Top 10 SHELBY GT500 Most Unusual and Surprise Features!

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28 dager siden

I've only just collected my new Shelby GT500, and while things are getting ready here are 10 of the most unusual and surprising features about it! Very soon it'll get PPF and the big tour will be underway. New GT500 design shirts here:
The new Shmeemobile will very soon be heading for PPF and the installation of black Shelby stripes, but until then I'm learning a little bit about it during some careful miles around Miami. Very shortly I'll be departing for the Where's Shmee; US Edition tour and before that it needs to reach 500 miles and have an oil change service, hence taking it easy and getting started.
However, along the way I've picked up on a number of unusual things about the car itself; from the reaction of others through to specific technical elements about it both outside and in. With big plans ahead for what it's going to be doing, let me take you through 10 of these that stand out!
Coinciding with the arrival of the Shelby GT500, the Cheers by Shmee150 store now features new designs:
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Here are the modern GT350 and GT500 listings on AutoTempest. Which would you buy?
Thanks for watching, Tim
00:00 Intro
00:54 Walkaround Update
02:53 1/10 Tyres
03:46 2/10 Wheels
04:31 3/10 Suspension
05:12 4/10 Hood Pins and Vent
06:12 5/10 Aero
06:59 6/10 Rear Seats
07:39 7/10 Remote Start
08:57 8/10 Automatic Return to Park
09:30 9/10 Track Apps
10:30 10/10 Photos
11:22 Conclusion
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Shmee150 27 dager siden
What surprises you the most from my top 10 things about the GT500? Did I miss something from the list? New t-shirts here:
Hellcat Dreamin Josh
Hellcat Dreamin Josh 26 dager siden
Shmee150 Great Video I'm glad you're enjoying Shelby GT500 Track Pack and that getting Suntek PPF and Black RacRacing Stripes
Kristoffer Hagen Ingebretsen
Kristoffer Hagen Ingebretsen 26 dager siden
Probably the insane wide front tires
Benji 77
Benji 77 26 dager siden
Your missing the snow you could have gone out in the G wagon
NEW CLUB TV 26 dager siden
Put some massive Shmee150 logo's on it Tim ..!
Terp Tv
Terp Tv 26 dager siden
Simple use the empty back seats for a fuel cell 😉
Aaron Levin
Aaron Levin 7 dager siden
Joey Calvey
Joey Calvey 12 dager siden
we used to call the water in the rear wing "Lake Saleen"
Dino Saur
Dino Saur 15 dager siden
I have that in forza
Keysha 18
Keysha 18 18 dager siden
11:30 was that a murcielago ?
GOTREDBULL1 19 dager siden
they sell a little foam plug that fits on the lower side skirts that keeps the little stones from bouncing up on the panel I think CJ pony cars or American muscle parts sell them
Jonny Moto
Jonny Moto 20 dager siden
color matched calipers with white stripes!!!!
greenrolaids 20 dager siden
when is shmee's boy friend going to be reveled?
Rafael Torchio
Rafael Torchio 21 dag siden
Check the rear suspention, maybe dealer did not remove the transport kit
Matt Does Life
Matt Does Life 21 dag siden
Great meeting you at Cars on 5th in Naples! Wish I could have got ya in my video though.
ThrillcraftMCG 21 dag siden
Carroll Shelby was a legend. I am sure if he saw this car he would be proud of the Shelby name. This car is a real Shelby in my opinion.
JT JTRS 22 dager siden
Wow I did not know remote start was not available in the Uk ,
supercarkid 22 dager siden
The rear suspension might still have the shipping/transport blocks in them, that might be why it's so rough.
tesla pete
tesla pete 22 dager siden
doug demuro edition - 10 gt500 quirks and features
Wajang 22 dager siden
Did he say, 10.000 for stripes....
weRage Quit
weRage Quit 23 dager siden
Lol that was my aventador
Dale Pearce
Dale Pearce 23 dager siden
Your supposed to be a professional STOP TALKING SO FAST!
Cliff Marriott
Cliff Marriott 23 dager siden
Hi mate, love your work, just a quick one In Australia Melbourne, they do convert the New GT500 from left hand to right drive, so probably in your country there might be a company that does do the conversions as well.
barry wills
barry wills 23 dager siden
Any plans to visit the freedom factory with cleatus
alf786 23 dager siden
Oh my god you have a T shirt on! Where is 👔
Jacob Beech MTB
Jacob Beech MTB 23 dager siden
meet with stradman
Mike Tarlton
Mike Tarlton 23 dager siden
If it’s riding rough it might still have the shipping spacers installed on the shocks. Unfortunately a lot of dealers seem to forget to take them out.
