Tuned Shelby GT500 CX1100 Completes a 9.251s 1/4 Mile!

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I've got the GT500 buzz after buying mine, but just check out the Palm Beach Dyno CX1100 package! Joined by Ken to show us around the modifications; his 1,100hp Shelby GT500 manages a crazy 9.251s 1/4 mile at PBIR despite hot and humid conditions, while going up against numerous others in drag races along the way.
During the Palm Beach Dyno rental of Palm Beach International Raceway's drag strip, lots of supercars are in attendance, but for me it's all about Ken's own Palm Beach Dyno CX 1100 package for the Shelby GT500. As the name suggests, the standard power is taken up from 760hp to 1,100hp, while lots of weight is saved with carbon parts, and a drag setup of wheels and tires are fitted for the purpose.
With the original fuel lines and gearbox, this amount of power is really pushing things, but amazing to see how a $72k (non track pack) GT500 can punch into the 9s and beat significantly more expensive supercars as we see on this day.
You can find out more about Palm Beach Dyno and the CX1100 modifications here:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:35 Prep
02:45 Test Races
04:22 Full Walkaround
08:25 Paddock
09:14 Drag Races
13:15 GT500 CX 1100
18:04 Wrap-up
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Shmee150 19 dager siden
Now THIS is a GT500! Palm Beach Dyno have built their CX1100 kit which even on a very hot and humid day still manages to hit times in the low 9s for the 1/4 mile. It's amazing to see what a GT500 can do!
kirubino 10 dager siden
Was the F8 stock???
Zen Gamalo
Zen Gamalo 18 dager siden
Shmee, have u thought about getting a Ferrari F8?
Saakib Osman
Saakib Osman 18 dager siden
Please go to the freedom factory
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh 19 dager siden
Shmee150 Awesome Video I'm glad you got to Ken CX1100 Shelby GT500 and I think you should get your GT500 CFTP modded by Palm Beach Dyno
Coleman’s off-road Blog
Coleman’s off-road Blog 19 dager siden
@Mike Veisz removed passenger seat is considered gutted??
kirubino 10 dager siden
Was the F8 stock???
\\\P3D Tesla
\\\P3D Tesla 15 dager siden
Yeah ford is garbage brecks your wallet u run few time and is breaks + so many services you have to do all the time you are going to sleep under that thing, you are going to work for parts !!!
Theo W F
Theo W F 15 dager siden
Shame, thanks for an excellent job with both domestic & foreign muscle. Loved the blue mustang. Appreciated the fact that you showed the times & speed, immensely helpful.
Matthew Sexter
Matthew Sexter 15 dager siden
@It'sjusta6 needs to get Satan here!
LonelyRider 15 dager siden
Probably go faster if they took the 100 pounds of gopros off
legoNerd01245 16 dager siden
shmee commentating over drag racing is great lol
pcparts2u 16 dager siden
and all you need is an Audi RS3 to destroy them both ....
Tommy Senpai
Tommy Senpai 17 dager siden
Nawashi Dub
Nawashi Dub 17 dager siden
Shmee... It's time to apply for American citizenship.
epic gamer
epic gamer 17 dager siden
Thats sad how a gt500 was close to beating a 765 mclaren🤣🤣🤣
Rahil Baba
Rahil Baba 17 dager siden
Those launches were S-I-C-K
Lightning Construction
Lightning Construction 18 dager siden
Cool video! Don't understand why all of your USA videos are having such low viewership though!
dom cusano
dom cusano 18 dager siden
2:12 how did your ears not die 🤣
jermaine austin
jermaine austin 18 dager siden
American Muscle
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 18 dager siden
That GT500 in blue wasn’t a good looking color. Looks like a regular mustang with a bunch of parts on it. That F8 was sexy as hell
Joshua Kabba
Joshua Kabba 18 dager siden
Hope Everything is Good Shmee150 i like Everything on your channel but i have just one problem you over talk on the channel and there is no practicality (please understand me am noting criticising you) but it is quite something i have over seen on the channel. please try to change by adding more practicality like the stradman, DDE etc i love the channel and all the cars. But please try to change Thank you
Ju Ny
Ju Ny 18 dager siden
Shmee!! bring a towel next time, 😆 is not easy with that shirt.
