LAMBORGHINI SIAN DELIVERY! Unboxing the Hypercar Crate from Italy

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This is how you unbox a hypercar! By sheer luck, I came across the unboxing of the new Lamborghini Sian at Lamborghini Miami. I spotted the wooden crate being delivered and knew instantly what was going to be inside... and what a car it is!
The Sian is the latest of Lamborghini's "few-off" series, following the Reventon, Veneno and Centenario, having been introduced a little over a year ago and a limited run of just 63 Coupes and 19 Roadsters (19 63 being the year Lamborghini was founded). At this point only a handful of the Sians have been delivered around the world, but I certainly didn't expect to be able to witness this part of the process myself.
Genuinely coincidentally I was driving past the Lamborghini Miami and Prestige Imports showrooms when I spotted the truck with the large wooden crate on the back. Knowing exactly what was inside, I quickly swung around and had to stop to check this out, first hand witnessing the literal unboxing of a hypercar.
Brett David and his team at Lamborghini Miami were preparing the car ahead of a very special reveal event in the evening for their customer; first meaning it needed to be unboxed, taken through the PDI process, and re-boxed ready for the big show. A huge congratulations to the customer who will enjoy this an awful lot, especially with the other cars in his collection.
Thanks also of course to Brett and Lambo Miami:
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:48 Unboxing
03:22 The Reveal
06:09 Inside
07:56 On the Move
10:05 Pagani Coincidence
10:39 Workshop PDI
12:02 Showroom Tour
14:04 Wrap Up
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Shmee150 Måned siden
I had the most incredible luck to be driving past Lamborghini Miami right when a crate was being delivered with a Sian hypercar inside! Check out the theatre of the unboxing process, how cool is this?!
Pedro Monteiro
Pedro Monteiro 18 dager siden
i thought it was yours! Lovely car this wonder which colours are being chosen for her
Gameboy4u -_-
Gameboy4u -_- 25 dager siden
You can buy senna but u can’t buy this why ?
d cy
d cy 29 dager siden
@irvsstella lol I was watching that exact moment just now when I read your comment...that is awesome
below me
below me Måned siden
Captain Ike
Captain Ike Måned siden
Next time plz blur their plates
LORD Bahaa
LORD Bahaa 9 timer siden
Wow .. very nice one ! 🥰
Stylo Stylo
Stylo Stylo 10 timer siden
Hi i am shmee........and i zapped away
Peter G A
Peter G A 2 dager siden
The best looking car in the world right now..
Igor Pinheiro
Igor Pinheiro 2 dager siden
Owner has another one in the UK btw
Dolencd 4 dager siden
As a graphic designer it hurts me very, very deeply that it's pronounced cyan and isn't cyan colour. :)
Stan-Chi 2017
Stan-Chi 2017 4 dager siden
So random you knew that a lambo sian was inside the box OK OK I believe you that they hadn't asked you to attend the unboxing 🤣
Stan-Chi 2017
Stan-Chi 2017 4 dager siden
Lmao how on earth do you remember all the stats I struggle to remember everything on my pushbike 🤣🤣
Damion Phagoo
Damion Phagoo 5 dager siden
9:10 that is a gorgeous wolf 9:17 that is a ferocious crocodile
Johnny Dickshot
Johnny Dickshot 5 dager siden
You lucky bastard
Kingro Sway
Kingro Sway 8 dager siden
What’s the “pdi”
Ahmet Kartal
Ahmet Kartal 9 dager siden
Mükemmel otomobil mükemmel video
Jen Ethan
Jen Ethan 10 dager siden
This the car mode of Kawasaki H2R 🤣
Thijs van Hardeveld
Thijs van Hardeveld 10 dager siden
Wie is hier door Don?
Robert Rico
Robert Rico 11 dager siden
@shmee150 Tim, it was nice to talk to you about cars, saw myself in the background a few times lol!
Goltzhar 16 dager siden
It's just a car.... Really Really nice car... but still just a car...
M N Harsha Vardhan Reddy
M N Harsha Vardhan Reddy 16 dager siden
9:38 That blue corvette in the back 💙 I think is the the best
Alen Green
Alen Green 17 dager siden
has the car a modern DCT ??
DarkFly3r 18 dager siden
It is funny when Tim got distracted with the GT500 halfway when the rest were excited doing the unboxing of SIAN.
Narrowboat Hands
Narrowboat Hands 18 dager siden
That is just the coolest thing 👍👍
Shardool Parashar
Shardool Parashar 18 dager siden
Wish lambo could do better.
David Baverstock
David Baverstock 19 dager siden
Goodness. What a coincidence. And that manager seems very friendly - it's almost as if he's met you before!
