
That’s appalling. I’d be asking for it to be reinspected locally and the dealership billed for it
504 Owner official
504 Owner official 12 dager siden
wooow sounds great
Megumi T
Megumi T 12 dager siden
The car cover looks brilliant!
Milpat007 12 dager siden
Hey Shmee since you’re gona be traveling a lot make sure you get good radar detector like valentines 1Gen 2 or Uniden R7 and maybe Escort redline 360c
Mohammed shaiksaleh
Mohammed shaiksaleh 12 dager siden
Hey shmee are you going to Canada if you are please visit DDE
M You
M You 12 dager siden
Shmee 2021 “that might take me a little bit of manipulation to get it in properly”. Often the way.
jerico140 12 dager siden
Never use an impact wrench on those locking nuts from Ford. It will damage the locking nut key.
Marcus Reinert
Marcus Reinert 12 dager siden
Looks epic Tim.
TKO 12 dager siden
Can relate to this, had a very similar issue on my new washing machine :D
Knockout 12 dager siden
That wouldn’t happen on a German car
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers 13 dager siden
The Shmee 150 GT500 is just awesome, but we as Americans have one question ..at the end of your videos you say "CHAIRS" wait..what??
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers 13 dager siden
Matching tools, intentional or not, is very Britsh..VERY James May
stuart bailey
stuart bailey 13 dager siden
Soft sponge.... it’s a bump stop
Nelson R
Nelson R 13 dager siden
I liked it more with the stripe on the mirror, too bad you didn't keep it
Blueberry the kj Eric Raeder
Blueberry the kj Eric Raeder 13 dager siden
Only in Florida you can drive a car in the winter time
Ryan Mackey
Ryan Mackey 13 dager siden
Man always take you wheel lock off first and install it last. I've seen so many strip not doing this.
Jerry Mehlhaff
Jerry Mehlhaff 13 dager siden
Just got my GT500 two days ago...but its snowy in Wisconsin! So jealous, Mr. Miami :) As I got a cover too, I will call your bluff on the cover. Its been opened before the video. :p Also, there is a tag on the inside that says 'front'...just saying.
FalconXE302 13 dager siden
I'm looking forward to your road trip in a "real car"... should be fun.
FalconXE302 13 dager siden
Shmee Shmee Shmee... never spin a nut on using the power drive... you have a considerable chance of cross threading.... I had kittens when I saw you do that... LoL...
FalconXE302 13 dager siden
I think there might be someone getting a bit of a talking to today... that is something that never should have happened. I now it is simple, but that is why it never should have happened.
xevious2501 13 dager siden
You Dont want to drive x-country now.
Jon Gib
Jon Gib 13 dager siden
Wrench every day 🤪💪🏻
Scott Mijin
Scott Mijin 13 dager siden
Stangmode doesn’t even do his own work. Good job Shmee!!!!
Dr. Super Snake
Dr. Super Snake 13 dager siden
Shme thanks for removing the Panda ! Lol
Dutch Parisien
Dutch Parisien 13 dager siden
WoWy, first-time I see shmee wrenching 😀😅✌️
Scale Crawl NL
Scale Crawl NL 13 dager siden
Excellent Ford Mustang, congratulations on the personalization choices, how about some further enhancements with 'Shmee150' cocomats (thank you Bill from Curious Cars for the info)
Roberto Bedeschi
Roberto Bedeschi 13 dager siden
Maybe a pair of gloves were necessary 😁....
Oliver Steels
Oliver Steels 13 dager siden
Such a beauty, if you had a Mustang GT in the UK would you consider an auto or go with the tried and trusted manual?
Horatio Time Waster
Horatio Time Waster 13 dager siden
Love the spec and stripes. The shipping puck issue is also huge with Golf GTIs, sadly.
steve lines
steve lines 13 dager siden
Now that he has worked on the car Fords warranty will now be VOID.
DavidVXR 13 dager siden
Thumbnail looks like Tim has forgotten to wear pants
Eric Moss
Eric Moss 13 dager siden
Does your drivers side rear tire have a plug in it? Or maybe just some debris stuck on that sticky rubber maybe?
Alexandre Dubé
Alexandre Dubé 13 dager siden
code3ryder 13 dager siden
During your trip, will you be stopping at any car events in Denver?
Brandon Keeley
Brandon Keeley 13 dager siden
No one gonna say anything about him not hand starting the lug nuts and just threading them on with the impact? 😳
Konkonkaos 13 dager siden
I was stunned
RichardCrisp_Offical 13 dager siden
Floor mats are usually put in by the valet team when they valet the car ready for handover. That’s the process we have at the dealership I work at as I work on the sales side myself. Not something we do during PDI. Interesting to see how different manufacturers do things, great insight Tim!
Shmee150 13 dager siden
Thanks for the info!
Lancair W
Lancair W 13 dager siden
Those suspension spacers are left in more than you think ! Knew a guy with a VW GTI that drove around with them in for a year.
luke poulton
luke poulton 13 dager siden
That’s a technician at whatever Ford dealership having his P45 soon! (fired, sacked)
london man
london man 13 dager siden
hint to shmee ... take off the Rolex next time before working on the car !