Ramon Mendoza Nunez
Ramon Mendoza Nunez 23 dager siden
Shmee get the ranger raptor!
dom cusano
dom cusano 23 dager siden
Find it mad how it cost around 20k to take apart every body part from a 500k SLS black series and paint them in a custom colour professionally then put everything back Which takes days And to put 2 black lines on a bonnet costs half🤣🤣😭
Lawrence Misheal
Lawrence Misheal 24 dager siden
Double press lock, double press start button
Martin Brand
Martin Brand 24 dager siden
Any time you want to remote start, just press the lock button once then double press the remote start button and it’ll start up. You can remote start twice before you need to start the car properly and drive it I believe, but that limit may only be through using the Ford Pass app, not the key. I haven’t checked that out...
Lightning Automobile
Lightning Automobile 24 dager siden
Great color for the GT500 🏁
tedford75 24 dager siden
Hi I know you’ve probably already thought of this but are you going to fill the gt500 indent on the front black bumper and anywhere else they might be ?
overkill1994 24 dager siden
Press lock once and then remote start twice. And you don't need to double pull the handle to unlock, just place your hand on the inside of the handle and it'll detect and unlock!
ScHr4nZii 24 dager siden
No driving in video? 😫😫😫 More driving of that beast, less talking boss
Ismail Richards
Ismail Richards 24 dager siden
I find myself randomly through my day saying "hi guys I'm shmee" 😂😂😂
General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya
General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya 24 dager siden
Why did Shmee sell the M8 so quickly?
natbarron 24 dager siden
I don’t know if it needs the stripes? With the 2 tone bonnet and vents, it might get messy?! 🤔
natbarron 24 dager siden
I bet Tim loves buying new cars and filming a few videos in succession because it means he doesn’t have to change the intro colour 😂
dankir1 25 dager siden
It's going to be hilarious seeing you drive that in London and London Traffic!
Eddy Goss
Eddy Goss 25 dager siden
They could of left the little spring blocks in that are put on at the factory to stop the springs compressing and give it a solid feel bumping on and off transports to help with scraping. Double check that.
zLionss YT
zLionss YT 25 dager siden
That ain’t unusual! Miami is either overcast, rainy, or sunny. No other way😂😂
A.J. W.
A.J. W. 25 dager siden
Please come to Wichita!
RM Rides
RM Rides 25 dager siden
Half roll cage in the back
GAVIN BRAND 25 dager siden
Shelby South Africa makes right hand drive GT 500's..
Chuck Polley
Chuck Polley 25 dager siden
You should bring that to Road America on your US tour. I’ll have my grabber lime gt500 there. April 24-25 North Woods Shelby Club!
Fanny Packuiao
Fanny Packuiao 25 dager siden
Hi cars! I'm Shmelby! I join now the Shmee Fleet.
Fanny Packuiao
Fanny Packuiao 25 dager siden
It's not bright green - that's Drum&Bass green! :) And it already has enough contrast with the black parts. No need for stripes.
Megumi T
Megumi T 25 dager siden
I like your new T-shirt !
Joel Osman
Joel Osman 25 dager siden
I would do anything for GT500 maybe in 10 years.
Ghassan Radwan
Ghassan Radwan 25 dager siden
11:55 that sounded to me like a WRX
Christopher Meek
Christopher Meek 25 dager siden
Killer car schmee auto start is done by pushing the lock button then immediately double tapping the start button on your faub or should be any way
Dominic Beshara
Dominic Beshara 25 dager siden
3:42 So we not gonna talk about the M8 there bud.
Kobe Loton
Kobe Loton 25 dager siden
Shmee Ford is making a new raptor a Ford raptor r and a Ford raptor
Jake Honda
Jake Honda 25 dager siden
What are the shipping costs involved?
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor 25 dager siden
Once you get it back to the UK on super unleaded 98 octane, it'll be even faster!
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor 25 dager siden
WHATTTT it's 760hp!!!!!!!! That's MADNESS!
rico reci
rico reci 25 dager siden
Is this a Shmee DeMuro video?
typhoon5000 25 dager siden
For the rough ride issue, check that the dealer removed the spring spacers that prevent the car from bottoming out during transport.
Imran Hussain
Imran Hussain 25 dager siden
Hay shmee will you go to to visit stradman cars callection I will love that video
Warren Dennis
Warren Dennis 25 dager siden
For your rear suspension, check to make sure the shipping spacers in the springs are taken out. A lot of owners notice a rough ride because they never took out the spacers in the springs to prevent it from compressing
BrainFuck10 25 dager siden
He looks like a little boy in the thumbnail 😂
David White
David White 25 dager siden
So looking forward to this road trip! Going to be epic. Can’t wait to see the GT500 at the Nurburgring too, maybe get Robert to drive the Ford GT and have both cars going round the track together, that would be awesome!.
CamoSquid21YT 25 dager siden
Wait, so why will he be in the US for so long? Obviously where's shmee tour aside
tmb the 1
tmb the 1 25 dager siden
shmee the type pf guy
Ramiro 25 dager siden
I would love to see a collab with Cleetus drag racing with him would be awesome, Or drifting with AdamLz would be cool too.