Bart Tempel
Bart Tempel 18 dager siden
Don't the both need a cage now? Because they hit the 9's?
AeroxRBlack 18 dager siden
Are hou going to meet up with TJ Hunt?
Gavin James
Gavin James 18 dager siden
So are you getting the carbon kit for yours????
lottalava 18 dager siden
shmee seize the opportunity you are in US and do some laps at COTA, Laguna Seca, Indianopolis, etc with your GT500!
Drag Racing and Car Stuff
Drag Racing and Car Stuff 18 dager siden
Incredible cars. Great coverage! Those were some awesome races too! You mentioned rebuilt engine in the beginning, but I don't think they've touched the motor on it yet? I was out where Ken was a couple times, what a cool dude, and badass car. Love the extra commentary while they are staging and such!
Yorkshire supercar owners club
Yorkshire supercar owners club 18 dager siden
we have a club member that tuned his mustang to about 1000 bhp did 200mph really quick car
Ahmed Brownie
Ahmed Brownie 18 dager siden
12:49 that amg has a spoilers that pops up
topbuzz blackwood
topbuzz blackwood 18 dager siden
nice arse at 11
Toothless-Grizzly 18 dager siden
I’m assuming your making a vid about McLaren Artura
Fast_Car 1000
Fast_Car 1000 18 dager siden
That GT500 sounds mad 😍😍😍
Mr Iceman
Mr Iceman 18 dager siden
Could've gone 8's if it didn't have 20 gopro's on the car. 😂
Ricky Troughton
Ricky Troughton 18 dager siden
Awesome video and what a car!!
Roger Rolex 69
Roger Rolex 69 18 dager siden
E85 is the same as race gas just cheaper and u burn more of it. That sounds expensive filling up with race fuel that won’t last long 👍🤣🤣
Elgar 19 dager siden
Not sure how that beast will handle on the street! Haha! Absolute monster nonetheless!
Jerre Thijn
Jerre Thijn 19 dager siden
Hey Shmee150, can you update the gallery in the shmee150 app. I would really like to see more amazing pictures of your cars. I really like your vids by the way.
Matthew T
Matthew T 19 dager siden
1st run GT500 jumped the line
Damir Selimovic
Damir Selimovic 19 dager siden
Where is cleetus at he’d beat all them super cars with Leroy
윤기방탄 소년단
윤기방탄 소년단 19 dager siden
I see Tim becoming a fan of the american cars more and more.. hehe
Damir Selimovic
Damir Selimovic 19 dager siden
You gotta meet with cleetus McFarland
Harrison Hunter
Harrison Hunter 19 dager siden
That GT500 is amazing great video Tim👍
Geltab 19 dager siden
Wow i love Shmee so much, that mustang is on another level is sick
DG Productions
DG Productions 19 dager siden
love seeing Shmee experience American culture
Yesaya Dwita
Yesaya Dwita 19 dager siden
dude, that f8, are you sure it is stock?
No Lies Allowed
No Lies Allowed 19 dager siden
I absolutely LOVE car CULTURE...Nothing LIKE it...Side not...Whoever was driving the Pista was getting off the line EXTREMELY 🐌...#GiveMeJESUS
Willem Boom
Willem Boom 19 dager siden
Love this. Quintessentially American!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
PECJR23 19 dager siden
Shmee I see a Maclaren Artura in your future.
Coleman’s off-road Blog
Coleman’s off-road Blog 19 dager siden
Is one of these cars sponsored by Burger King 👑 ??
Sam Walling
Sam Walling 19 dager siden
What a monster 🔥🔥
Build Indian
Build Indian 19 dager siden
Hi Shmee, this meee and this another darn good video
CMJ - 19 dager siden
Was that F8 stock? Cause 9.87 is impressive 👍
Lil Kars Vlogs
Lil Kars Vlogs 13 dager siden
idk but that was mad impressive
Omar Monelle
Omar Monelle 19 dager siden
Can't wait to see your Gt500 on the Ring. You should modify your car before you send it to the UK Shmee
Omar Monelle
Omar Monelle 18 dager siden
@Sean the car is not only good for the ring. There are other days as well other than tourist days Secondly, his Gt40 is louder than that 500. I think he'll be fine.
