New BMW M5 CS! FIRST LOOK at the Super Saloon

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This is the brand new BMW M5 CS! It's BMW's most powerful road car with 635hp, a super saloon honed for the track. Wearing homologated yellow headlights, featuring the new carbon M3/M4 seats, and plenty of unique details let's go through it in detail.
Following from the M5 and M5 Competition, the CS raises the game with a car that's dialed in for driving dynamics while still offering a lot of usability. With the four seat configuration, the interior houses the new carbon-fibre sports bucket seats launched with the latest generation of the M3 and M4, while the rear has a strict 2-seat configuration to offer similar levels of support. Finished in black Merino leather with Red Mugello contrast and accents, it's also loaded with the technology you'd hope to find in such a car.
Visually on the exterior, there's a carbon fibre bonnet that has an embossed M5 CS logo beneath, the opens to reveal the 4.4l TwinPower Turbo V8 now making 635PS and 750Nm, up from the 625PS and 750Nm of the M5 Competition. Retaining the immensely capable M xDrive switchable 4WD/2WD system and the 8spd M Steptronic Auto gearbox, there's no doubt that it'll be a very potent machine.
Exclusively for the M5 CS, there are a number of colours including the Frozen Deep Green Metallic of the launch car, contrasting with the Goldbronze accents throughout; from the kidney grille surrounds to the new lightweight wheels. With weight saving a focus, the M5 CS is actually 70kgs lighter than the M5 Competition too.
Join me then for a first look around the car, with a walkaround and interior tour before also a quick sound check too, direct from the M Town studio in Garching, Germany.
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
01:02 Walkaround
04:55 Yellow Headlights
06:51 Interior
10:04 Rear Seats
11:00 Sound Check
11:24 Conclusion
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Shmee150 Måned siden
What do you think of the new BMW M5 CS?! When it comes to cars that are just plain cool, this super saloon is definitely standing out, especially in the Frozen Deep Green with Goldbronze wheels and accents.
Muthulingam Ramiah
Muthulingam Ramiah Måned siden
Amazing!!! What an extraordinary piece of automotive design... this is probably the only other car that truly captures the essence and legacy of the Ultimate Driving Machine after the 2020 BMW M8 Competition...
Hammer Rocks
Hammer Rocks Måned siden
On the main dashboard, the colour of digital image of the car was in silver. Perhaps in the production models, the colour of the car's digital image here will reflect the colour of the actual car.
Federal Deli
Federal Deli Måned siden
I loveee it!!
Babacus 007
Babacus 007 Måned siden
Amazing car
Stele fando
Stele fando Måned siden
This Car is high like a bus
Ian Hendriks
Ian Hendriks 18 dager siden
Nice guy
Otlotleng Bogopa
Otlotleng Bogopa 25 dager siden
Bmw super saiyan 4
keytothegate K
keytothegate K 28 dager siden
Is this AWD? Or wasting my time?
FZS Måned siden
DARE I SAY this version is ugly af
James Pugh
James Pugh Måned siden
Great looking bmw love the green colore in bronze wheels. Be mine spec. But at 100,000. That a 👎 🤮 when Cadillac is makeing a 4 door CTS-5v blackwing. And cts-4v blackwing. With 6speed maual fully load for 60k-80k. Top spec just over100k
Zolator99 Måned siden
if you love bmw come and see my channel! bye!
Jaymeet Vasava
Jaymeet Vasava Måned siden
Props to your friend, didn't feel like you weren't the one to shoot.
Brian Singh
Brian Singh Måned siden
I feel like this car is a gimmick. Good horse power and some cool color but a useless car. Putting out limited cars, trying to be niche. There is always something cheep feeling about BMW.
Simp Simpson
Simp Simpson Måned siden
CS stands for counter strike, right? I love that game
Lowkey Rb
Lowkey Rb Måned siden
Bmw line is super confusing except the m2 all the cars are getting heavier and the special model are super expensive and sooner or later it will depreciate and that’s a fact. The market for affordable fun cool sedan is disappearing for example the era of s13 s2000 fd.
Eric Tsang
Eric Tsang Måned siden
Uglist color ive ever seen!