Ryno le Grange
Ryno le Grange 21 dag siden
Green is my favourite colour for Lambo except for the purple Diablo SE30
Kai Dawson
Kai Dawson 21 dag siden
I like how oh so very detailed Shmee is on the specs of all the different types of exotics.."Menacing Black".. ! Only Shmee would have known that.,💯🖤
Fer Music&speed
Fer Music&speed 21 dag siden
Y orgullosamente en Mexico tenemos uno de esos 63. Don Huayra. Respect.
Ereniro 22 dager siden
Gary McRoy
Gary McRoy 22 dager siden
sorry, i love lambos but i still think a Diablo 6.0 looks so much better than cars like the cian. Its trying to do to much
Adolf Mohammed Ephraim Stalin
Adolf Mohammed Ephraim Stalin 22 dager siden
Shmee has inhale too much wet farts...
Adolf Mohammed Ephraim Stalin
Adolf Mohammed Ephraim Stalin 22 dager siden
What a SH!T car, Tesla is most faster und better...
Dezee Fresh
Dezee Fresh 22 dager siden
Smbdy stole my "Countach " F1 car Design. They didn't gt my Nose Design. But a Little more "Aventador " Side Scoops n mine, but they gt my Rear End Design w d Side F1 Style End Plate Wing. Blv me. They Stole my Design.
APE Suit9
APE Suit9 23 dager siden
Volkswagen Lamborghini.
Dariusz Średnicki
Dariusz Średnicki 23 dager siden
It looks like they called more NOpostrs, just in case ;) Innocent little lies Shmee ;)
Mike Genson
Mike Genson 23 dager siden
wow is Lamborghini ever beating that dead horse of a design into the ground. they keep getting uglier and uglier. This one looks like the project was about seeing just how many grilles and slices, and louvers, and bs they can pile on a panel, it's almost like the car is a pile of accents. Should have stopped with the Aventador
Louvado71 24 dager siden
Sian is Finnish word and means the swine (pig) owns something. Say it in Finland and they laugh at you.
Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31)
Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31) 24 dager siden
Can anybody tell me what the weight of the sian is? I've searched everywhere online and I haven't got a clue.
DGhost19 25 dager siden
I’d take a SF90 over this. Who else?
Aleksandr Burmin
Aleksandr Burmin 25 dager siden
We wish you a happy journey, an easy road, excellent travel companions and bright impressions.
Shmee150 24 dager siden
Thank you so much 😀
Steve Rose
Steve Rose 25 dager siden
give me a maclaren 720
Bartosz S
Bartosz S 25 dager siden
It is unique but I don't like design of this car.
Terry Freeman
Terry Freeman 25 dager siden
I like everything but the wheels... I'm gonna keep my F-150. lol
GAMEBRED S14-Zo6 25 dager siden
Whoever thought of that boxing idea for cars coming from overseas is brilliant. I want to have one of those boxes delivered to my house but when the sides come down just have my daughter's Prius in it
Anthony 25 dager siden
Savage Garage just uploaded a video of this exact car driving around!
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole 25 dager siden
Love Lamborghini’s but the steering wheels are so cheap looking.....
Ahmad shani
Ahmad shani 26 dager siden
Love Lamborghini
Brian Singh
Brian Singh 26 dager siden
What crazy luck Tim. Sick , sick car. Looks like you had fun.
PokèKing Wuuski
PokèKing Wuuski 27 dager siden
felt like they couldve made the steering wheel look more premium, maybe a slimmer look with shift lights to be a lil more extravagant for such a ridiculous car
PokèKing Wuuski
PokèKing Wuuski 27 dager siden
shouldve made 6 more for the memes
orangelip1 27 dager siden
Awful car
Dr.perspectiveX 27 dager siden
Does it also have hypercar like performance?
Guitarwrist 27 dager siden
I’m sorry but everytime I see this guy I think spoilt mummy’s boy who’s never had dirt under his fingernails or worked a full days graft in his life........sorry.
NJ H 28 dager siden
One the ugliest Lamborghini's I've ever seen
Kevin Donis
Kevin Donis 28 dager siden
Lol i like how he said he randomly found it but he acts all comfortable as if he was invited 😂👍
zenzombie72 29 dager siden
Lots of exterior crevices in which someone could stuff a satsuma.
john starks
john starks 29 dager siden
4:40 Imagine a hail storm coming out of now were
Malcolm Hardwick
Malcolm Hardwick 29 dager siden
Yep thats a Lambo !!
Steve Hines
Steve Hines 29 dager siden
I ♥️ Prestige Imports Miami
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor 29 dager siden
Haha wow Tim congrats talk about right place at right time!!! Happy for you man enjoy your time in the states!!
Winding Panther
Winding Panther 29 dager siden
He just happened to drive by, just like all the other car vloggers swarming around.