Sean 18 dager siden
And also they might not let you on full stop of they notice it's going to be over happens alot where people get turned back
Sean 18 dager siden
@Omar Monelle yeah true but bit of a waste of time really to travel to Germany to do one run and not be allowed back on that day again
Omar Monelle
Omar Monelle 18 dager siden
@Sean so one run...no problem
Sean 18 dager siden
@Omar Monelle I'm not sure but i know the valves will be open on full throttle and in sport mode which you need to be in on a track to be honest, I do know the rings db limit is 95 and the gt500 is over 100 I believe,, and yess they send you home for the day if you get kicked out if it's a little bit over in think you can get away with it
Hansel 19 dager siden
And the f150 is gonna drag race
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd 19 dager siden
It’s a modified car. Lighter Race brakes, Ported blower and race gas etc. Not that impressive. The STOCK mclarens breaking 9 seconds was impressive.
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd
Rat Rod Studios - DRR Customs Ltd 19 dager siden
That mustang needs another camera on it.
Fauzan. 19 dager siden
At least the GT500 and the GT350 is the most useful Mustang 😂
Ervyanda Widjaja
Ervyanda Widjaja 19 dager siden
Where's the GR yaris?
John G
John G 19 dager siden
Great stuff Tim! Looks like you are having a great time. Now, I don't think I have ever seen drag racing in the UK. Do you all even have drag strips over there?
Sean 19 dager siden
Yess we do our best one is santapod drag strip they have vids here on NOpost:)
smack1129 19 dager siden
what was the jersey stag running?
Ceasar Blackman
Ceasar Blackman 19 dager siden
Maybe I’ve missed it over the many videos, but are there more race tracks in Europe versus here in the states more drag strips? I don’t recall seeing drag strips when your back home on your videos
Pat's Garage Online
Pat's Garage Online 19 dager siden
Someone was impersonating my friend @evapors in that crown and cape at 2:57
nhraman76 19 dager siden
Love to see Shmee out of his usual element. Also the Gt500s engine internals etc are completely stock. Just bolt ons. So impressive
HQBProductions 19 dager siden
What a nice man the owner of the blur GT500 is...genuine, knowledgable and not like too many loud and noisy sorts...he sounds like a man who a true enthusiast would find very interesting as he clearly knows what he is doing.🙂🙂🙂🙂
Carlos Clivilles
Carlos Clivilles 19 dager siden
Out of all the cars you filmed going down the strip, the one that impressed me the most was the heavy-ass, 4,500 pound AMG GT 63s making a 10.8 pass!
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades 19 dager siden
I'm not a Ford fan or am I a Mustang guy but the GT500 is just "special". Forget about the C8 the GT500 is the one to own IMO until we hear what the Z06 and ZR1 have in store.
Daniel Story
Daniel Story 19 dager siden
I see Jimbos Aventador next to the svj
Travis Clemons
Travis Clemons 19 dager siden
Shmee and Sam need to be in the next Freedom 500 at the Freedom Factory
Alex Mulliner
Alex Mulliner 19 dager siden
warren6815 19 dager siden
Those Ferraris seem so dull compared to the GT500!
Mr Right
Mr Right 19 dager siden
765 is scary 😧.... would smoke a Chiron! Fact
Timbo S550
Timbo S550 19 dager siden
Did you check if the transportation blocks were removed from your suspension springs? That would account for the overly harsh ride. It has been missed by many dealers during PDI. Only way to find out is to have the car on a lift.
Ryan Pott
Ryan Pott 19 dager siden
Is that your gt500
Creeker 19 dager siden
Gabriel Padilla Rebollo
Gabriel Padilla Rebollo 19 dager siden
Nice video as always but 0 facemasks...
uscjake868 19 dager siden
Videos like this make non car guy like me start liking cars.