Mr. Starks
Mr. Starks Måned siden
Amazing editing! As I's you were there do the review, minus the hand that flashes the Rolex clasp 👑
TheLamboShow Måned siden
Aurora Jones
Aurora Jones Måned siden
Im on the fence to order this car. I thought id like the standard M5, not the comp (to harsh) but i love the CS models, this is the first M5 CS, its gonna be a collector w/ ICE disappearing being one of the last great ICE motivated cars. Ive heard other peeps mention that BMW tends to relax the CS models in terms of ride quality strangely enough compared to the comp versions. Sooooo +++ for me? I guess if worse comes you can just not buy the car you ordered? Or have them order two (one being standard) letting them know ill only take one. LOL ahh shit i dunno.
D SUMMERS Måned siden
The camera work made me feel almost ill. Looks like a fantastic machine all the same. Like the yellow lights and goldbronze details, dislike the frozen paint type, engine start up disappointing. Released with an aftermarket exhaust this ought to be a thunderous beast on track.
Fritz Javel
Fritz Javel Måned siden
I love the exhaust sound profile, wish it was louder but the tone is just perfection
Muthulingam Ramiah
Muthulingam Ramiah Måned siden
Oh wow... I would sell my Soul for this car or an M5 or an M8 Competition...or an F82 M4...
Muthulingam Ramiah
Muthulingam Ramiah Måned siden
See now that's how you design a really good looking car... What an extraordinary piece of automotive design... this is probably the only other car that truly captures the essence and legacy of the Ultimate Driving Machine after the 2020 BMW M8 Competition... Now BMW if you're listening, please, please redesign the Front Fascia of the 2021 BMW M4 and M3... and please please move the Radar Sensor to the center... and please kill off all that ugly Transverse abominations that some of your Product Planners came up with... BMW is all about Symmetrical Layouts and don't have to be like the rest of them... You're special, you're different and you don't have stoop that low BMW... trust me...
Fortune Cookies
Fortune Cookies Måned siden
Thank god it doesn’t get the M4 grill.....
glen hare
glen hare Måned siden
It seems like ever time a new car comes out you order one. Surly you don’t make that much money from NOpost
Amer Iqbal
Amer Iqbal Måned siden
Thank God this M5 has the traditional Grill and not the big fat ugly one!!!
ทอน ทอน
ทอน ทอน Måned siden
Nastja S1
Nastja S1 Måned siden
Very good Level for BMW - also bit neuroscientifical car - I LUV it!
emilios xrd
emilios xrd Måned siden
Alex Rekzu
Alex Rekzu Måned siden
the bronze 🥉 wheels and Matte Green ❄ hope the turn signals work
Jens Box
Jens Box Måned siden
Marko Grgic
Marko Grgic Måned siden
This M5CS need any V10 engine.
Afdal Asadullah
Afdal Asadullah Måned siden
Steve Wenners
Steve Wenners Måned siden
so ugly
TeaHC Måned siden
I want to see this drag race against an M8 comp, considering it is faster than the M5 comp.
arief budiman
arief budiman Måned siden
I hope u can buy it sir 😇
Son Gohan
Son Gohan Måned siden
Someone please explain.. What does Shmee mean, or where does the name come from? And who is Shmarc?
Strixxiy YT
Strixxiy YT Måned siden
AMG has left the chat,bmw m joined the chat
8 mice
8 mice Måned siden
What bmw sais: 635hp 750nm The true power: 700hp 900nm
Bill Webster
Bill Webster Måned siden
Fantastic color.
legoNerd01245 Måned siden
man that thing is muffled... first thing id do is straight pipe lol
limericklad2000 Måned siden
The grill surround would have to go and be replaced with a black one. Apart from that she's a beauty.
MrVocalist101 Måned siden
really nice looking bit of kit!!!, bet its effing quick!! lol. that engine sound though!!......exhaust note somewhere between a nissan leaf and a prius!! lol
Jonas Martins
Jonas Martins Måned siden
A car like this deserves better sound 🤔
Iain F
Iain F Måned siden
#Shquad...... Hi Tim
##### Smith
##### Smith Måned siden
a wireless charger in the cubby hole in the back probably costs around eight grand.
##### Smith
##### Smith Måned siden
Why would they not give it +700 BHP? Oh yeah it's BMW M Division.