Little Chibibo
Little Chibibo 27 dager siden
Yeah, that’s no coincidence
rRedbBull 29 dager siden
Let's be honest, with this colour it looks kinda cheap.
Man ne
Man ne 29 dager siden
Must be nice drive but its still ugly in my opinion.
shakattak 29 dager siden
Do they accept venmo?
shakattak 29 dager siden
Hi guys itsh meee here!!!
john smith
john smith Måned siden
As a Lamborghini fan myself.... I think that is an ugly car.
P. RoHIt KumAR
P. RoHIt KumAR Måned siden
The M5 rumble in the middle though😂
P. RoHIt KumAR
P. RoHIt KumAR Måned siden
Car is fire,But again the same old Aventador AC vents ,why Lamborghini?
TONY SNR MK Måned siden
Ruchel &John H
Ruchel &John H Måned siden
That is the ugliest Lambo i have ever seen.
Anzar Ali
Anzar Ali Måned siden
Wow the rear look on this automobile is awesome fantastic looking car
superfejmus Måned siden
Great job Lamborghini, hypercar and holograms on the bonnet 4:38
Bennett Morris
Bennett Morris Måned siden
I love Brett David. What a guy
Kami Tebyani
Kami Tebyani Måned siden
This is a gorgeous car.., it is “just mental”. The details are amazing
Peter Pug
Peter Pug Måned siden
It's really nicely done...except the back...not loving the tail light details...
MegaLucifer1981 Måned siden
I cried every time that beast revved...😁😅
pablo rages
pablo rages Måned siden
It looks a lot like the McLaren Sabre you showed before !
pablo rages
pablo rages Måned siden
Supercar Pinkie showed it 2 months ago ! :P
Million Pound Listing
Million Pound Listing Måned siden
Just another Aventador with a different body kit and even the interior is almost the same apart from the big iPAD. Way overpriced!
Christopher Pettway
Christopher Pettway Måned siden
Certainly glad you got to witness 😀 👍 that!!!!
Francesculus H
Francesculus H Måned siden
Sorry guys but it looks a bit plasticky
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor Måned siden
And back then we thought the Aventador was crazy. This Aventador 2.0 is even more. But sadly not suitable for Germany, there is no place for the front plate (it would destroy the beautiful front looks).
Caio Cipolatti
Caio Cipolatti Måned siden
George Russell’s logo there in green looks good
John`s Rabid Mutt
John`s Rabid Mutt Måned siden
Ehh...i donno... So much going on. Intakes,creases,shapes just for the sake of it i feel. Don`t get me wrong i would love to own one but if i had the money to BUY one? I wouldn`t,not the Sian. You can get so much more for your 3.7 million dollar i feel
Михаил Фишеров
Михаил Фишеров Måned siden
Tom Ranum
Tom Ranum Måned siden
That was quite something!
Craig Moy
Craig Moy Måned siden
Some underworld figure will be so happy
aditya Måned siden
the front side just like SSC Tuatara
Muchtar Arif
Muchtar Arif Måned siden
I love how the color almost imitating centenario
Glow Gaming
Glow Gaming Måned siden
That's why you always carry a camera around
Aviwe Dontsa
Aviwe Dontsa Måned siden
No ffx way
Metame Profe
Metame Profe Måned siden
The back, the back is just insane
DoubleDeckerAnton Måned siden
Shmee is always in the right place, at the right time.
Mokset Harous
Mokset Harous Måned siden
So PERFECT just Im gonna say اللهم أرزقنا ياااا☝️ااارب
Adam Konyar
Adam Konyar Måned siden
Bunk AssPitch
Bunk AssPitch Måned siden
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord Måned siden
The guy in the forklift must’ve been so worried
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord Måned siden
The guy on the forklift must’ve been SWEATING
Shani Mulah504
Shani Mulah504 Måned siden
It reminds me of a stingray but it also look like underwater jet plane
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe Måned siden
Jason B
Jason B Måned siden
Very gorgeous. Thank you for posting, congrats to Lamborghini for bringing this to fruition, and of course also congrats to whomever purchased it!
trendyFN Måned siden
The best sian ever configured
Kenneth Wiley
Kenneth Wiley Måned siden
3:22 just like how the company ferrari is trying to compete with the design of ferrari f430 and design of the ferrari 458 italia for example GTB F8 SF90 it seems to me that lamborghini is also trying to compete with the design of lamborghini countach and design of the lamborghini P140 for example Gallardo Reventon Centenario Murciélago Aventador Veneno Huracàn Sián the car with the greatest design sometimes inspires other designers to base there car design upon what is your favorite model from ferrari what is your favorite model from lamborghini i can't wait until ferrari comes up with some sporty car that is all electric and is super safe too drive like so safe if i crashed at 300 mph i would be not hurt in the slightest
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