Doug Parker
Doug Parker 19 dager siden
Welcome,feel free to ask questions. Many will help you out
Francesco Carlo
Francesco Carlo 19 dager siden
765's are ballistic!
Jon Gib
Jon Gib 19 dager siden
Hey Tim !!! I think you should buy Sebastian Vettel’s F50 at Hartley’s ;)
Creeker 19 dager siden
Strip down to save weight and add 300lbs of go pros on it!!!! Lol
Paul Krapp
Paul Krapp 19 dager siden
Did you watch any of the Daytona 24 Hour? Are you planning to visit the Brumos Porsche Collection museum? Great content again!
BMW M2 19 dager siden
You better keep yourGT500 stock. It will be challenging EU noise and emissions as is.
Sean 19 dager siden
That's only for factory usually here in the UK the police don't tend to care as long as you don't rev bomb all the time
Nighthawk 009
Nighthawk 009 19 dager siden
Insane performance!! Vid to come on the demon??
Kyle Fulkerson
Kyle Fulkerson 19 dager siden
As a Mustang guy/owner I have to say Ken from PBD is probably the best guy to go to for tuning
Sav Kvd
Sav Kvd 19 dager siden
TRC has a video of this car on the street. Even more insane than i would've thought.
John Nazar
John Nazar 19 dager siden
Would love to see you do some ride alongs with some of these guys down the strip.
Dilan Anderegg
Dilan Anderegg 19 dager siden
Are there still plans for a v12 Ferrari in the garage?
Fred 19 dager siden
The F8 sounds like crap! But it is pretty fast!
Matty18795 19 dager siden
I'm guessing your tempted to have your mustang tuned
craig wallace
craig wallace 19 dager siden
Jokers are well known in the Audi supercharged platform great guys
Gareth Edwards
Gareth Edwards 19 dager siden
I think the GT500 sounds amazing and would love to have one but get somebody else to pay for the petrol 👍
Paul JP Davis
Paul JP Davis 19 dager siden
Gt makes the mclaren look like a tesla in terms of pure theatre lol.
Gozar 111
Gozar 111 19 dager siden
With race gas I thought they meant nitrous. I now remember they call petrol gas in the US
Gozar 111
Gozar 111 19 dager siden
Looking forward to your road trip with Green Beastie. Yes that the name now. Accept it.....🤣🤣🤣
scooter0241 19 dager siden
Fastest time does always mean you won.
msg polo eventing
msg polo eventing 19 dager siden
it's how you get there !!
Lucas Vetterling
Lucas Vetterling 19 dager siden
Shmee at the track! I love it!
construction life
construction life 19 dager siden
Love watching all these cars! Great to see them out and getting used!
Datoda 19 dager siden
I have to be honest, I really dont like GT500 being this loud. Even just watching this video and DragTimes footage with the mic on the back of the Mustang and volume turned way down it really hurt my ears. I'd much rather have a quieter car with a more refined sound. Too loud is just too loud.
msg polo eventing
msg polo eventing 19 dager siden
I agree - it must be amazing to experience but when it passes you or starts up next to you and scares the living bjesus out of you it's not fun lol
Jamison Z
Jamison Z 19 dager siden
Looks like a Demonology video Haha!
Sara W64
Sara W64 19 dager siden
Rice or nice ?
Born Adventures
Born Adventures 19 dager siden
Wasn’t a big fan of mustangs, but these last few GT500 videos got me thinking 🤔
msg polo eventing
msg polo eventing 19 dager siden
I'm personally not a fan on their looks tbh
Sean 19 dager siden
You definitely need that carbon fiber package...nice💯 Next add the Dodge Hellcat Redeye widebody...lol
Eduardo Di Lascio
Eduardo Di Lascio 19 dager siden
Ideas, ideas, ideas, hum Shmee?
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 19 dager siden
Shmee would you do launch control in your gt500
tasos venieris
tasos venieris 19 dager siden
Very faster the shelby turbo the smart energy sistems sei🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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