Richard Docherty
Richard Docherty 13 dager siden
Where's your US plates?
MonsterSound 13 dager siden
That's a good looking (and sounding) muscle car. Congrats Tim 😎👍
Owen Wint_21
Owen Wint_21 13 dager siden
nice car I I still think you should get a motorcycle
Princess Peach
Princess Peach 13 dager siden
I don't get the logic or utility of remote start..... what possible use does it have?
DCD 13 dager siden
PDI fail...
Sam Law
Sam Law 13 dager siden
Nice spec Tim
angel Bustamante
angel Bustamante 13 dager siden
the front bonet of the Signature edition in expose carbon could fit it awasome, the car is espectacular and the color is amazing good choise Tim.
Teddy W Gardner
Teddy W Gardner 13 dager siden
just don't mess them carbon wheels up!!!
John Law
John Law 14 dager siden
Tim "The Mechanic" :)
Cristóbal Vidal
Cristóbal Vidal 14 dager siden
Can’t believe I saw Shmechanic
Xyz Xyz
Xyz Xyz 14 dager siden
I relate to this video, I have a Mustang, it's an ecoboost 😎
Kylie John
Kylie John 14 dager siden
Another quality Ford product.
mattkenny666123 14 dager siden
All the years watching shmee. Weird seeing tim do the wheels and taking the stops out lol. Keep up the good videos
Jimmy Mkepe
Jimmy Mkepe 14 dager siden
Your so lucky! Making a video how to untie wheel nuts!🤣🤣 Rich caucasian problems
TTown918 14 dager siden
Did the nimrods at the Ford dealership forget to remove those?
C Trox
C Trox 14 dager siden
It would be so cool, to have a photo session with Shmee and the GT 500 beside my poor man's 2012 Charger R/T HEMI. But, alas I live in fly over country, the agriculture center of the golden state of California, just a few miles away from dead center of the state. Hope the drive from coast to coast is as entertaining as the videos.
IN GOD WE TRUST DeLLaware- inc
IN GOD WE TRUST DeLLaware- inc 14 dager siden
The beast it's so hot even Jesus wanted do a test drive, when he comes.. 😆🤣😂
Graken 14 dager siden
"window sticker" or if you want to be a real petrol head and speak the language which is used at the super cool level of knowing your vehicle is a "Monroney label or sticker" named after an Oklahoman Senator Mike Monroney who sponsored the bill back in 1958 showing what was on the car and the price - check Wikipedia for some history. Anyway, fun facts :)
Marco Fawcett
Marco Fawcett 14 dager siden
Brilliant video shmee! I’ve subscribed and I watch all of your videos!
Tommy2shoe811 14 dager siden
The red pinstripes look awesome on there, they pop off the green. I think it looks a lot better than if you just had the black stripes.
Kyle James
Kyle James 14 dager siden
I recently quit from ford but I did sell a customer one and never once was told that that should be removed or that it even is there to begin with. Quite scary to be honest. When we receive them off trucks we lift them up inspect them to make sure nothing is wrong but not once has that been removed.
Dsman 14 dager siden
We should taunt youa bit. Yeah, first time seeing you with a tool other than a camera! And finding carbon wheels a bit heavy? I hope that will learn how to change your winter steel wheels and tires when you are back in Germany....;-) on winter...
Darrell Radke
Darrell Radke 14 dager siden
Always put ur lugs on the studs by hand to avoid cross threading shmee
Freddie Jones
Freddie Jones 14 dager siden
Someone in the comments noticed this on the the very first collection video. Good spot from him!
D-Day -1996
D-Day -1996 14 dager siden
Why you don't returned to the dealer let them fix it
ColdHeritage 14 dager siden
Do you think the interior is a bit cheap or lacking given the price of the car?
MrHewy78 14 dager siden
Putting nuts on directly with impact gun instead of starting with fingers .... Ouch, obviously never seen inside a tool box before 🤦‍♂️. My god that thing is awesome though... Best car on the channel.. THAT SOUND !!!!!
Michael Mendes
Michael Mendes 14 dager siden
7:07 definitely cross threaded that. You have to twist them on by hand first....
Turbocharged Snickers
Turbocharged Snickers 14 dager siden
I would not be very happy if my new car wasn’t PDI’d correctly....🤔🤔
alvi rahman
alvi rahman 14 dager siden
What happened to your left eye ?
cliff query
cliff query 14 dager siden
Hi Shmee, I like all of your colloquialism’s except for one, which drives me insane, like a high screeching, fingernails on a chalkboard Sound, (( SILLY )) Related to the Performance of any part or part group and or experience of the same.. That is Such an insult to the hard work, sometimes Genius level art, of all of the folks, that produce these fog us. C.Q.
Dezibel´s und Turbo´s
Dezibel´s und Turbo´s 14 dager siden
Its a nice change seeing Tim working on his Cars. 👌
Gavin drews
Gavin drews 14 dager siden
Straight pipes need to happen
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