Ender Zebak
Ender Zebak Måned siden
Man this is what the m4 m3 front should have looked like 🤦‍♂️
Lee Jones
Lee Jones Måned siden
You look and sound like a five year old posh girl
gahagaha bahaga
gahagaha bahaga Måned siden
0-60 in 3 seconds for a family sedan, thats super car fast
Tony S
Tony S Måned siden
Juan Sequeira Baquero
Juan Sequeira Baquero Måned siden
Oh the sounds of new cars...........smdh!
Paolo H
Paolo H Måned siden
Shmee: "Bonnet hump" BMW: Hmmm, we'd prefer "Power bulge" if you don't mind! NB: That track design on the headrests looks like a hair grease or sweat stain 🤣
Lifestyle4Dividends Måned siden
Model S Plaid will eat this thing alive 🤫
i have waited 90 days to change my name finally
i have waited 90 days to change my name finally Måned siden
Atleast with the bmw you have the right to identify as a heterosexual.
Chyan Sie
Chyan Sie Måned siden
Yellow DRLs will be a thing now. Back to basics but with new tech!
Dominique Di Stefano
Dominique Di Stefano Måned siden
The rear brake calipers are a joke and by the way, the colour mix does not work, bronze wheels and bronze accents, green body and black carbon...........
GriMBorG Måned siden
Now this is AWSOME
Lap Choine
Lap Choine Måned siden
Mercedes E63s Black Series would be great to compete with this CS.
Ali Anshasi
Ali Anshasi Måned siden
A Mercedes/AMG loyal fan, yet an enthusiast for M5 cars, used to own an E39M5 in another life , and I think it's potentially the best sports sedan ever made let alone the best M5. I think having so many M5 variants is a bit confusing for the consumer, I know competition( AMG/ RS) will not likely answer the CS M5 with new models. It would have made more sense to have an M5 competition station wagon instead.
Yellow Lady
Yellow Lady Måned siden
Much better design than the current M design with hideous rabbit tooth grills
Bongz Mnisi
Bongz Mnisi Måned siden
Still wondering why they could not use this grill on the M3
Frans Badenhorst
Frans Badenhorst Måned siden
Supercar slayer. In 1988 I had a Falcon GT with 550kw, THAT was a supercar slayer hahahahaha. Oh but this is very nice, also....
Grahame Rex
Grahame Rex Måned siden
Makes little sense to me. M5 should be a luxury stormer / not a stripped down sports car. Wheels are nice.
Rafał Gryglik
Rafał Gryglik Måned siden
No isofix system. Good argument for driving alone in 4 Door car having 2 kids and wife in House :)
Ezel Tablet
Ezel Tablet Måned siden
Bye Audi RS6🤣
Yi Qiao
Yi Qiao Måned siden
as quiet as my standard M5. Only competition edition so loud.
Zohair Siddiqui
Zohair Siddiqui Måned siden
the m5 competition was already a beast but this cs is made even better
Harsha Reddy
Harsha Reddy Måned siden
Why BMW don't give flat bottom steering wheel to it's performance models.
WholeSpeed Garage
WholeSpeed Garage Måned siden
The rattle can paint job looks awful!
Matthias O'keeffe
Matthias O'keeffe Måned siden
New shmeemobile incoming.
Alexander Auersperg
Alexander Auersperg Måned siden
As an owner of an m5 competition I think the cs is idiotic. The whole point of the m5 is it’s both fast and comfortable, if you want a sportier and less comfortable car just get an m3.
Artan Sadiki
Artan Sadiki Måned siden
Joshua Snyder
Joshua Snyder Måned siden
Green hell.
Kondzio Måned siden
And thats the question... M5 CS/Panamera Turbo S/AMG GT 63S? Im a big fan of Audi but they disappointed and there is no space here for them
Mercedes benz Patron
Mercedes benz Patron Måned siden
Can't wait to buy this one
Alex Verdon
Alex Verdon Måned siden
This looks absolutely horrendous if I’m honest... what happened to the M5 being the subtle saloon which partially looked like any ordinary 5 series but could destroy and sports car. Not a fan
AustinBoston Måned siden
Wrong trim level buddy this is the clubsport so of course it wouldn't look subtle.
Mubble Mann
Mubble Mann Måned siden
Meh. 3% weight reduction and 1.5% more power. Was expecting at least 100kg reduction and 50+bhp more. What's the point? Nobody will track this tank.