Jay 25 dager siden
tim, trying finding the damper knobs for the rear shocks, they are usually on top of the actual strut tower, and rotate it counterclockwise to soft
01Jweaved 25 dager siden
Come to Colorado and check out EarthRoamer! It’s where I work and probably a place you’d enjoy taking a look at!
SALAH ALJERI 26 dager siden
Go to Utah to compare the burlacher Shelby GT350 and your GT500
SALAH ALJERI 26 dager siden
Go to Utah to compare the burlacher Shelby GT350 and your GT500
Renegade Zen
Renegade Zen 26 dager siden
Droppin dimes per usual. Hey if anyone sees this comment I have also started a channel so a sub would be appreciated thanks everyone and may the force be with you on your path to achieving an epic life!
Kai The Imortal
Kai The Imortal 26 dager siden
senna only 245 fronts ? ive 255 all round stock and is a basic audi
private joker
private joker 26 dager siden
Hi I'm me.
Build Indian
Build Indian 26 dager siden
Where is the gear stick? oh it’s a gear wheel..
coolerpooler74 26 dager siden
If your coming through South Carolina and want to get the rear seats ide be willing to trade my rear seats and whatever you would need for that seat delete plus I could pay some money down if needed. Just a thought if you wanted it.
Ivan Emilianenko
Ivan Emilianenko 26 dager siden
Why shmee gets so low views ?
ScorpiusHD 26 dager siden
I have been lucky to sit inside one of those! And it is so comfortable!!!! For the car being so track focused. The car feels like a base Mustang! Until you floor the accelrator and then....... well....... you get the point!
Nick Black
Nick Black 26 dager siden
You don’t have to hold the button when you double press to remote start, just 2 presses and it will start after you lock the and have the horn honk. Great video!
john g
john g 26 dager siden
I love the colour.
Skyl1n3 26 dager siden
With the rear suspension, have you made sure you've taken the rear delivery suspension blocks out? That usually can cause some issues when driving and the car not doing what it's supposed to.
Carl Lamb
Carl Lamb 26 dager siden
Hi Tim Are you going to put a Shmee number plate on it Or are you going to wait until you bring it back to London uk 🇬🇧
Diego Horton
Diego Horton 26 dager siden
Now you’re a real American 🇺🇸 Tim
ZxrL 26 dager siden
When it comes back to the UK, you should visit your friends over at Carwow with it!
Carl Lamb
Carl Lamb 26 dager siden
Tim This has to be one of the best cars in your collection mate I love everything about it it’s the dogs bits & bobs 👍👍👍👍
Steve Hines
Steve Hines 26 dager siden
Yes need the stripes to make it considerably quicker 😎
Michael Summerell
Michael Summerell 26 dager siden
Ginger and Lime....
Николай Елисеев
Николай Елисеев 26 dager siden
В общих чертах бы понять что он говорит?
Jerry Cecco
Jerry Cecco 26 dager siden
did you pay over sticker? many GT500 buyers have due to greedy Ford dealers. This is the reason I left Ford cars 5 years ago
JF 54
JF 54 26 dager siden
Who remembers 'Hi Shmee, I'm Guys' 'WAIT, that's not right'
-Igg1 -
-Igg1 - 26 dager siden
275 front tires & rearwing full on for the Nordschleife that would be my choice.
Chillee 26 dager siden
That left eye looks pretty swollen, ouch.....
Rob A
Rob A 26 dager siden
Cracking car, well done on your purchase. I am loving the colour too. My budget isn't quite the same as yours but I have a Grabber Blue 5.0GT and just bought a brand new 2021 Focus ST 2.3 Auto in Orange Fury, parked together they look great. Well done Ford for allowing us the choice of some fantastic colours.
Pound 4 Pound Boxing
Pound 4 Pound Boxing 26 dager siden
Fantastic, I love muscle cars
S D 26 dager siden
stripes over the ppf? :s
S D 26 dager siden
so when you open the door while driving, the car smacks into park ? :D
PetergTv 26 dager siden
Me watching with my regular mustang GT ...
S D 26 dager siden
is this car less than 100K ?
Darin Curtis
Darin Curtis 26 dager siden
After remote start, click engine again to turn off.
Thor 26 dager siden
That car just looks too good and I really like that color. Can't wait to see it with stripes and maybe more carbon?
Gothy Chris
Gothy Chris 26 dager siden
Business as usual then Tim :)
steekle7 26 dager siden
When do you plan to drive into a crowd?
Tim D
Tim D 26 dager siden
the biggest suprise of the video is SHMEE wearing a T-shirt!
poolking36 26 dager siden
Wow Tim. No shirt . The standards are dropping pal lol 😂
Phil 26 dager siden
Rear suspension: have they removed the PDI chocks in the springs?
Leeloo dallas Multi pass
Leeloo dallas Multi pass 26 dager siden
You should cut down on your porklife mate, get some exercise...........
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