Jeff Mac
Jeff Mac Måned siden
It would be great to see the M5 on the Nürburgring sometime in the future.
Scale Crawl NL
Scale Crawl NL Måned siden
Thank you Shmee150! I have been pondering this question lately, how to safely, within circumstance, celebrate the hopefully soon, upcoming 2,5 million YT subscribers this year. Here are five suggestions, either or, thought I'd share: in the USA, Canyon Drive. In Ireland, Coastal Drive. In UAE, Mountain Drive. In Japan, Bayshore Route. In Germany, Autobahn Drive. Hope it happens 👍
COSSIE1970 Måned siden
Mine sounds better and it’s an f10 m5 🤣🤣
Jay MJ
Jay MJ Måned siden
Interior crazy
Dylan Wells
Dylan Wells Måned siden
I am looking forward to the M8 CS
Nathi Nsele
Nathi Nsele Måned siden
You can’t rev a cold engine and expect it to sound ok... warm it up for 5 minutes to 10 minutes then it would sound better
Saad Måned siden
This is the best M5 yet. It does 0-6 in under 3 seconds
Artan Sadiki
Artan Sadiki Måned siden
0-60 is pretty irrelevant.
Mouad Shl
Mouad Shl Måned siden
unbelievable arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that sound is freaking awesome i can't imagine how i'm in love withe it arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Nicoló Cipparrone
Nicoló Cipparrone Måned siden
crazy car but the sound is trash tho
hype.gravity Måned siden
Two questions. Does this mean an m8 cs is on the way? And is there a soft limiter? Sounded awful
whatthedeuse Måned siden
Sorry but they really lost their way with the M5, it’s not distinctive enough, the arches need flaring the whole stance and feel is just not menacing enough like an RS6 , it looks far to much like a 5 series with an m sport pack 🤦‍♂️
3Vimages Måned siden
Of course it`s a great car but ..... but .......... BMW haven`t made an iconic looking car since the E36.
Francis Morgan
Francis Morgan Måned siden
I dunno. Is it really what the M5 is all about? I always had the M5 concept as a ‘luxury’ super-saloon that will frighten Ferrari’s. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ultimate ‘Q Car.’ This takes away those luxuries of the M5/Competition and you’re left with a monstrous engine, yes, but still a heavy car. If you’re going to get a track car, then get a track supercar that was designed for the track from the ground up; not a road car converted for the track.
Fred Måned siden
Soon the Tycan sound better than the "new" sports cars that will be launched in a few years! But aside from that, it's pretty nice!
Artan Sadiki
Artan Sadiki Måned siden
Good thing is, you can always mod exhausts for your personal taste.
Dave Pyne
Dave Pyne Måned siden
Think it will be a great car but could do with a bit more bruiserness about it to stand out.
Jasper Kleine
Jasper Kleine Måned siden
Admit it, you were all trying to wipe that dust of the left on your screen when it turned out to be the wall
Mario-Louis Willemse
Mario-Louis Willemse Måned siden
Would love one of these!!!!
Ms BettySassyWhite
Ms BettySassyWhite Måned siden
That M5 looks angry. 😤 love it.
ABK_RaY Måned siden
I cant trust bmw v8 engine cars
ABK_RaY Måned siden
Tzvetomir Baldzhiyski
Tzvetomir Baldzhiyski Måned siden
Have some cool carbons parts other than that its a m5 competition but slower :D
Diffie HM
Diffie HM Måned siden
Magnificent spec. All proportions just seem right. One thing though, the nurnburg logo on the headrest looks more like someone has rested his sweaty head against it. I think that could have been better 🤔
That Fish
That Fish Måned siden
Honestly don't really like the racing inspired yellow lights but it sure does look gorgeous with the lights off
Charlie Gaius
Charlie Gaius Måned siden
Sound like a 2-series with an cheap aftermarket exhaust
Satoshi Film
Satoshi Film Måned siden
The last good looking bmw.
///M7 Måned siden
The most aggressive ///M5 ever! 😎
Amin.Vlogs Måned siden
It’s absolutely gorgeous 🥵
Sean Måned siden
What sound? Was waiting to hear it and couldn’t hear a
Stephan van den Brink
Stephan van den Brink Måned siden
Looks great but no way I will trade my amg for that soundtrack.
The first-ever BMW M5 CS.
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